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March 13, 2020

4 Ways to Create Your Own Bedroom Sanctuary

We spend at least a third of our lives in our bed, rejuvenating our bodies and dreaming the night away (or at least trying to), so why not make that experience as restful as possible? Four tips on how to create your own sleep sanctuary.


As I get older, the more I realize that getting enough sleep is a non-negotiable part of my self-care routine. But I also have insomnia, trouble falling asleep, and am riddled with anxiety as soon as my head hits the pillow most nights. HOORAY!


However, this hasn’t stopped me from trying to make sure my bedroom is the sleep sanctuary I deserve. I have some pretty strict guidelines that I’ve implemented to make sure my bedroom is a place that I know is for sleep and relaxation.


Rule 1: No TVs, iPads, computers, or screens


I believe having a TV in your space is such a distraction. My bedroom is a screen-free zone. This means, no TV, no tablets, no cell phones. I have my cell phone scheduled to disable all of my apps past 9 pm, so I can use the last hour before I go to bed reading or something else that is calming and relaxing.


sleep sanctuary


If you already have a TV in your bedroom, try to break the habit of falling asleep with it on. Give yourself a hard and fast “no TV past this time” rule and see how much your sleep improves. Trust me!


Rule 2: Invest in nice bedding


Look, we *should be* spending a vast majority of our time sleeping, so why sleep on crappy sheets and blankets? There is no country for scratchy, itchy, HOT polyester blends. I recently splurged on a set of Brooklinen sheets and a duvet cover after hearing one million podcasts advertise it, and listen, this might be one of the first times that an advertisement actually was worth it because my bed feels like I live at a fancy hotel. I actually look forward to getting into my bed each night because it’s SO comfortable. You deserve that!


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Rule 3: Clear the clutter


I recently read an article that said clutter in our homes contributes to a lot of undue stress and anxiety. And listen, I am not the tidiest person in the world, but I make sure that my bedroom is a clean, spacious place that feels calming and relaxing as soon as I step in.


How do I do this? Well, my first rule is to not let it get too messy in the first place. Everything in my bedroom has a place to go — dirty clothes in the laundry basket and not a random space on the floor, makeup is organized and in a specific spot on my desk, my skincare is organized by type on my shelves. Books are put back in their correct spots after I’m finished reading, dishes and glasses are cleared from my desk as soon as I finish work for the day. None of this came naturally, but I made each of these things a habit, and now it’s ingrained in my soul.


Rule 4: Infuse your room with a relaxing scent


Scent is a super powerful sense and one that really affects my mood. If you want your bedroom to feel like a luxury sleep oasis, diffuse some lavender or sandalwood oils and inhale all of that mind calming goodness. Or, if you’re like me and work out of your bedroom, infuse your space with some uplifting citrus notes while you work. If you want something that looks like a piece of decor instead of another electronic, check out the diffusers from Campo Beauty.


sleep sanctuary
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Is your bedroom a sleep sanctuary or a stress pit? What do you do to make sure you get a good night’s sleep? Let me know in the comments!



Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.



I also wanted to add, listening to a positive bineral beats, when you are going to sleep is a great way to get subliminal positivity or whatever you feel you need in your life. I swear by them and always get an incredible nights sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and positive, making for a great start to your day!!!

Sheryl, I enjoy all your articles immensely!! You are alway on point and I definitely believe that our sleep and nighttime routines are so important. Along with the way we eat and make sure to drink plenty of water!! I have so much gratitude for you, as I always get great information and tips!! Roxanne

Turn your table clock on your nightstand away from your bed so on those bad nights you don’t just sit there and worry about how many more hours of sleep you have left. I’ve also always advocated for white sheets and bedding because if you mess them up, you can just toss them in the washer with some bleach and be done. Plus they look so luxurious, like you’ve checked yourself in to a lovely little b&b for some r&r.

Super simple tips to improve your sleeping habits, thank you Sheryll! It's so true clearing your clutter puts you at ease and having a pleasant scent can boost your mood, I usually opt for lavender!

I agree no blue light screens before bed! It definitely helps me fall asleep so much faster if I take a little time before bed with no tv, phone or computers


I can't wait to get into my bed after a long stressful day. I've been putting off redecorating my space but this is a good reminder to do so


I painted my room blue to brighten up my mood! I just need to pick up couple of statement pieces to compliment the new space


I've been trying to limit technology use in my bedroom for years.. maybe I should try it again


I had no idea how a cushion can bring the life out of the room! Even if it belongs to my fluffy friend now


I got these sunlight blocking curtains that works like a charm! It was on the pricier side but totally worth the purchase as I'm super sensitive to lights and wake up easily due to them