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December 15, 2019

The Best Makeup Memes on Instagram

There’s nothing that bonds us more as beauty people than the perfect meme. Here, some of our fave makeup memes.


Hey ya’ll! Today we’re talking about relatable memes, because really, why write out 1,000 words about makeup when I can just post a picture that perfectly encapsulates my feelings?! This is why memes will always be my preferred method of communication. Today’s topic? Makeup!




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I 1,000% for sure had that Hello Kitty lip gloss palette thing and basically worshipped at the altar of Lip Smackers. Now? I’m all about that Huda beauty lipstick and Pat McGrath lip balm. How times have changed.




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My boyfriend has the most beautiful eyelashes while I pay $30 for a tube of NARS Climax mascara. This is stupid.




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Honestly, it’s nearly 2020. Why have they not figured out a way to stop foundation from oxidizing?! THE SCAM.





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As someone who cannot make my eyeliner to save my life, this meme is 100% relatable AF.




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Okay, so when I saw this I spit out my coffee laughing. I’m a proud member of the acrylics tribe so I relate to this on a spiritual level.



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The other day, I cleaned out my purse and I had 25 — YES, TWENTY FIVE — nude lipsticks and lip glosses in there. Like?! And the next day I still went out and bought another dusty rose/nude lipstick from Huda Beauty. Why am I like this?!




I stand by my theory that Sephora is basically the same as Target — you go in for one thing and the next thing you know you’ve spent $500 on an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick, and a moisturizer.



Why yes, I am that person that has a bedroom chapstick, a car chapstick, a purse chapstick, a bathroom chapstick … and my life is in literal shambles when one of them gets lost. Where do they all go?!




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What’s your favorite makeup meme? Drop the link below in the comments!



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This is a great collaboration of memes. So relatable! Lol

The amount of people that have sent me the same text post saying "I had to decide between buying groceries or paying the electric bill, so i bought lipstick." If that ain't a mood.

So relatableeeee lol but this is the one for me being a freelance MUA, every face is a new canvas for your artistry