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NOW READING Yes, You Can Try Spring Fashion & Beauty Trends Even in Self-Isolation — Here’s How
April 8, 2020

Yes, You Can Try Spring Fashion & Beauty Trends Even in Self-Isolation — Here’s How

Whether it’s the #dontrushchallenge or daring to go Euphoria on Zoom, every day can be a fashion runway. How you can try the best spring trends even while stuck at home.


Around this time last year, we were all starting to venture outdoors to walk amongst the cherry blossoms and enjoy various spring festivals. Puffer jackets were exchanged for cute bombers and colorful anoraks, UGGs retired for bright Converse, vampy berry lipsticks for coral lip stains, and so on. Things have changed DRASTICALLY in the past couple of months, and for many, it became quite obvious in the last fortnight that things would not be going back to “normal” just yet. It’s not business as usual this year. There will be no Easter egg hunts, no elaborate lamb dinners, no street fairs, and no boozy brunches on restaurant patios.


You might be tempted to slip into melancholy and lament the happy hours and trail hikes you’re being forced to miss, but remember, for some of us, that’s the worst of it. For many others, missing a mountaintop picnic or sunlit stroll through a bustling park is the least worrisome thing. Remembering people like the health service personnel who put themselves in harm’s way daily to fight the virus and the essential workers who make sure we can purchase necessities helps to put things in perspective.


But that’s not to say you’re not allowed to feel bad about being stuck inside. You can choose a different outlook — be thankful for what you’ve got, understand that self-isolation is protection and not punishment, keep others in your thoughts, and keep hope alive.




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With that said, we’ve all got to stay indoors for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our favorite fashion and beauty trends of spring 2020. Here are some fun ways to enjoy spring trends in the comfort of your living room.





At this point, we’re all experiencing varying levels of cabin fever and feeling out of sorts because our usual routines have been disrupted. Even if working from home is your usual modus operandi, before the shut-in, you at least got to do social stuff from time to time like hanging out with friends and going to the movies. Right now, most of us live in sweats or some other form of loungewear except for the weirdos who actually like strapping themselves into underwire bras and putting on actual pants every single day.


You miss your clothes, and to make matters worse, you’re missing out on opportunities to show off cute spring clothing trends like puff sleeves, bold neon, and ’80s retrospective.




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If you’re looking for an outlet, you could awaken your inner fashionista and post OOTDs on your socials. Or you could participate in something like the #dontrushchallenge — where you go from plain to slay while passing along an object — or show us how to turn a flat sheet into eight different dresses. There are no rules. You don’t have to fear judgment from Anna Wintour.




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While you’re at it, feel free to put your own spin on it! The more variations there are, the more fun it is. Be innovative! So far I’ve seen #BaldBaddie, #YummyMummy, and #AlternativeBlackHottie versions of the #dontrushchallenge, and they’re all great. So go forth, be creative, and don’t forget to come back and share links to your video masterpieces.



Casual everydays


Athleisure is pretty big in fashion over in South Korea this season, which meshes perfectly with the current global situation of mandatory loafing. Right now it’s cool to be comfy, and I for one am glad. I’ve always wanted to dress like Hyun Bin’s character from Secret Garden — why wear jeans when you can be stylish AND comfortable in a casual co-ord?




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A matching jogger set in flattering colors will elevate your everyday WFH lewk and your mood too. It’s a good mid-point between the PJs you’ve been wearing for three days and business casual attire. Shantay, you stay cozy.




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Messy hair don’t care


If you’ve been rocking a messy bun lately, congrats, you’re ahead of the pack as far as hair trends go. And if you want to attempt one of the many other looks that were forecast for the season, self-isolation gives you the chance to work out the kinks in your technique before you bust it out at your next social gathering, whenever that might be. I hear mullets are back in, and that’s not a style you want to risk without a test phase. Save that one for when the professionals open up shop again.




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“Lived-in texture” is another hot look for spring, so rejoice! Your grungy everyday quarantine hair is perfect and in vogue — no elaborate styling needed. Just continue to be your adorable, perfect self. But if you do want some styles to play around with, get inspired by the braided styles from the Ulla Johnson and Alice + Olivia SS20 shows. They serve a double function of being a fun activity and protective style.



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Just nail it


Home manicures are another great way to experience springtime beauty trends while you take your mind off the gravity of our current situation. The #quarantinenails trend has taken off big time on Instagram, with more and more people needing their gel manicures removed, acrylic sets redone, or just wanting a little serotonin boost from a colorful set of nails. If you’ve got to take matters into your own hands now that nail salons have been shuttered, there are a few tutorials you can watch, like this one that shows you how to remove gel polish.




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Whether you’ve got long, coffin-shaped claws or wear your nails trimmed short, you can experiment with an assortment of designs and color combinations. Embody the spirit of Easter with pretty pastel polish the color of Jordan almonds, play with neon, or maybe try a glossy marbled effect.




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With all the practice you’re going to get, you might come out of self-isolation with some top-notch nail art skills. And if you’re like me and lack the motivation or coordination to paint your own nails, you could always try press-ons or polish strips. Choices are thankfully no longer limited to the drugstore French tips.




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Make every day a party


I started following Aileen Lee of Cowboy VC on Twitter a few years ago because I was thinking about a career in entrepreneurship and thought it would be a good way to get a few nuggets of wisdom. That decision has paid off in a major way recently because she has been sharing photos of her husband Jason, who has taken to donning a variety of outrageous costumes for his Zoom meetings.





I invite you to take a page out of Jason’s book and show off your interpretations of spring makeup trends on every video chat from now on. Finally watching Euphoria? Show your family and friends how much they’ve been missing out on bright neon eyeshadow and chunky glitter embellishments.




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Flex your MUA muscles and perfect your metallic eye look, then schedule a self-isolation happy hour with friends via Zoom. Make it an event complete with appetizers, laughs, and maybe some dancing. You could even turn your makeup sesh into a game! Sort of like a paint & sip but your faces are the canvases. Catch up while you beat your mug like you’re all sitting in front of the mirrors backstage at the RuPaul’s Drag Race studios, and when you’re done, cast votes for each person’s results. The winner gets a Doordash meal paid for by everyone else or whatever your group decides. Just make sure no one’s choice is the Law of Surprise (hey there, Witcher fans!).



try spring trends



These are unprecedented times, and there really isn’t a blueprint for dealing with any of it. We were collectively flung into a state of panic and disruption, and not knowing when and if things will ever go back to normal can be difficult. So hang in there. Take it one day at a time. Inject some fun whenever you can. And don’t be afraid to ask for the support you need. Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe and healthy and doing generally okay.



Ready for some fun? Let’s have a giveaway!


All you have to do is comment below, and tell us what you’re doing to inject a little fun into your self-isolation. Are you trying any spring trends?


The first 30 commenters will receive a coupon code for free AZN Labs Hydrogel Lip Patches* in your next order!


*U.S. orders only. 



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Everything that is going on right now has happened so abruptly, so I definitely agree with everyone being flung into a frenzy. I've recently started doing makeup designs around my neck and collarbone area. It's super fun! I've also been experimenting with different nail art techniques as well! This is the perfect time to be even more productive! I'm definitely bringing some new skills out of #QuarantineAndChill lol.

So much time to take advantage of these days. We have cleaned out closets, tried new makeup on my wife and daughter, painted nails, and even attempted to give myself a haircut. Take risks! Go for it.

I’ve worked from home for about a year now, and getting dressed in the morning is a huge part of my daily ritual. Putting on a cute outfit, patting on some bb cream , swiping on my favorite lipstick... all part of what keeps me feeling like myself!


I've been trying to use this time to focus on building better habits for myself. I'm not always consistent with taking care of myself or my skin, but lately I've been trying to create more of a routine for myself to follow and it's been a bit easier than usual to stick to it since I have a lot less to focus on now.

I love all the costumes he's wearing and that he just happened to have them sitting around the house. Everyone should be able to get a good laugh in during this time so I love when people do silly things


Trying out new makeup and styles has definitely been a sanity saver In these times! This has sparked up some new flares of creativity for me!

I love this! There is absolutely no reason to look like we'll be hibernating during this Quarantine season! First of all, we are living just as active lifestyles sans physical travel. I have a timeline filled with Spring 2020 inspiration. I mean Fall 2020, we did just have fashion week not to long ago. All of this ample time gives us plenty of time for Self Care, which naturally gives way to all types of preening.With the use of Social Media as our most prominent way of interacting, I am absolutely here for it....not like I'd be anywhere else.... Read more


I’ve been styling clothes from 1980’s - 2000’s that have been hiding in my closet. Some items were still pretty fashionable while others left me wondering what I was thinking when I purchased them. Overall, I’m loving the experience of mixing some of the pieces into my current wardrobe.


While being in isolation is something I haven't assimilated to quite yet, I have been taking more time to focus on myself and just setting goals that I want to achieve before the year ends. You never fully realize how fast life goes by when you're always out and about. One way that I keep my days fun is by dressing up as if I were going out, and taking photos around my house, it's a great way to get instagram pictures as well!!


I don't think I have to go out because of Corona these days.Maybe that's why I can't go shopping.I don't even know what's going on these days.I heard classic blue is in fashion.I think I'm getting to know the latest trend through programs these days.Looking at the message that we're having a party at home, I feel a little excited.But wouldn't it be a good idea to pay attention to important points?