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NOW READING Uber Zealous K-Pop Stans Hijack #WhiteLivesMatter
June 6, 2020

Uber Zealous K-Pop Stans Hijack #WhiteLivesMatter

Millions of K-pop fans not only have the power to make a beauty brand trend on social media, but they have the power to drown out the voices of their enemies.


K-Pop fans joined the fight for #BlackLivesMatter with their powerful army of millions of foot soldiers. With a die-hard fan base of 90 million social media savvy users, they took over the hashtag of #whitelivesmatter, drowning out white-supremacist messages with nonsensical or anti-racists posts.


In response to the killing of George Floyd, which sparked protests across the country, K-pop fans used their social media skills and power in numbers for their cause.



Photo by Thomas Maresca/UPI


Stans of acts like BTS, Blackpink, and Twice  among others, flooded #WhiteLivesMatter and other right-wing and pro-police hashtags like #MAGA and #BlueLivesMatter with performance montage videos of their favorite groups (known in the K-pop community as “fan-cams”).



While some of the posts were met with anger and hostility from people who didn’t get the intent, far more people signaled their approval. For a short period, the posts completely buried almost all of the actual racist messages using the hashtag.



K-Pop fans are known to be one of the most fervent and passionate fans compared to all other genres. These fans are the ones that helped propel the music video of BTS’ 2017 hit song “DNA” to top 1 billion YouTube views, becoming the band’s first music video to surpass that milestone. The rage is real and these fans have the power to propagate or deaden any given hashtag.









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Great allyship! #Blacklivesmatter

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Verified Expert

Okay, so I totally agree with the protesting, and why they are doing it, however this fighting back against the peaceful protesters with violence and hostility and calling that protesting is not okay. It is just creating a war and making people turn against each other. So when it comes to people who are well known around the world, it's amazing to see them supporting such an amazing movement in the right way.


Verified Expert

I used to be a K-Pop fan back in 2008 before it was popular in the US. It's great to see that current fandoms are using their strength in numbers for good. I have never been more proud of the K-Pop stan community until now! BLACK LIVES MATTER.


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I’m highly enthusiastic that love, light, & support is being shared throughout the world, peacefully marching for Justice for my Beautiful African American Kings & Queens. We must stand in our power, remaining graceful, speak up, & remain poise as my Freedom Brothers Ghandi & Martin Luther King Jr. showed us a time long before 2020. We will hold our heads high, shoulders back, marching confidently to justice, on a road to freedom! There’s strength in numbers & I will continue to be myself, shine my light, positivity, & share genuine support on BeautyTap, for my brothers and sisters, all... Read more


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As a K-pop stan and a supporter of Black Lives Matter, waking up to this was delightful. K-pop has a history of antiblackness that should be acknowledged and the fight for equality and justice must continue on.


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I love this! Social media can be such a powerful place and K-pop stans used their power for good by silencing white supremacists. K-pop unites us all in such a positive way!


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These K-Pop stans have done such a wonderful thing with their platforms power. I know for a fact that people who may have never tried to get into K-Pop before are definitely making an effort now.


Verified Expert

LOVE this!!!


Verified Expert

Love, love, LOVE this! My daughters and my niece and apart of this ARMY. I am proud Mother as I love their passion for their culture and the music that Korea has brought to the world. #blacklivesmatter and KPOP is taking over with the stance. Amazing!!