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April 9, 2019

I’ve Changed My Mind About Glitter & Now I Can’t Wait To Get These Babies on My Face

Are we ever too old for glitter? Never, says editor Sheryll. They’re the easiest glow-up in 10 seconds flat.


Back in the millions of years ago when I lived in Korea (sniff sniff), there was one beauty product that I just refused to buy; I’d spend money and buy the American or Western version instead.


What’s that, you ask?


It’s eyeshadow. I HATED Korean eyeshadows. It wasn’t even a pigment issue. It was more of a cultural thing. When I lived there, Western makeup was ALL about the matte eyeshadow look. Shimmers and glitters were a no. And guess what? In Korea, the shimmer-glitter train had already left the station. So every time I’d go into a store to swatch what I thought was a matte brown shade, it would have gold glitter flecks in it and I would be sad. I thought glitters were also a bit juvenile, better suited for the middle school girls that I was teaching.



OH BUT NOW. BUT NOWWWW, GIRL?!?!?! Inject glitter into my soul, OK?! I am obsessed. Give me all of the glitter, all of the time.


This change of mind kind of snuck up on me. It went from mattes only, to “ooh, I could use a little shimmer,” to now owning at least 10 different types of glittery, sparkly products. I think it has a lot to do with becoming older and realizing that age is relative, and honestly, who cares if I’m in my 30s and wearing glitter? Glitter = magical fairy fabulousness, something that I think we all need a bit of in our lives.


And thankfully, our good ol’ K-beauty brands weathered the storm and are still giving us glitter magic all over the place. Let’s talk about what I have my eye on!


Missha Modern Shadow Glitter Prism


This is a gem (hahaha literally, we’ll get to that in a second) I found while browsing Missha’s Korean site (and now available here). It’s made with actual jewel powder — diamond, sapphire, ruby, pearl, and amethyst to be exact — that makes a ridiculously gorgeous hologram look on your eyes. No lie, I sent this immediately to my group chat like “I NEED THIS.” And I do. We all do. Treat yo’ self (responsibly of course!)



3CE Sparkling Liquid Pigment in Mystique #7


LIQUID. GLITTER. PIGMENT. Be still my heart! The 3CE Sparkling Liquid Pigment is a gel-based, liquid eyeshadow that adheres to the skin with minimal fallout. All of my glitter lovers know that fallout if the worst part. But this sticks to the skin, giving a diamond-esque look. I’m dying over the mystique shade. It’s the perfect iridescent, barely there shimmer.




Missha Jewel Drop Liquid Shadow 


Glitter can be a bit of a hassle, but thankfully, Missha knows what’s up and has provided us with a handy one-swipe-and-done liquid glimmer shadow. Dab some on your eyelids, smudge with your fingers, and BOOM, you’re out the door. Gold Dust is a pretty gilded shade that’s tame enough to wear to work. We stan!



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Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes in ALL THE SHADES


Are you sensing a theme here? Glittery liquid eyeshadows are the thing in Korea. I love them! They are so easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about knocking over a pigment and getting glitter all over your carpet. (I’m the president of Team Clumsy so been there, done that.)


This liquid pigment packs a bit more punch than the Holika Holika one, with bigger chunks of glitter for a super luxe finish. There are SO many shades that are speaking to me — the purple one (swoon), the copper-y rose gold (I die), and the grey-black shade that would be perfect for taking a smoky eye to the next level.




Aritaum Mono Eyes Glitter in G10


Bronze + glitter is my ultimate go-to, and this shade is right up my alley. I’m imagining using it on a brush sprayed with a bit of MAC Fix +, so it gives that wet, jewel toned look. I’m here for it!




Are you into glitter? What are your favorite glittery shadows? Let me know in the comments!



Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.




I have a TON of glitter - from loose glitter that needs to be mixed with a medium, to premade glitter liner, and even pressed glitter that is applied best with fingertips. I LOVE to sparkle! Some faves are the Touch in Sol duos, Stila Glitter and Glow, LIT cosmetics glitters, Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner, Colourpop liquid eyeshadows...there are so many options.


I'm envious how you could wear glitter so easily! I can't wear eyeshadows at all.. :( It always felt like they make my eyes look smaller than they already are....


I usually only wear glitter on the lid. I feel like without winged eyeliner, my eyes are too small for my face!


Ahh~ I've been practicing on drawing a winged eyeliner... but I always fail on one side.. :( They never look alike haha!


I'll sometimes put just a bit of glitter on the middle of my top lid, and it helps open up my hooded lids. It also helps to camouflage crepiness, haha.


Do you have a favorite glitter eye shadow? I would love to try it out! :)


I prefer cream ones since they don\'t flake or dry out my eye area. I\'m dying to try any of the liquid ones Sheryll Donerson recommended.