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July 10, 2019

Innisfree Is Making Serious Moves With New Stores, New Packaging, & Yes, New BT21 Collabs

Just give them your money already.


Will K-beauty’s reign let up? According to Innisfree, we don’t think so.


As one of the OGs in K-beauty, Innisfree is shaking up the beauty world in a major way with expansions, redesigns, and collaborations with the latest (and hottest) K-pop music groups.



On their Instagram account, Innisfree recently announced a new store opening in San Francisco, specifically at the Stonestown Galleria. This store opening marks the first in San Francisco and seventh overall in the United States.


Later this summer, Innisfree will open a new store in one of the biggest shopping malls in Toronto, Canada, the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. The store will be nearly 2,500 square feet and sell all of the products we know and love — including skin, makeup, nails, hair, and body care products. I’m sure we’ll see expansions soon across the country!


In addition to these expansions, Innisfree has been working hard to give the brand a more modern update. Innisfree plans to update the packaging on their entire product line — they’ve already started with the cult classic Green Tea line, and more recently updated the packaging for their Moisture-Volumizing Cream with lava sea water.



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And Innisfree is not stopping there. They most recently partnered with BT21 (aka the beloved animation characters created by Line Friends with superstar group BTS) on a special edition Innisfree BT21 collection of their popular Jeju Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. There are seven mousse masks available, each with one of the adorable BT21 characters: Van, Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, and Cooky. The mask works to balance extra oily skin, as well as remove pollution, dirt, and other irritants that can harm the skin. In addition to the masks, there are also beach towels, magnets, hair bands, and a special Volcanic Pore Clay Mask & Cleansing Foam Special Set.


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What do you think about Innisfree’s growth in North America? And are you gonna get the new Innisfree BT21 collab?






Is it bad that I want them all, even though they're the same product? 😂 That water volumizing cream does sound luscious, though.