This Lippie Changed the Way I See Korean Lip Tints For My Deeper Skin Tone

This Lippie Changed the Way I See Korean Lip Tints For My Deeper Skin Tone

Sheryll Donerson
Sheryll Donerson

May 30, 2018

Contributing editor Sheryll has always looked outside of K-beauty for lip colors that flatter her deeper skin tone. That is, until she discovered MeloMELI Cotton Shot Lip Tints, and it's changed her mind about Korean lip tints for good.


Korean makeup and I have a rough relationship. I mean, I get it. I am black. Korean makeup is not made for me. 98.9% of South Korea is made up of Korean people (not accurate, just saying), so it doesn’t make sense for Korean beauty companies to make products that work on a darker skin tones because honestly, who would buy it? I’m not that mad about it.


Despite companies trying to become more inclusive (hi, Innisfree!), Korean makeup and dark skin is just not a thing. OK, well, I can use some things that are not dependent on skin tone, like mascara, eyeliner, some brow products. Korean lip tints were always hit and miss with me — the undertones are not quite right and they aren’t nearly pigmented enough for my two-toned lips.


But then MeloMELI came through with their lip tints and CHANGED MY LIFE.


korean lip tints


Beautytap sent me a beauty care package full of goodies, including about 10 different lip tints and lipsticks from the new-to-me brand, MeloMELI. And not going to lie, I was looking at all of those lipsticks like, “wtf am I supposed to do with these? They are not going to work for me.” Well, listen. I was wrong AF because these lippies are some of the best formulas I’ve tried. No exaggeration.


melomeli korean lip tints


Let’s talk about the lip tints — the Cotton Shot Lip Tints. Here’s the thing about Korean lip tints and my lips. They usually don’t work well for me at all because I have darker, two-toned lips. Tints are usually so sheer that they just look weird on me, and I just have never liked them. If I’m gonna do a lip, I’m gonna DO IT, OK? Go big or go home has always been my motto.


korean lip tints
MeloMELI Cotton Shot Lip Tints in Romantic Funk Brick and Love Holic Muse Coral.


But these tints are SO unique and amazing and pretty and omg. They come in a tube like your standard liquid lipstick, and even have that same mousse-like texture a few brands have. They look REALLY bright in the tube (like scary bright), but then when you put them on your lips, the color sort of … melts into your lips to create this really pretty, natural flush. When they fade, they leave behind a light tint that still looks flattering and not at all patchy. I am in loooove.


korean lip tints
The author in MeloMELI Cotton Shot Lip Tint in #02 JB Vintage Love Red Orange.


You know those days when you just need to run to the mall or go get a coffee with friends but you don’t want to look like you tried too hard? This is the lip product you need for those days. It gives just enough color to make you look put together but not so much that you have to worry about constantly touching up throughout the day. I wore a shade during tutoring one morning and one of my students was like, “TEACHER! I like your lips!” So then I took a picture and uploaded it to my Instagram stories and so many people commented that they loved it, so you know, I think we got a winner here, folks.


melomeli korean lip tints


They come in six different shades and are only $11.40, so really you could get them all and get your life. My favorite shades are all of them, but if I had to choose, I’d go with #02 JB Vintage Love Red Orange, a summery bright red-orange shade; #05 JB Love Holic Muse Coral, a beautiful pink coral shade perfect for everyday; and #06 JB Romantic Funk Brick, a fun, brick red shade that’s great for a laid back night out.


korean lip tints
The author in MeloMELI Cotton Shot Lip Tint in #05 JB Love Holic Muse Coral.


They aren’t drying at all, despite their dry texture, and have a pleasant lipgloss-esque scent. And as with any sort of lip product, make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized before you wear these, as they do tend to accentuate dry patches if you have any.


I’m pretty sure these are going to be my summertime staple. They are perfect for summer fun because they are pretty fuss-free. Even if they fade, you’ll still slay!


Proof that MeloMELI lip tints work on all skin tones? Check our contributing editor Coco's review here.


What do you think of Korean lip tints? Do you have a favorite Korean lip product? Let me know in the comments!

Sheryll Donerson
Sheryll Donerson
Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.

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