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NOW READING Korean Drama Sky Castle Is Getting a U.S. Remake (+ Some Beauty News)
September 16, 2019

Korean Drama Sky Castle Is Getting a U.S. Remake (+ Some Beauty News)

Yes, there’s gonna be a Sky Castle remake, and just in time, given the recent college admission scandal. Plus some news in beauty: tainted face cream and show-me-off acne patches.


Rise and shine! We hope you’ve had an amazing, relaxing weekend filled with lots of fun and sheet masks. We’re coming in hot with a roundup of news that’s sure to perk you up on this Monday!


Popular K-drama gets an English language remix


Have you been following the Operation Varsity Blues saga? You know, the one where rich people scammed to get their kids into college? Well, this news might appeal to you!



SKY Castle, the K-drama that explores wealthy parents who are trying to get their children into one of the three prestigious colleges in South Korea, is incredibly popular both in Korea and China. The acronym SKY refers to the three top schools in Seoul — Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. SKY Castle shattered Korean drama records, garnering the highest ratings in Korean cable network history during its 20-episode run earlier this year. And now NBC is remaking the hit drama for American audiences with a series tentatively titled TriBeCa. Here’s crossing our fingers it gets picked up!


Shine bright in these star patches


Don’t let that pimple prevent you from slaying your lewk! Starface, a new Gen-Z friendly skincare brand, is making it easier to heal blemishes while still looking cute. They launched their own hydrocolloid acne patches, but these aren’t your typical translucent circle patches. These patches, called Hydro-Stars, are actually bright yellow stars that give you a Euphoria type look. They work exactly like the good ol’ acne patches we know and love — they absorb the gross stuff while protecting your skin from bacteria (and your fingers!) — but are made to be noticed. Cute!



Beware of sketchy face creams!


In scary AF news, a woman is in a semi-comatose state after using an extremely toxic, mercury-tainted face cream from Mexico. The mother of five had been buying jars of Ponds Rejuveness cream from Jalisco, Mexico for 12 years and was aware that the toxic ingredient was being adding to the cream, supposedly to increase its anti-aging benefits.


After the woman’s symptoms became increasingly alarming — numb lips and face, slurred speech, and difficulty walking — she was admitted to the hospital. Shortly after, she fell into a semi-comatose state and has been there ever since. Normal levels of mercury in the blood are about 5 micrograms per liter; testing revealed that the woman had 2,630 micrograms per liter of mercury in her blood.



Yes, high levels of mercury are toxic, but it has been used in skincare products for a variety of reasons — as a preservative, a skin brightener/lightener, and even in some eye creams. The issue comes in when these products originate from countries (like Mexico and China) that don’t have strict regulations on the amount of mercury in a product. As a precaution, authorities are advising people to be aware of where their products are coming from. Check the labels and seals of your products to ensure they haven’t been tampered with, and if a product is too cheap to be true, that’s a potential red flag as well. Sacramento County has also issued a statement and a list of affected products on their web page.


Are you excited about the new SKY Castle remake? And would you wear those star acne patches to school or work?






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