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March 20, 2019

Spring Beauty Reset: 6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Skin For a New Season

What we love about spring? That sense of renewal: a chance to crawl out of hibernation, turn over a new leaf, and rejuvenate our complexion. Get started on your spring beauty reset with these six tips to get us in a new skin state of mind.


The arrival of springtime is much like the start of a new year in the way that it is also about new beginnings. Just like the advent of a new year inspires thankful retrospection and a profound metamorphosis, the change in season is a call to prepare oneself for all the newness that is to come and all of the beauty that is possible. If you live somewhere with particularly bad winter weather (my heart goes out to all who had to experience the polar vortex), no doubt you’re really looking forward to warmer weather and more color in nature.



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So here, our guide to your spring beauty reset with six ways to get your skin primed and ready for anything-but-sweater weather!


Second chances


If you’ve already fallen off the new resolution wagon, this is another opportunity to get it right. Need to create a focused routine and finally work on clearing up your skin? Now is the time to figure out what steps you need to take to make that happen and put in the work. Just like some people like to use the winter months to work towards their goal of a summer body, you can totally turn your skin around with some dedication and the right active ingredients.

spring beauty reset


Sparking joy with a cleanout


Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. In fact, your skincare routine could use a major overhaul as well. It’s a generally good idea to take stock of the products that make up your skincare wardrobe from time to time, and the renewing energy of springtime presents a good opportunity to get rid of all the stuff that has been taking up space.


Put aside some time to look at the expiration dates on everything, and throw away anything that’s past the use-by date or has sat around unused for a really long time. Be honest about what products have really worked for your skin and keep only what is truly necessary. You’re gonna need room for all the lighter layers and textures that come with the change in temps.


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Ruth Kim


Switch up your moisturizer


Due to increased humidity in the air during the warmer months, it is easier for skin to absorb moisture from the air. What this means for your skincare routine is that you can lay off the heavy moisturizers and occlusives, and go for lighter textures and fewer layers. Consider replacing your current moisturizer with a lightweight cream like the Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream or the antioxidant-rich Camellia Floral Water Cream from SanDaWha.




However, this doesn’t mean that you have to completely abandon products with humectant ingredients like hyaluronic acid or honey. In fact, oilier skin types will probably benefit from the balance in hydration as the skin ramps up sebum production.


Take it off


Imagine your skin is like, well, your body. All through the winter, you’ve been slapping on rich body butters and wearing layers of clothing to keep the chill and dryness at bay. As the weather starts to warm up, you pull out the epilators and foot peels to prepare your extremities to greet the sun in shorts and sandals.


spring beauty reset


You should do that for your face, too. Slough off the layers of dull wintertime skin and product buildup to reveal the radiant layers beneath. Exfoliating will refine and rejuvenate your texture and complexion, preparing you for sheerer makeup, or none at all.


If you’re using a chemical exfoliator like a vitamin C serum, be sure to wear sunscreen during the daytime. Need something a little gentler? Try a PHA like the Swanicoco A-PHA Skin Purifying Peeling Cream.


Juicy fruit


I LOVE the pastels of spring and the bright pops of summer color, and so I look forward to the time of year when I can rock a peachy pout or a monochromatic holographic look. Ditch the vampy matte lipstick and berry-hued blush for a bold orange lip and a swipe of bronzer. Try out a pearlescent primer under your foundation or BB cream, and swipe on some golden highlighter for a sunkissed look.


spring beauty reset


Stick to your SPF guns


Of course, it goes without saying that you should be wearing SPF because you’ve been doing that since forever, right? Just like moisturizer, sunscreen comes in different textures and consistencies, and you might need to switch to a different formula to compensate for the change in season. Think lightweight gels and milks like the Earth’s Recipe Waterful Sun Gel or the Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk. Also, warmer weather means more time spent outside, so don’t forget to reapply for every two hours of sun exposure.



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What does your spring beauty reset look like? What do you do to prep your skin and what products are you planning to incorporate into your routine? Share in the comments!



Karachi discovered K-beauty in 2015 and fell wallet-first into the fray. When she’s not binge-watching a TV series or losing herself in a book, she’s creating wish lists of new stuff to try and reading posts by her favorite bloggers. Learning has been a lifelong hobby for her and she truly enjoys geeking out about the amazing things different ingredients can do for skin.




Consuming more water, taking vitamins, and trying to keep skin hydrated regularly.


I just received some new hydrators (y'all sent this package so fast!) and I'm so ready to get them in rotation. Everything other than watery toners is a mystery ... wish me luck as I enter my first k-beauty spring!


Good luck! You'll get the hang of it.
Applying lightest-to-heaviest is a method that works most of the time. I shift things around in my routine all the time if I feel they aren't working out as they should.


Thank you! I'll need it! :D

My skin is really loving multiple applications of thinner hydrators. I don't have the hang of thicker ones yet though-- so often they leave a sticky layer on my face! I've just learned I could be letting them dry too long, so I've got a new thing to experiment with ...


I have all my warm weather moisturizers — when my oily T-zone starts to rev up — ready and waiting. I'm also on the hunt for a good sebum control sunscreen, now that I can't find my go-to Innisfree No Sebum sunscreen anymore.


Sunscreen hunting can be so exhausting.
I hear the Earth's Recipe Sun Gel is pretty great. That's definitely going to be part of my next order.


OMG Earth's Recipe is a mainstay in my routine. It's my fave, along with Make Prem's Blue Ray Sun Gel.


I really want to try the Make P:rem Capsule Sun Gel and the Earth's Recipe sunscreen!


I've been going through my stash and getting rid of expired items, half used things I don't see myself finishing, and things that I know don't work for me!


I LOOOOVE that beauty cleanout process. It's so cathartic, especially because I can be such a hoarder.

The only thing I feel bad about is throwing away all that glass and plastic, but some containers you can't wash clean to recycle.