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June 2, 2020

Curious about French Skincare? Get Started with These 5 Bioderma Cult Favorites

Sensitive much? French pharmacy cult brand Bioderma can soothe what ails you.


After a few years of rebelling against my Euro skincare roots and going full K-beauty, my late 30s and their hormonal upheavals brought me back to the pharmacy skincare aisles. Now in my 40s, I have learned to appreciate a mix of Asian beauty and European pharmacy gems, with a few exciting organic and niche brands thrown in for fun and quirky novelty.


One French pharmacy brand in particular has been a constant staple in my routine for many years now. Officially launched in 1992, though founded much earlier in 1977 by French biologist and pharmacist Jean-Noël Thorel, Bioderma is a relatively young French beauty brand compared to the more historical pharmacy giants Avène or La Roche-Posay. It is also one of the few French pharmacy brands not named after a spa town and thus does not rely on thermal spring water as the main ingredient for their products.



Instead, Bioderma focuses on understanding and researching the functions of skin as a basis for formulating their products, with a team of dermatologists and researchers constantly developing new ingredient patents. Ever wondered who invented that now ubiquitous micellar cleansing technology? In 1991, Bioderma researchers developed the revolutionary method to create a cleansing water that is gentle yet still effectively removes both dirt and makeup thanks to its magnet-like ability to pull impurities from the skin.



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Hollywood celebrities and makeup artists have been raving about the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water for decades, and it used to be the number one souvenir to bring back from Paris before online shopping luckily made it a lot easier to stock up.


Apart from the Sensibio line developed for very sensitive skin types prone to redness, Bioderma offers a variety of other lines, such as their Nodé hair and scalp care products. The Atoderm and Cicabio lines are great for people with dry to very dry skin prone to flaking, while the Sébium products are for us oily skin folks who also have to deal with sensitivities on top of breakouts.


My personal favorite is probably the Bioderma Hydrabio range, which is formulated with dehydrated, sensitive skin types in mind. I also have a soft spot for the Bioderma Photoderm sunscreens, which work great for my sun allergy plagued skin. Unfortunately, Photoderm products are hard to get outside of the EU due to different regulations around sunscreen filters.


Now, it wasn’t easy to pick my faves from Bioderma, since I honestly love so many of their products. But just to get you started with this gentle clinical derma brand, here are five top picks that I feel are great starter products for anyone curious about French pharmacy skincare.



1. Sensibio H2O


This micellar water is the OG of all micellar cleansers and cleansing waters. Countless makeup artists, celebrities and pretty much all of France swear by this fragrance-free, super gentle makeup removing solution. Very often, micellar waters use harsh surfactants that require an extra rinse with water after use, but Bioderma Sensibio H2O uses skin-friendly surfactants that do not need a rinse-off.


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Get UNready in 5 easy steps with our Digital & PR Director, Tanya! 🧖 This week's #TeamTips unwinds and looks at a night-time routine tailor-made for sensitive skin. Simple and comforting, our Sensibio collection keeps things minimal with unscented, soothing formulas. 1. Start with a first cleanse, gently removing makeup with Sensibio H2O Micellar Water on a reusable cotton pad. (And make sure not to forget the neck!) 2. Double cleanse the skin with the non-stripping Sensibio Foaming Gel. Rinse off and pat dry to preserve hydration and avoid aggravating the skin. 3. Wipe Sensibio Tonic Lotion across the face to quickly soothe and rehydrate. There should be no residue leftover. 4. Moisturize with Sensibio Light, pressing the product into the skin with the warmth of your palms. 5. Finish by dabbing a small amount of Sensibio Soothing Eye Contour Gel with your ring fingers around the under eyes and brow bone. And there you have it! Skin should feel instantly calmed and refreshed 😊💕 * * * 🎶 Song: Upbeat Party 🎵 Artist: Scott Holmes

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To me, this is still the best makeup remover I know. It wipes off heavy eye makeup, foundation, and sunscreen, all without any irritation. This is also the only micellar water that doesn’t make my eyes sting after use. No matter how many makeup removers I’ve tried over the years, I always end up going back to my trusty Sensibio H2O.



2. Hydrabio Tonic Lotion


When I tried the Hydrabio Tonic Lotion for the first time, I wasn’t sure if it would offer enough hydration for my skin. I am so used to thick, viscous Asian toners by now that watery toning lotions from a European brand tend to make me suspicious that they will just be one drying, irritating mess.


But on the contrary, this toner is fantastic for my thirsty skin, gentle and noticeably softening. The Hydrabio Tonique reminds me a bit of the COSRX Hydrium Watery Toner, but seems even more hydrating, ideal for warmer and more humid weather, when stickier textures feel cloying on the skin.


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Čistiace Hydrabio tonikum od @biodermaslovakia ♥️ Tonikum/toner je vec, ktorá neodmysliteľne patrí do mojej starostlivosti o pleť už niekoľko rokov. Je to veľmi dôležitý krok z hľadiska správneho dočistenia pleti 🙏🏼 Po odlíčení by malo nasledovať práve dočistenie tonerom až do úplne čistého odličovacieho tampónu, aby na pleti neostala ani smietka make-upu alebo prípadných nečistôt… Prečo je toner lepší ako micelárka? Keď opomeniem fakt, že micelárka je čistý saponát, treba ju z pleti umyť… Treba jej použiť veľa – ruku na srdce – koľkokrát do roka kupujete micelárky? Každý mesiac-dva? Toneru po odlíčení stačí málinko, väčšinou mi 400ml balenie vydrží rok 😁🙏🏼 Toto tonikum konkrétne od Biodermy je určené pre suchú a citlivú pleť, pleť krásne rozjasní a dočistí, dodá jej potrebný príjemný a vyhladený efekt 🖤 Ja tonikum používam aj ráno pred nanesením séra alebo krému – by ste neverili, koľko doslova bordelu sa na pleť nalepí z večera do rána 😱 Zloženie fajnotka – ani žiadny alkohol 👌🏻 . A akú doplnkovú starostlivosť používaš Ty? 👇🏻💬🖤 #recenze #recenzia #starostlivost #starostlivostoplet #péče #peceoplet #bioderma #biodermahydrabio #biodermahydrabiotonique #cisteniepleti #cistenipleti #blogerka #blogerkyczsk #blogerkycz #blogerkysk #beautyblogerkycz #beautyblogerkyczsk #miniblog #miniblogger 📸 @b_b_w_k

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3. Hydrabio Serum


If I had to pick only one favorite from Bioderma, it would be the Hydrabio Serum. This is such a wonderful choice for sensitive skin that needs intense hydration but not too much richness. My dehydrated combo skin can get overwhelmed by nourishing serums with a high oil content, yet it still needs just a little bit more than watery serums often can provide.


The Hydrabio Serum is a true forever favorite of mine — a silky gel with a slightly milky tint that feels delectably soft on the skin. Apart from all sorts of awesome humectants such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and sugar molecules that plump up tired-looking skin, this also contains niacinamide LINK, known to soothe inflamed skin and help minimize the appearance of large pores. I am about to dip into my second bottle of this serum and expect to continue our love affair for many years to come.




4. Sébium Mat Control


If you have oily and blemish-prone skin, the Sébium product range with Bioderma’s patented Fluidactiv™ complex is for you. The Sébium Mat Control moisturizer was formulated specifically to regulate and decrease sebum levels as well as help minimize shine, giving skin a more mattified, balanced look overall. This contains salicylic acid and zinc, known to combat breakouts caused by bacteria, plus a range of antioxidants that counteract the damaging effect of free radicals on the skin.


The texture of Sébium Mat Control is fluid-like, with zero oiliness or heaviness, perfect if you cannot handle richer creams. Apart from working great for anyone dealing with adult acne, it is also a wonderful moisturizer for teenagers who are building their first skincare routine and just need a simple, effective moisturizer. Choose the Hydrabio Gel Cream if you need a tad more hydration!



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Хочешь идеальную кожу без прыщей и жирного блеска? Тогда тебе поможет #biodermasebiumglobal intensive purifying care – это уникальное средство, которое устраняет причины развития воспалительных элементов и акне за счет нормализации состава кожного сала. В формулу интенсивного оздоравливающего ухода Биодерма Себиум Глобал входит запатентованный комплекс Fluidactiv нового поколения, который содержит мощнейший антибактериальный и противовоспалительный препарат – Bakuchiol. Благодаря его действию нормализуется количество и качество себума, что предотвращает появление прыщиков, гнойничков и угрей. А против жирного блеска #biodermasebiummatcontrol Абсорбирует излишки кожного сала, обеспечивая длительный матирующий эффект (7 часов). Также эффект «жирного блеска» нивелируется за счёт содержания светорассеивающих компонентов. Содержит себорегулирующий комплекс Флюидактив®. Увлажняет кожу, нормализует процессы клеточного обновления. Обеспечивает профилактику появления воспалительных элементов. Быстро впитывается, легко наносится, не отслаивается, является хорошей основой под макияж. Не способствует появлению комедонов. В наличии✅✅✅ Только оригинальная 💯 продукция #косметикаталас#профкосметикаталас#оригинальнаякосметикаталас#биодерматалас #ребятaработают

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People with enlarged pores and a tendency towards blackheads might also consider pairing Mat Control with the Sébium Pore Refiner Cream for an extra effective oily skin care duo.


5. Atoderm Cleansing Shower Oil


I just emptied a massive bottle of this baby and loved every drop of it. The Atoderm Cleansing Shower Oil is ultra gentle and deeply moisturizing, thanks to gentle surfactants and plenty of hydrating ingredients. Unlike many other shower oils I’ve tried in my quest to combat my underarm keratosis pilaris, the Atoderm shower oil does not leave a greasy residue at all, and it lathers like a dream.



This does have a light scent, as do most Bioderma products, but I do not find it cloying or uncomfortable. The shower oil is moisturizing enough that, if you have normal skin, you may be able to skip your body lotion once in a while, though the Atoderm Intensive Balm works extremely well in combination with the shower oil if you are suffering from dry, flaky skin. The Atoderm balm is ultra nourishing, but still feels light on the skin. I love this combo in winter when my normal skin can get extra needy — it just feels like a warm emollient hug!


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Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

Sensibio H20 is definitely a cult favorite! The shower oil looks very interesting and I can't wait to try, as I really appreciate full-body skincare!


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

Bioderma is such a good brand! Used their cleansing water first and have been a fan ever since!


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

I love the idea of a pharmaceutical, yet sensitive skin line that works for both dry AND oily skin! I'm looking forward to hearing what my clients think of this wonderful french skincare line!


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

what an incredibly informative review of the ever so notorious Bioderma brand! talk about something that caters to all skin types—I adore when brands have inclusivity. now, this is the first time I’m hearing of a lathering showering oil and I am inclined to try!


A very informing article that shared everything you need to know about Bioderma. Love it already! Very much enjoyed the Instagram tutorial. I'd really appreciate a separate article going into depth about the differences between European and Korean skincare though. I got bits and pieces but I'd love to learn more :)


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

I love the Sensibio line! Its perfect for sensitive skin types prone to redness. I've had it in my makeup kit for years, its a must have.


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

Love learning more about this brand and it’s cult following. So great that is affordable for consumers. I am excited for our live demo on 6/26/20. Follow me @zefyrouswellness for the link on Instagram


The AtoDerm s one of my favorite Bioderma lines. The micellar water is also top notch.


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

Hey pretty lady! This week's Live Demo at 11 a.m. PST is with Bioderma. I'll send you a registration link through our message page, too, but I posted it here to make it easy for you to find. There's usually a coupon code offered at the end of the presentation (which lasts about 40 minutes or so) and sometimes there are freebies for attendees. Take care!


Verified experts are beauty professionals who receive free products for independent reviews without receiving payment.

Love Sensibio H2O Solution, it really is a personal favorite in my make up kit! Takes off all the dirt and smooths out the skin making and looks and feels fresh before makeup and after. Client fav!


Gotta love their Sensibio H20 solution! I am also a fan of their Sensibio Foaming Gel because its super gentle and it cleanses my face without drying it out. I can't wait to get my hands on the Atoderm Cleansing shower oil!