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November 7, 2019

What Does Innisfree’s Rebranding Mean for Your Fave Products?

Is the No Sebum Mineral Powder the same as the new Matte Mineral Setting Powder? And what about the formulation of all your other fave Innisfree products? What you need to know about the Innisfree rebranding.


One of my all-time favorite K-beauty brands, Innisfree, is going through a bit of a facelift — a makeover, if you will.


The Innisfree rebranding has been a long time coming — well, 17 years in the making to be exact. Innisfree is one of the first and most iconic of the Korean road shop brands — btw, a road shop is one of the main chain K-beauty stores, like Etude House, Tony Moly, and Missha. So why the rebrand now? Well, Innisfree is finally launching its global expansion, opening stores in New York City, Toronto, and San Francisco. You all know “natural,” “clean” beauty is the new thing in the U.S. (much to my dismay), so Innisfree wanted to find a way to stand out from the oversaturated market in the U.S.


The Innisfree stores are getting an update as well. Live greenery and plants will feature prominently in their global and flagship locations because, hey, Innisfree is a natural brand and we don’t want to forget it! To help global consumers identify which products would be the best for them, explanations of each ingredient will be posted as well.




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Some of the rebrand is purely cosmetic. The brand has changed the logo ever so slightly — it’s more minimalist and millennial inspired. It’s also been changed to a dark green hue inspired by Korea’s Jeju Bija forest. The packaging received a slight update, too. Instead of the generic bottles and tubes that we’re used to, Innisfree used its background as a natural beauty giant to design packaging that is sleek, minimal, and best of all, eco-friendly. The first products to launch with the new packaging was the Green Tea collection, and slowly but surely, they’ve been reintroducing all of their other iconic products.


So this brings me to my next point. Not only did Innisfree update their logo and packaging, but some of the product names in the U.S. are now slightly different to fit a global audience. But don’t worry, all of the formulations have stayed practically the same!


No Sebum Mineral Powder = Matte Mineral Setting Powder


Do y’all remember the name of my favorite translucent powder? The No Sebum Mineral Powder? Well, that’s now called the Matte Mineral Setting Powder, which honestly makes more sense because a) no one says the word “sebum” when referring to oil/oily skin, and b) the product name tells me exactly what I can expect and what the product is designed for.


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Orchid Enriched Cream = Youth-Enriched Cream with Orchid


My favorite wintertime cream from the Orchid collection used to be called the Orchid Enriched Cream, but now it’s called the Youth-Enriched cream with Orchid. It’s a subtle distinction that lets you know this is an anti-aging cream, but it’s made WITH orchid, not entirely out of orchids.




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Other name changes


Similarly, products in the Green Tea Line are called the Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed, or the Hydrating Sleeping Mask with Green Tea Seed. And other fan fave lines, like the Apple Seed line and the Jeju Cherry Blossom line, are also mostly the same but with names that first tell you what the product is and then adds “with” and the specific Jeju ingredient.




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Innisfree for all


And perhaps, in what is the most exciting news of all, Innisfree is now available on and in select Sephora locations. The beauty giant is going to carry about 34 different products from Innisfree, and thankfully, it won’t be priced as crazy as other products — the range is a super affordable $10 to $34. And this is why Innisfree will always and forever be one of my favorite K-beauty brands.




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What you think of the Innisfree rebranding? What’s your favorite product from Innisfree? Let me know in the comments!



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