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NOW READING The Founder Of Korea’s #1 DermoCare Solutions Brand Sits Down With Beautytap
June 18, 2020

The Founder Of Korea’s #1 DermoCare Solutions Brand Sits Down With Beautytap

The meaning of the word Oracle celebrates a higher power revealing hidden knowledge and wise decisions to those seeking answers. How apropos, given the majority of us are seeking answers to the life-long question… how do we attain healthy, vibrant, luminous skin?


Beautytap brings you directly to the source of knowledge via our exclusive interview with Dr. Roh Young-Wo, one of the world’s top dermatologists and creator of Korea’s #1 skincare solutions brand, Dr. Oracle. 



Dr. Oracle CEO and famous Asia actors and actresses take picture
Dr. Oracle CEO and famous Asia actors and actresses create partnership



Dr. Young-Wo reveals his secrets to success and shares his coveted solutions to all of our skin care needs, utilizing some of the most popular and beloved products Dr. Oracle has to offer. 



Q. Dr, Young-Wo, thank you for speaking with Beautytap today. Let’s start at the beginning. You first opened your practice in Korea and it very quickly blossomed into the Dr. Oracle product line that is now sold and sought after all over the world. What do you attribute to the success of the brand? 


Based on my accumulated achievements in dermatology, I thought it would be helpful to create a line that treats and solves all types of skin problems for customers. We’ve developed our products by constantly researching and searching for what really works for all skin types. We have also made efforts to actively promote this to both domestic and overseas markets. As a result, Dr. Oracle currently has 80 branches in total around the world. We have 40 branches in Korea, 30 branches in China and 10 other overseas locations. We plan to continue to expand.





Q. It’s quite profound that Dr. Oracle collaborates with a team of over 40 professional dermatologists and aestheticians to seek the answers that will help create the best ‘dermocare solution’ products. All of that combined knowledge is invaluable. How has this collaboration been one of the keys to creating Korea’s #1 dermatological medical cosmetic and one of the biggest global brands? 


Oracle exchanges information through seminars with dermatologists and has its own cosmetics researchers to develop and supplement products. The total number of SKU’s is about 110. We continue to test and develop our products through clinical trials, not only in dermatology, but also in specialized institutions. 



Q. I understand there has been a new breakthrough in skin classifications and some revolutionary new products that we will learn about through these collaborations.


Yes, we developed our DOS-PAW program to categorize the skin. It is a system that identifies your skin type along with the products that are best for your skin. The skin is classified as follows:


D (Dry) is a moisture indicator that measures how much moisture is in the skin.


O (Oil) is an oil indicator that measures the level of oiliness in the skin.


S (Sensitive) is a sensitivity indicator that measures how sensitive skin is to external stimuli. 


P (Pigment) is a pigmentation indicator that measures skin pigmentation.


A (Acne) is an acne indicator that measures skin trouble.


W (Wrinkle) is a wrinkle indicator that measures how many wrinkles are on the skin.


As far as new products, the Terpina C line is antibacterial and has been developed for acne skin. After identifying the ingredients that are effective in relieving acne with the product planning team, we proceeded with product development. (We also have our current AntiBac line in the collection that helps troubled skin as well). Our new Retinotightening line is an anti-wrinkle collection containing ingredients that are more effective than Retinol. And, the Ceramabarrier line contains lipids to help deeply moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier. All of our products have passed the hypoallergenic tests and are suitable for customers of various skin types. 



Q. I have very sensitive skin, which is a common issue. Can you elaborate on your 21stay products?


The 21st STAY line is a hypoallergenic pure-care line centered around Celtic Water which is a UNESCO certified ‘pure water.’ This water deeply hydrates the skin from within and is excellent for sensitive skin. This line also features our ‘Lock & Fore complex’ (contains green tea extract, sage extract and grape seed oil) which helps to control oil and keep pores clean. It also contains Maca Peptide, a powerful herb native to the high Andes of Peru. It’s referred to as the ‘Peruvian Ginseng’ – the rulers of the Incan Empire consumed maca to maintain eternal youth. 



Q. Please tell us about the A-thera Peeling Stick given it has won awards and gets so much press.


Our A-thera Lines Peeling Stick is one of our hero products and won the prestigious 2019 ASOS Beauty Awards. In addition to Korea, this is also a very popular product both in the US and the UK. It’s a pretreated cotton swab that contains tea tree oil and other extracts to effectively remove black/white heads and helps control oil and sebum.



Q. Do you have a line of products specifically for men? Men like me are now spending more time than ever caring for our own skin.


We haven’t released a separate product line for men yet. This is because I think it’s more important to choose a product that fits your skin type rather than a product based on gender. Men’s skin is susceptible to acne due to lack of moisture and irritation from daily shaving. Therefore, for men we recommend our Antibac line or the Turpin Arc line which are suitable for oily/acne skin, or the 21 stay line for sensitive skin. 



Q. So many people, especially in today’s world, want to bring their skin care regime home. What are the Dr. Oracle essentials for an effective, at home K-Beauty regime? 


Clean, clear skin that has a natural appearance are the essentials of ‘K-beauty.’ Meanwhile, ’self-care’ is very popular due to social and environmental factors. And, we are focusing even further on self-care at home with our recently released LED mask. Our LED mask uses five effective wavelengths approved by the FDA and is designed to help promote skin regeneration on the face, neck and head. These five wavelengths address acne/pores, collagen production, pigmentation, inflammation, wrinkles, and even pain management. It’s very comfortable and lightweight and easy to wear regardless of the size of your face. 



Q. There is one other mask we want to ask you about because it sounds like one of the most luxurious ways to care for your skin. Is it true that the Dr. Oracle Dermasys Diamond V mask 5p is soaked in real Diamond powder? 


Yes, the diamond mask contains real diamond powder! 



Q. What are the main benefits of applying diamond powder to the skin?


Diamonds have been used as a beauty ingredient since ancient times. The diamond powder in our mask imparts moisture to the skin, helps improve skin tone and makes the skin glow from every angle. 





Q. Are there Dr. Oracle products that contain natural enzymes? 


Our RadicalClear Enzyme Powder Wash contains bromine and papine, vegetable enzyme components that gently and effectively rid the skin of dead skin cells. It’s a mild cleanser that deeply cleans the skin but is still very mild and gentle. 



Q. What are some of the most common issues people come to you with and when can I book an appointment? 


The most common issues are anti-aging, a reduction in the pore size,  improving overall skin tone and texture, and addressing acne. Please come and get the treatments when you have time!!! (Laughs). 






Loved this article and the fact that Beautytap was able to interview the #world's top dermatologist, so amazing!! The DOS-PAW program to categorize the skin is genius! What a great system to identify the best products for your skin.
P.S. I will definitely be trying the Peeling Stick!!


My favorite are the A-Thera peeling sticks. Keeps my skin exfoliated and clear. I like the fact that they are sealed, so you’re getting a fresh dose of the solution, and you leave it on over night! Just remember to wash off in the morning, and use a sunscreen of an SPF of 50.


What a fantastic introduction to this brand! My curiosity is absolutely peaked and I cannot wait to learn more! I am so happy that this brand creates hypoallergenic products. As a consultant and makeup artist, allergies are always forefront on my mind. So having products that I can trust is invaluable.


This interview recap was amazing! I like how founder, Dr. Young-Wo, mentions the great deal of research that is involved when formulating their skincare products. This is good to hear because you know that there are thorough design and development processes put in place when formulating their skincare solutions. The Diamond V Mask 5p is super cool. The fact that the mask is actually soaked in real diamond powder is incredible!


I really like the DOS-PAW system for skin classification. Looking forward to learning more about this, and following the brand's new products.


I Love the knowledge behind this brand.


I love when science meets skincare! It's important to know why the products we love work! I am loving the A-thera line for those that struggle with balancing their skin.


This brand got me curious about it. :)


so excited to learn more about this awesome K beauty brand! excited to recommend this to clients!


So excited for this live demo with the Dr. Oracle brand. Seems like there will be some great product knowledge here.