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March 25, 2019

Why Donkey Milk May Be Just What You Need For Your Skin Issues

We’ve been seeing donkey milk in skincare and wondered, what’s it all about? Well, turns out donkey milk can help with a bunch of skin issues, from eczema to acne to even wrinkles. Check out why this antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredient rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin C, and lactic acid just may be your answer to clearer, healthier skin.


If you’ve been on the K-beauty train for a while, you’ll know beauty products coming out of the peninsula are no stranger to animal-derived ingredients. There’s snail mucin, horse oil, snake venom, royal jelly, propolis, and honey, but there’s another ingredient that, in my opinion, kinda gets overlooked.


And what’s that you say? Donkey milk!


You know, when donkey milk first became a thing, I was kinda “mehhhh” about it all. I mean, how much different is it than regular milk? I didn’t get the hype. But it wasn’t until Jude (aka Fiddy Snails) kept raving about how much she loves any and everything donkey milk that I decided to take the plunge. And my skin is like “YESSSS GIRL YESSSSS!”


donkey milk


So what’s the big deal about donkey milk?


For starters, donkey milk has been used in skincare and body care products for ages. As legend would have it, Egyptians were all about donkey milk, with stories claiming women and men would bathe in it or apply it as a face mask. And in modern times, plenty of beauty companies have caught on to the benefits of the leché, and now you can find it in soaps, lotions, skincare, and a wide variety of other personal care products.


I know we are inundated with all types of milk these days — oat milk, rice milk, almond milk, goat milk … I mean, really, where does it end? But donkey milk is special. It’s only available for about six months out of the year, and a donkey can only product anywhere from a half liter to a full liter a day, as compared to a cow’s 30 liters a day. It actually resembles human breast milk (aka the nutrient-rich powerhouse FOR LIFE) more so than cow’s milk does.


What can it do for me?


We all know vitamin C is that girl, and as luck would have it, donkey milk has four times as much vitamin C as regular milk. It’s also full of essential fatty acids — ya know, those beautiful things that help plump our skin and help treat fine lines and wrinkles — and also helps protect and seal in moisture. You wanna keep your moisture barrier intact? Get you some donkey milk.


donkey milk


It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so all of my acne-prone and sensitive skin people, donkey milk products will be a nice addition to your skincare wardrobe to help heal and nourish your skin. It’s also a powerhouse ingredient for body care if you have psoriasis or eczema, so it’s like a skin-loving smoothie for your skin. I personally have very dry, eczema-prone body skin and slathering donkey milk cream on myself was a godsend during the dry winter season.


And if you’re a big fan of exfoliation, have no fear, because donkey milk is here. Like regular cow’s milk, donkey milk is chock full of lactic acid, that wonderfully gentle AHA ingredient that gently exfoliates to reveal brighter, more luminous skin.



I’m in. What should I try?


Donkey milk is a very specific ingredient and products that include it are quick to let you know. SeaNtree is a K-beauty brand that is dedicated to that #donkeymilklife. The Water Drop Cream has the most deliciously lush texture; imagine your favorite water cream — you know, lightweight and super spreadable — but then add in a rich, velvety layer. It’s literally like a weighted blanket for your skin. (P.S. Have you tried weighted blankets? They are a godsend.)



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And they even make a sunscreen with donkey milk. Check out Fiddy Snails’ mini review of it:


“Yes, I’m getting donkey milk on my face 24/7. This is a denser and creamier formula than the A’Pieu and Missha sunscreens I’d been liking before, but dries fast to a weightless satin finish with zero white cast. It’s not drying like I found the Missha Aqua Gel to be and is a bit more emollient than the A’Pieu Aqua Sun Gel and Natural Sun Cream. No pilling or flaking with any of the moisturizers I’ve tried underneath so far. Very cheap, SPF 50+ PA++++ #uvprotection. Winner!”


summer to fall skincare donkey milk


Are you about the donkey milk? Let me know in the comments!



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Hi ive tried the seantree donkey milk cream and its wonderful for my dry irritated skin with eczema and i really wanted to try all their donkey mild products i just couldn't seem to find a reliable place to buy it from. Do you know where could i get these amazing products from?


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That's a great brand, but it is hard to find. I like their cactus ampoule. Try roseroseshop, Jolse, or yesstyle. 🙂


I registered just to comment on this article. Super excited to see a comparison to a’pieu sunscreen which I LoVe BUT absolutely swear by donkey milk products... skinceuticals so-called holy grail vitamin C serum, is the patent protected way to replicate how vitamin C already occurs in donkey milk. It MUST be cold processed, however, and very few Makers start with fresh milk in the first place. Slow freeze drying also retains the properties. I prefer majority donkey milk creams/soaps/lotions but an spf sunscreen product with donkey milk is so hard to find I was excited to find out about... Read more


Did Beautytap discontinue seaNtree products? I wanted to re-order the Donkey Milk sunscreen but the brand is completely gone from the shop.


I am VERY intrigued. It makes me want to buy the whole line from seaNtree (plus the packaging is so adorable)! I might start off with the sunscreen~


I haven't tried any donkey milk product, yet, except for a mask some months back. I really really want to try it, though, so I'll be ordering the sunblock next, to try it out. If my skin liked the previous star ingredients horse oil, honey and propolis, then I'm sure it will like donkey milk things, too.

Can we talk about that adorable seaNtree packaging, though? I can barely refrain from buying several products at once, just for the super cute packaging 😍


I had to go look. I would totally buy this line for the packing, how cute is it???!!


So the donkey milk water drop cream broke me out (damn you tocopherol!), but I gave it to one of my guy friends who wanted to start a skincare routine and he adores it! I'mma buy him the sunscreen while I'm at it (plus one for myself huehuehue) to get him some spf.

The emulsion looks to be worth trying, since it doesn't contain my arch-nemesis.


Well, I *wasn't* about the donkey milk. Now I'm curious. And I definitely want that sunscreen. (One good thing about the k-beauty life ... how often I run out of sunscreen and have a reason to buy more!)


OK, I'm not a fan of alcohol in my skincare, but I find that SOME sunscreens (especially ones that don't reek of alcohol) are fine. The seaNtree Donkey Milk sunscreen is one of them. It's actually a much more richly textured sunscreen that's kinda surprising for a sunscreen with alcohol in it. But there's no white cast at all and and it dries down nicely and never pills. (I always wear a cushion on top, so I can't attest to how shiny or not it is without makeup.)

I'm really a fan of that sunscreen!


I'm glad to hear this because my skin doesn't do well with ~too much~ alcohol, but it can be hard to tell from an ingredients list since they don't give a percentage. So I end up avoiding a lot of products that might actually be OK, just to be on the safe side and avoid wasting money. Sounds like this sunscreen is worth a try!