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NOW READING #GetWellSoonMina: The K-Pop Industry Is Finally Opening Up to Mental Health Issues
July 12, 2019

#GetWellSoonMina: The K-Pop Industry Is Finally Opening Up to Mental Health Issues

We stan this new attitude and wish Mina a speedy recovery.


It was announced that TWICE’s own Mina Myoui, aka Mina, has pulled out of the K-pop group’s international and U.S. TWICELIGHTS tour, scheduled to start in Singapore this Saturday, due to extreme anxiety. An official statement posted on TWICE’s fanpage on July 11 by JYP, the group’s management, stated:


“We should like to announce in regards to Mina’s health and condition status. Mina is currently struggling with sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity towards performing on stage […] Health of our artist is our top priority and most important thing, thus, we will do everything to provide proper medical treatment and sufficient resting for Mina’s recovery.”


Instagram @minajype


JYP also stated, “After extensive discussion with Mina and the members of TWICE, Mina’s current condition would be requiring further treatment, testing, and a pullout from the TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019.”


JYP then asked for the fans’ support and encouragement to help Mina get better soon.


Since the announcement, the group’s fandom, affectionately known as ONCE, created the hashtag #GetWellSoonMina, writing beautiful, encouraging posts to the K-pop star, making it a number one trending topic.







Opening up about mental health struggles is no small feat for an internationally known K-pop star, as stigmas about mental health still run deep in South Korea. We applaud Mina and her management at JYP for being open, honest, and intentionally direct about Mina’s departure from the tour, normalizing the idea that everyone should be able to get the mental health care that they need to thrive.


What do you think about the K-pop industry’s opening up about their mental health issues?






The K-Pop industry is finally opening up to mental health issues. In a recent survey, stars showed that they are more open to talking about their own mental health and the mental health of others as opposed to previous generations. What’s most important now is that these brave people are sharing their useful source stories with each other and those who need support. It is especially refreshing for fans because it means we can better understand what our favorite idols go through and how we can be there for them.


I was so sad to see celebrities suffering from malicious comments.The law really needs to come out.The characteristic of this era is that mental health does not pay attention to mental health in changing the quality of life.I relax my mind, find good things, and live my life doing happy things on a regularly.Let's try to get rid of bad thoughts and live happily.


After Park Bom's career was effectively stunted by her admission of depression, it's nice to see that attitudes in the entertainment industry toward mental health are starting to change. I do hope that Mina gets the treatment she needs and is able to recover soon!