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February 17, 2020

What We Know About Huda Kattan’s First Skincare Product from Wishful

The makeup maven has launched a skincare line called Wishful, and its first product is a triple-threat exfoliator.


It seems all the cool beauty brands are following the same business pattern: Launch a successful, online makeup collection. After that’s huge, start putting your products in Sephora, Ulta, CVS, or Walgreens. And after you’ve realized your makeup collection is airtight, launch a skincare brand. Kylie Cosmetics now has Kylie Skin, Colourpop has launched its own Fourth Ray Beauty (which is amazing, by the way), and now, Huda Kattan, owner and CEO of Huda Beauty, the maker of one of the best matte lipsticks on the market today (and you can quote me on that!), is launching her own skincare brand called Wishful.


(I’m going to add a little side note here — doesn’t Wishful sound like the name of a Korean brand? I was NOT surprised when I found out the products are made in Korea. Everyone knows South Korea = expert formulations and high-quality technology. Okay, back to Huda!)





According to Huda herself, from a blog post she wrote on her website, she was inspired to create her skincare line from her own personal skincare issues, as well as those of her followers and fans:


“I’ve read the thousands and thousands of comments that you’ve left, and I know that you guys are looking for solutions to the same skin concerns as me. It’s always been my dream to create simple but powerful solutions that really work and actually make a difference. I know from when I started out in beauty, that the world of skincare can feel intimidating and confusing, and sometimes it feels like you’ll never find that one thing that works for you. That’s why it was so important to me that every product we make will truly make a difference to your skin, giving both instant and long-lasting results.”


And as a part of Wishful’s branding, Huda has maintained that all photos from every campaign won’t be photoshopped, run through a filter, or retouched. We love to see it!



Huda Beauty



The first product to launch from Wishful is the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, a physical gommage-type exfoliator that’s designed to create a perfectly smooth canvas for makeup application. You apply it onto dry skin, and as you massage, little balls form as it physically exfoliates your skin.



Huda Beauty



In addition to physical exfoliation, the scrub is formulated with pineapple and papaya enzymes, as well as chemical exfoliants like BHAs and AHAs that gently slough away dead skin, oils, and debris. According to Huda’s blog, this scrub was designed to even your skin tone as well as retexturize and brighten your skin. Huda specifically chose pineapple for its unique ability to gently remove dead skin cells, and papaya for its brightening properties. Salicylic acid is the BHA of choice here, and my personal favorite for removing blackheads and other “gunk” out of your pores; with citric, lactic, malic, and tartaric acids acting as the AHAs to sweep away all of the dead skin.


There’s a lot of exfoliation going on here, so you should definitely limit usage to one to two times a week at most. Also, note that alcohol is high up on the ingredient list, in case you’re sensitive to it.





The Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub retails for $39, and yes, there’s currently a waiting list.


So do you plan on trying it? What other skincare products would you love to see next from Wishful? Let me know in the comments!




Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.




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I have been curious to try this, but I have very dry skin, so I avoid using products with alcohol.


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

I love the packaging. How does it compare to Dr. G or Chobs gommage peel?


Truly, Kbeauty is no longer just a separate Asian category especially as western brands are making their products in korea. Even Whole Foods manufacturers their skincare line in Korea.