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NOW READING Are These Amazing Asian Beauty Technologies Headed to Our Vanities in the Near Future?
August 28, 2019

Are These Amazing Asian Beauty Technologies Headed to Our Vanities in the Near Future?

Printing intricate nail art at home? How about printing skincare (yes, skincare) for that matter? Or a mirror that does skincare? Yup, some amazing Asian beauty tech are on their way, and sooner than you think.


I am not afraid to admit I am a nerd. Maybe it’s the Sagittarius in me that is constantly trying to seek out more knowledge. At any rate, I’m a nerd. I love tech. I have subscriptions to Wired, Popular Science, Vanity Fare, The New Yorker, Allure. I’m constantly trying to find the best, coolest, and newest in technology. And that brings me to beauty tech.


Beauty technology has seen a huge boom in the past few years. Have you seen those fancy LED masks? The cleansing brushes? The devices that can measure our skin’s moisture level? We are living in the future, OK! But you already know Korea and Japan like to take it to the next level. How so? Well, read to find out!


Nail art machines


Do you lust over amazing nail art on Instagram, but you don’t have the patience to do it yourself (guilty) or the money to fork over to get someone else to do it for you (also guilty)? Well, it seems that Asia has the solution to our problems, and that’s with a revolutionary nail art machine. The machine was unveiled in a video that went viral way back in 2015, and is now available for home purchase. What a time to be alive!




3D printed skincare


Do you ever wish you could have your facial cream mixed in with your essence? Well, Kolmar Korea can do that for you, thanks to their 3D printed skincare technology. How does it work? Well, they take an essence and using 3D printing techniques, “print” a cream (chock full of a specific benefit, like anti-aging or ultra-hydrating, for example) into the essence. Ever wanted to see a cream rose suspended in your essence? Well, they can do that. Kolmar is also developing technology to 3D print other cosmetics such as compact cushions and lipstick.


asian beauty tech
Kolmar Korea



At-home ultrasound treatments


Another type of technology making waves in Seoul is the use of ultrasound devices in medical spas. It’s used as an anti-aging treatment — a lot of people (aka me) don’t know that ultrasound treatments can actually stimulate collagen production, as well as lift and firm the skin. And now you don’t even have to go to a spa to do it. Just buy an at-home device from Reziena. It comes complete with an app that tracks your skin’s progress and provides a customized user experience. You can watch it in action here!




Customized underwear


Yes, you read that correctly. Customized underwear. Sarah’s Fit, a startup founded by MinKyung Kim, uses the power of 3D scanning plus body imaging data to create customized underwear. Now, if you have ever lived in Korea, you know just what a struggle it is to find underwear that fits. There’s, like, three sizes, and all of them are way too small and bra sizes rarely run over a C cup. So we have to stan this woman and her ingenuity! And what’s more? The products are cute! No granny-like underwear over here, folks!


asian beauty tech
Sarah’s Fit



The mirror that literally does it all


She-Z Mirror is a mirror that not only analyzes your skin condition daily (which is an amazing concept in and of itself), but it’s also a bluetooth speaker, a camera, offers LED light therapy, acts as a security camera, and has wifi built in. Have you ever wanted to spy on your pet while you’re away at work? Well, you can do that with this mirror. It’s like a mirror on steroids. It’s currently still in a prototype phase according to the company’s Indiegogo page, but you can pre-order one if you’d like!




Which Asian beauty tech are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments!


Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.



That brings back memories... I was hanging out at Dongdaemun Market and a lady was trying to hawk a bra at one of my friends. I come over and listen politely, and in the middle of her sales pitch the ajumma gestures at my chest and says "Her? It wouldn't fit well. Her chest's too big. But you it will fit well!" ... LOL D-Cup struggles in Korea.