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April 24, 2020

Social Media Trends to Jump On While in Quarantine

From stay-at-home dance challenges to challenges at home we can all relate to, quarantine social media trends offer no shortage of distractions (and commiseration) to help you get through self-isolation.


Watch many movies and TV shows about conquering aliens and all-powerful supernatural entities and one theme emerges as a common thread: the resilience of the human race. Apparently we are the cockroaches of the galaxy. One of the many ways that we have elected to demonstrate this resilience during this global pandemic is with humor. Right from the beginning, funny memes and videos have intermingled with the panic about the virus’ spread and the dearth of soap and hand sanitizer.


Along with the Tiny Desk Home concerts and Instagram live DJ sessions, people have been finding ways to entertain themselves and connect with others. Here are a few quarantine social media trends I found amusing.



quarantine social media trends



TikTok dance challenges


If they weren’t before, TikTok dance challenges are an insanely hot trend now that everyone has a bunch of extra time on their hands. You’ve probably seen videos popping up all over social media in the last few weeks. And everyone from your cousin to your favorite celebrity has recreated the challenge. There’s the #SavageChallenge, #FlipTheSwitch, #JLoChallenge, #HitEveryBeat, and more. Even if you might never hit the “publish” button on your piece of performance art, teaching yourself these complicated routines is a great way to pass the time.



@keke.janajahNEW DANCE ALERT! 🚨 if u use my dance tag me so i can see🤗 @theestallion ##writethelyrics ##PlayWithLife ##foyou ##fyp ##foryoupage ##newdance ##savage♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion









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I’ve been getting a kick out of reading tweets by Millennials and Gen Xers about the high energy of these dance challenges and new dance moves in general, compared to, say, the Soulja Boy “Crank That” from 2007. Said Millennials have now infiltrated TikTok with some of their old favorites. Those were simpler times.



@aaron_dodgeWhere my Millenials at? ##over30 ##dance ##crankthat ##college♬ original sound – bmotheprince



@yogirlgloSunday Funday Vibes! ##shecandoit ##checkthisout ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##trend ##dougie ##teachmehowtodougie♬ Teach Me How To Dougie – Cali Swag District



@iam_beatrizmichelle##stankyleg ##snapyofingers ##walkitout ##souljaboychallenge ##souljaboy ##jerk ##catdaddy ##dance ##fyp ##xyzbca ❤️♬ Early 2000s Dance Challenge – kingdavid8888



Couples challenge


On the Twitter front, married couples were the most entertaining at the beginning of the lockdown, with spouses taking to the platform to air their grievances about disturbing behavior their significant others were displaying. The question “who did I marry?” has been on many lips with people discovering the office side of their better halves.







It turns out that wanting to be with someone for the rest of your life doesn’t mean you literally want to spend every second with them. Without a break, tempers rise and things eventually reach a tipping point.









Feeding the beast, er, family


In the other corner, many parents are weeping because their children who are now home 24/7 have taken to eating them house and home. Imagine trying to be proactive by cooking a week’s worth of food only to have the fruit of your loins gobble it all up in three days. How is that fair?









Homeschooling is not for everyone


The task of homeschooling has also been a major struggle for most, and many parents are realizing just how valuable teachers are and just how much patience it takes to be one.









Home art challenge


The Getty Museum tried to keep people engaged and help with keeping boredom at bay by challenging them to recreate famous works of art at home.





There have been some pretty creative responses from folks involving pets, children, and all manner of household items. My favorite is “Dog With(out) a Pearl Earring” by Blair Braverman of BraverMountain Mushing, featuring Flame, one of the more popular sled dogs.





There are also these masterpieces.







Quarantine hashtags


Hashtags have become another way to engage and share important information on social media platforms. #quarantinepup gives you an opportunity to show off your fur babies, #ImDoingFineBecause helps you see the brighter side of things, #quarantineinfivewords sometimes brings us the nihilistic Millennial humor we have come to know and love, and tags like #stayhome are a reminder of how important it is to stay safe right now.








It’s time for a giveaway!


All you have to do is comment below and tell us what quarantine social media trends, memes, and challenges you’ve found entertaining during this time, or if you have any funny stories about working from home!


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omg I love tik Tok! my friends' actually famous on the app, lol. a lot of my past time is spent on the app. there's all kinds of different videos to watch!

I've definitely been watching more TikTok lately, but haven't had the courage to try any of those dance challenges yet.

This is great! I was never into TikTok but ever since the quarantine started in March I’ve been hooked! It will definitely have you occupied!


Tik Tok has definitely been the holy grain of entertainment during all of this.


I think I’m the only 20 year old that can’t do all of the cool TikTok dances. Doesn’t mean I don’t love watching other people thrive at them!

LOL the Tik Tok one really hit home for me! It makes me feel simultaneously very old and very young!!!

I just signed up for TikTok and I feel like I’m too old for this!!!!

I love the hilarious Tiger King memes. People are so creative! hahaha

I’m still new to Tik Tok, I actually just created my account last week! I think a big part of me creating tik tok was so I could reach out to potential clienteles. Biggest trends ok tik tok thats i’ve seen so far and absolutely find hilarious are the Tiger King ones and the quarantine post of course!! Haha

This is great, I’m not alone. I’m teaching online “distance learning”.... my students are getting more like a comedy show! my ‘better half” constantly NEEDS to make chocolate milk while I’m on a zoom call (he’s 38) quite possibly the loudest drink to make on the planet( think spoon clinking against the glass, the noise when the chocolate syrup is almost empty!) Everyday! Lord help him, my students think it’s hysterical...that’s just the tip of the iceberg.... is this quarantine over yet?!?!