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March 23, 2020

5 Simple Ways to Self-Care & Give Back While Sheltering at Home

When the world seems to be falling apart, it’s the little things we do right now that matter and that will help us all get through this time as we’re sheltering at home. We can do this together, fam!


Wow. Seemingly overnight, our entire world has turned upside down. I mean, literally two weeks ago my boyfriend and I were planning to go to Miami for his birthday, and now, we’re practicing social distancing by sheltering at home and eating lots of brownies.


I don’t want to make light of these scary times. Instead, I’d like to offer up some tips to maintain your peace, to allow yourself and those around you a bit of self-care, and to bring back a bit of power into this sense of powerlessness.



1. Limit all the social media news


Listen. I know, I KNOW it’s hard to avoid looking at the news, especially when it seems like there is breaking news every minute. But there’s no need to scroll through the endless sea of tweets and Instagram posts about COVID-19. I’ve made the decision to not look at social media until I’ve finished my workout, made my coffee, and eaten my breakfast. I set a timer for 10 minutes, look at what I need to, and then put my phone away and set a blocker on my computer and get to work. Some time in the late afternoon, I give myself another moment to look at social media, and that’s it. I don’t look at anything before bed; instead, I read a book, watch a comforting TV show, or color. Yup, I busted out all of my old adult coloring books.



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2. Move your body


Now, more than ever, it’s truly important to get up throughout the day and move your body. I saw a tip on Twitter that has proven to be really helpful. Instead of waking up later because you don’t have to drive to work, use your commute time to get in a workout.


You don’t have to make it complicated — you can do a Yoga With Adriene video, take a walk outside, do a quick HIIT workout, go on a bike ride, etc. I’ve been doing 20-minute Peloton rides every morning, and it has made a world of difference. Throughout the day, I like to take walks with my dog during my breaks, as well as one long walk at night.





3. Support your local businesses


Yes, we’re not able to go to our favorite bars, restaurants, and stores, but you can still support them by buying gift cards or certificates to use once the stores open up again. You can either purchase one online or add one to your takeout/delivery order. You can send them to friends, family, and coworkers, too. It’s like a 2-in-1 deal — you give your friend the gift of yummy food and you help support a small business that really helps the community.



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4. Give yourself a schedule


One of the best ways you can give yourself a bit of power during this time is taking control of your time. It’s so easy when you’re working from home to let the time just tick on by. Before you know it, it’s 7 PM and you’re still working. So, if you normally work 9 to 5, stick strictly to that schedule. Literally close your computer and walk away.


I teach English in the AM, so I’m up at 5 AM to work out, and I start teaching from 6 AM to 9 AM, then I take a break for breakfast and start up on my freelance work from 10 to 3. Once it hits 3 PM that’s a wrap. No emails, no slack messages, that’s it. Even though we can’t control whatever is happening with the coronavirus, we can control how we spend our time.



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5. Drink water and eat regularly


One of the side effects of all of this anxiety is that my appetite is all but shot. But now more than ever, we need to be making sure to fuel and hydrate properly. And by eating, I mean real meals, not snacks. Like scheduling your day, you need to make sure to schedule your meals. Now that we’re at home, it’s the time to try your hand at yummy meals.



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I’ve been eating oatmeal made with coconut milk, dried fruit, and a drizzle of peanut butter. For lunch I’ve been having a sandwich and soup, and for dinner I’ve been eating chicken, veggies, and a small glass of wine. If I go for snacks, I try to get healthy options like air popped popcorn, fresh fruit, nuts, and sparkling water.


Fam, we’re going to get through this and come out stronger. I’m here — let’s chat in the comments about ways we are keeping ourselves safe while sheltering at home.




Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.




I absolutely agree with you about the news. I limit myself to a half hour tops daily because of I listen to it for too long it becomes stressful and that is not conducive to anything.


Moving your body even if your not leaving the house is still so important. I tried a fun game, where every time I see triple digits on the time, I add them together and do that many reps per pushup or squat. For example if its 5:55, I will do 15 pushups or squats.


I'm into home cooking these days. So I gained weight.....XP


There are many ways I have forgotten. For killing time, I'll have to try the new thing soon!


I think I've watched most TV series. haha


When I'm at home, I'm less active, so regular meals are difficult. You need to get ready before you go back to the usual daily routine.


All of these tips are great and I stand by what you said about giving yourself a schedule. For me personally, I get distracted really easily so making a schedule really helps me stay focus and not slack off.


I completely agree. A good sleep schedule is important. If I don’t get the right amount sleep I don’t feel my best which leads to me not eating well. Since it seems like we have all the time in the world it’s easy to sit around doing nothing but I think this is the perfect time to fulfill our healthy habits we always said we didn’t have time for.


Many nearby shops are closed. So we share our dishes with the residents of the same neighborhood. Of course, they eat at their own homes. And we evaluate each other's menu.


As always self-control is the hardest thing! I've gained a lot of weight since I stayed at home this time.


I do hot yoga at home. It also releases wastes like sweat and for physical fitness,


Best from @beautytapoffical

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