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March 21, 2020

This Korean Home Fragrance Brand Is What’s Been Missing in Your Life

It’s one way to bring Gangnam style home.


I got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas this year, so I was browsing on (the TASTE!) for things that I’ve always wanted but never wanted to spend my own money on. You know me, I was looking at all the fancy candles, expensive bath bubbles, speciality hair fragrances … when something caught my eye.


What was it? A candle called “Gangnam 8” by Soohyang, a luxury fragrance brand hailing out of Korea. I legit gasped out loud because — WHAT?! A fragrance named after one of my favorite places in the world AND made by a badass Korean woman? I needed to know more, so I’m sharing all of my deets with you now.




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So, Soohyang, like I mentioned before, is a luxury home fragrance brand and one of the coolest new brands to come out of Seoul. I mean, one look at the baby pink packaging (hello millennial pink!) and the bold serif text should tell you that Soohyang did not come to play, okay! The name “Soohyang” roughly translates to the phrase “excellent fragrance” but is also the name of the founder, Kim Soohyang (talk about fate, right?!). From an early age, Kim knew that she wanted to create her own fragrance company, so after moving to Seoul and dabbling in a music career, she decided to pursue her dreams and launched Soohyang in 2013. Her goal? According to Forbes, it’s to “fill people and their spaces with happiness and fantasy.”




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The collection started out with Gangnam 8, the brand’s signature scent. It’s a luscious scent that perfectly captures the energetic yet luxurious pace of one of the most famous districts in Seoul. According to its website, expect spicy notes of nutmeg and cloves, mixed with orange flowers and orchids.


But of course, the scents don’t stop there. Soohyang now boasts a whopping 33 different scents, all designed to “reflect characteristics of the space, as well as emotions and the inner world of the people within the space.” So, if you’re feeling a little fun and flirty because your boo thing is about to come over, look for the Girl’s Neck candle (yes, it’s really called Girl’s Neck), designed to smell sweet and floral, like the neck of a woman who’s just spritzed a gorgeous perfume. O, try Love Spell, designed to mimic the scent of human skin to remind you of a hug from your lover (swoon). There’s even a fragrance called Secret Garden with notes of rose, violet, and jasmine, mixed with musk and amber. It’s named after — you guessed it — the incredibly popular K-drama Secret Garden.



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But Soohyang doesn’t just make candles. There are diffusers, home sprays, wax melt tablets, car vent air fresheners, paper air fresheners (so cute for the bathroom or in your clothes drawers), and accessories like candle lids, matches, wick trimmers, and decorative pins. You can deck out every single room in our house AND your car because, as Soohyang says, “Life is better when you smell nice.”




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You can find Soohyang products on their website,, and Nordstrom. Everything is under $75 dollars, so treat your friends, your family, and of course, yourself!




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As we have to stay at home all the time. I get so stressed out every day. I'll buy some scented candles and get some healing. We need some relaxation at home right now!! xp


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