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November 11, 2019

The Review: Innisfree Artichoke Layering Intense Cream

Ever wish you were rich enough to slather on your favorite face cream head to toe? Well, now you can. The Innisfree Artichoke Layering Intense Cream will be your moisture barrier’s BFF come winter, all in size that just may last you to next winter.


There are times when I see a product and do a thorough cross check — I google ingredients, look it up on Instagram, check out the reviews. And there are other times I just buy something without even a glance at a review because I know — I just know — in my heart of hearts that it’s going to be bomb AF.


And that’s what I did with the Innisfree Artichoke Layering Intense Cream. Like, I pressed buy so fast I don’t even remember buying it. And just like my sneaking suspicion told me, it’s really that girl.


I’ve mentioned this like 1,000 times, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Innisfree. It’s probably one of the three or four brands that I’ll blindly purchase from. And yea, this cream is the bomb dot com. Like, just go ahead and buy it and trust that I’d never steer you wrong.


Innisfree Artichoke Layering Intense


The formulation


So let’s talk ingredients. From the name, you know we got some artichoke extract in there — artichokes are a known antioxidant, so it’s going to protect your skin from the harsh elements (aka winter). There’s also some hyaluronic acid for hydration, Centella asiatica for soothing and nourishing your skin (perfect after a long day outside in the cold), as well as chia seed extract and chameleon plant extract.


The size


One of the biggest things that surprised me about this cream is just how gigantic it is. I mean, you really do get your money’s worth. Ya know, most creams come in that tiny little jar, but this one comes in a whopping 150mL tub. (That’s three times the size of most Innisfree face creams, for about the same price.) It’s like Innisfree KNEW that we were all gonna be slathering this cream on our skin with reckless abandon during winter and decided to give us all a huge tub of it.


Innisfree Artichoke Layering Intense


The experience


The Innisfree Artichoke Layering Intense Cream is going to be a bop for me this winter. Like the name implies, this cream is luxuriously intense (watch around 2:25 below to see the texture) — but don’t think that it’s stiff and hard to spread. Oh no, it’s silky smooth and feels like an actual dream on the skin. And the scent? Well, we don’t know her because there isn’t one. So if you’re sensitive to fragrance or you’re just avoiding it, it’s not here!



Like I said earlier, it has a rich texture, but it’s not overwhelming. If you have dry skin, you actually may find you want to layer it with something else, but if you’re an oily/combo girl like me, one layer of this cream will get your life together by balancing out those oils, while providing a nice, thick layer of hydration. It makes my skin feel super soft and bouncy in the morning, like it’s just been drinking up all the yummy ingredients. I am in love!



I’ve tried it both in the morning as well as at night, and for me, this cream is a nighttime girl. I apply it after all of my serums, but before my oils and optional sleeping mask. Currently, in the AM I prefer something a little less “intense,” but I also feel like that’ll change once winter really starts to set in. If you looking for a winter cream that doesn’t feel like it’s smothering your skin, get your life and try this one!


Have you tried the Innisfree Artichoke Layering Intense Cream or any of Innisfree’s creams? What’d you think?



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And now you’ve given me another product to try, lol. As a woman in her late 40’s who lives in Florida, I want as much help as possible, lol. 🌸🦋


How does this compare to the Laneige Cica mask? I got that after you had been raving about it, and tbh it is good but I am going through it at an alarming pace. Thank you!