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July 18, 2019

Reddit Roundup: What Topics Are Trending in the World of Beauty

Three big beauty players are making headlines today, and we wanna know what you think!


Where do we go when we want to find out the scoop about a new product, the latest YouTube scandals (oh my), or up-to-the-minute beauty news? We head over to reddit.


Yes, we know reddit doesn’t have the best reputation, but you just gotta know know where to look for all the good stuff. In our latest series, we take a deep dive to find you the best news and trending stories. Let’s check what we have for today!


Instagram not showing likes?


Instagram is rolling out a new initiative where they won’t show likes on photos in an effort to combat studies showing “likes” on Instagram have a negative impact on self-esteem and links to depression and anxiety.



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Some people in the beauty community, especially influencers who rely on knowing the number of likes they have for partnership opportunities, believe that this isn’t the way to go. Others believe this will cause influencers to simply doctor their engagement numbers, like user sororitygirl246 who wrote, “A (sp) someone who creates content for brands, we have noticed that likes have gone down drastically with our clients. I feel people don’t feel like they need to like anything anymore. As well, we have had a few clients Photoshop their analytics to pretend their engagement was higher.”


Others have already seen the effects of this change — people will simply look at the number of comments on a post to quantify engagement. User candidshark said, “Removing likes will put more weight on a more intense metric, comments. Interesting because people can’t comment as quickly as they can like posts.”


What do you think about hiding likes? Yay or nay?


Beauty brand The Ordinary helping the planet! What a time


Over on the Skincare Addiction page, we have a post on cult beauty brand The Ordinary introducing larger sized packaging for their most popular products: the Buffet, the niacinamide serum, and their hyaluronic serum. Why? Well, the brand is attempting to reduce their carbon footprint — by increasing the size of these products, they’ll reduce the amount of deliveries they need to make.


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Commenters applauded the company but also wished that the brand had a recycling program that allowed you to return used products.


ImgurianInDisguise mentioned: “I actually just messaged them about this and they said that there has been some feedback on this issue, they’ve hired a new ‘environmental team member,’ so hopefully that means they’ll start something soon. In the meantime, they said their bottles are 100% recyclable. But still … this should happen.”


Sephora selling expired products? Say it ain’t so!


Back over at the BeautyGuruChatter reddit page, people were in a tizzy over a Buzzfeed news story about beauty YouTuber Lauren Mae Beauty’s accusation that the company was selling expired or nearly expired makeup in the sale section of their website. OOOH GIRL. DRAMA. People are a) surprised that Sephora actually pulled the products in question, b) giving Lauren ALL of her kudos, and/or c) shunning the company for even trying to play all of us. User pestgirl said, “I wonder how long until those items start popping up at TJ Maxx & Marshalls… 👀” The shade of it all!





So what do you think about the Sephora scandal? Any other topics on reddit you want to sound off on?