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April 20, 2020

Beauty Fatigue Is Real — Here’s What I Did to Get Over It

With all the overconsumption in the beauty industry, it’s easy to get over-stressed. What one beauty editor did to get over her beauty fatigue and re-spark her joy.


Girl. Let me tell you. Around the middle of last year, I just … could not do it anymore.


I unsubscribed from emails. I unfollowed accounts on Twitter and Instagram. I was DONE.


Done with what, you ask? BEAUTY.


Yes, the beauty fatigue was real. It seemed like literally every day a new brand was launching, a new product, a new cleanser, a new eyeliner, a new palette … like it was TOO MUCH. It got to the point where I literally couldn’t keep up with things and it just made me feel SO. GROSS.



beauty fatigue



I feel like we are at this tipping point where we know that global warming and climate change are real and sustainability is incredibly important. I have intense anxiety surrounding the health of our planet, and in my daily life, I’ve tried to do my part to reduce my consumption and help the Earth. When I bought my new car, I made sure it was 100% electric. I take my recycling to the recycling center weekly. I bring a water bottle and a reusable coffee cup with me when I go to work at coffee shops. I’ve reduced the amount of skincare and beauty stuff I buy, trying incredibly hard to stick to buying only what I need. And getting constantly bombarded by release after release after release was just too much. I kept thinking — who is constantly buying all this stuff? Why do these companies think we need an eyeshadow palette for every color of the rainbow? Do we really need another type of night cream? No! We don’t.


Well, I just … stopped consuming it. I stopped shopping. I stopped looking at the websites and YouTube. I was gaining no joy from it all, so I needed to take a step back and reassess my values and priorities. After I stopped all of that, in order to get my mojo back, I made it a point to think about what I DID like about beauty. I mean, beauty and makeup and skincare and wellness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and despite me being completely over it, I couldn’t give it up completely. I mean, who would I be without beauty?!



black friday



So, I made a game plan. I would only follow a select number or Instagram influencers and brands, the ones that I really loved. I still don’t get the emails, because I don’t want to feel like I just *need* to buy things. Instead of rushing out to buy the brand new whatever that a company has come out with, I am focusing on quality and what I actually need.


And you know what? Consuming beauty news and hearing about the latest releases became kinda fun again, and not this overwhelming sense of dread that I’m ruining the planet.


I really think these brands and companies need to start really re-thinking their strategies. More and more people are realizing that all of this excess is insane. Beauty influencers have started to refuse PR packages because there is just so much waste involved. Other influencers have taken themselves off of those coveted PR lists because they’ve realized they already have way more makeup than they’ll ever need. And this is what I’d like to see! Trust me, you don’t need that new palette. You don’t need that new lip gloss (you probably already have one in your collection). I’d love to see brands embracing ethical consumption — a pipe dream, but a girl can wish!


So how do you feel about beauty fatigue? Have you experienced it? Let me know in the comments!



Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.



It does get exhausting! It felt like running a marathon trying to get the latest collection of beauty products. At the end of last year I gave buying certain beauty products a break. I also went through my all bins and got rid of what I didn't need or was old. This year with quarantine I started working on my creative side and have been playing around with different looks and colors.


Verified Expert

yes I get this from time to time too! especially now in quarantine I make sure my media intake is coinciding with my goals but its important to balance and focus on the self care part of our skin routines as well as other activities! its been just learning to seperate the two that has helped me:) glad I'm not the only one


Verified Expert

Well now look at that..I am not crazy..I do get like this . It only lasts a day or so, but it is true. Thanks so much for this ..


Verified Expert

I’ve had Beauty fatigue for a while now. Being in the industry for 26 years, I’ve seen a lot, and had a lot. But now, a lot of companies create almost too much, and at times, I’ve had to have it. Now, I’m all about what I  need. If I want to try a new product, I wait until I use up a similar product I already own.
I’m that way with my clients now. If they have something they already have, but it’s “different”, I try to steer them away from that. I also try to have them... Read more


Verified Expert

I love this article, I felt overwhelmed recently as well. I decided to stick to the brands I really love and only look into other brands if they are truly innovating the cosmetics industry. I also looked at my own products I loved and learned more about the ingredients in them and the brands behind them.


Verified Expert

Theres so much out there it can be very draining especially when one blog or influencer says one thing and then another says something completely different. I am right with you, I'm very selective especially if it has to do with skincare or makeup because thats my face, my SKIN and the last thing I'd want to do is ruin it. sometimes we just have to set apart a select few and focus on those plus doing our own research and Actually getting tips and help from professionals helps!


Verified Expert

I loved how you just decided ti top consuming and only focusing on the brand s you love. I've done something similar since quarantine. Now that I don't buy what's being pushed to me, I can take the time and focus on quality. Such things as eco friendly packaging, non toxic ingredients, and other sustainable features.


Verified Expert

Thank you Sheryll. I too have been trying to pare down by making use of what I have had for years, and throwing away what is just ridiculous. I’m all for trying out new products, however, now I buy with a purpose and not because its on sale.


Verified Expert

This article is great!


Verified Expert

I love this. I really simplified my routine over the past couple of years, and what's great about it is its easier to pinpoint what is working for your skin and what isn't! Then, trying new products becomes fun and exciting again!