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July 20, 2020

Are You Missing Beauty Samples And Testers? Introducing The Game-Changing Offering You’ve Needed All Your Life

For most people, shopping is a hands-on, “touchy feely” experience. As humans, we crave the tactile sensation of experiencing products first-hand and loathe the notion of buying blind. Sampling has always fulfilled our need to smell cleansers and creams to ensure we’re not taking home something off-putting, medicinal-smelling or straight-up offensive.


On-site sampling is often the difference between making an informed decision and being disappointed after spending your hard-earned cash.


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During pre-COVID-19 – shoppers flocked to department stores and beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta to swatch eye shadow and lipstick and have beauty advisors create customized samples for them to take home and try at their leisure, but that’s all changed now.


On-Site Shopping Offered Guidance and Personalized Recommendations


When we’re not repurchasing old favorites or seeking recommendations from family or friends, we rely on testers and samples. Physical retail shopping has always provided a better experience than going it alone online. Well-groomed professionals greeted us with smiles and offered insightful suggestions based on our needs and means. Questions were encouraged and tips were provided, so that we could replicate our in-store results at home without an instruction manual or DVD.


Samples also made shopping more effective. Consultations were personalized to include not just skin type or skin concern, but also lifestyle habits and long-term goals. As much as anything, beauty professionals rescued us from mountains of research and endless product failures. And, their efforts and attention brought us back time and time again.


Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert, Jamie Greenberg


Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert, Jamie Greenberg says, “Samples are great. If you get a sample and fall in love with the product, you will go online and purchase it ASAP. If you don’t like it, no harm no foul, and you won’t end up returning a half-used product.”


Sadly, as we shared earlier in an article about the changes in cosmetic shopping practices in the wake of COVID-19, traditional sample sources have dried up, and customers are left to make choices without the tools they’ve come to rely upon. In Sephora, for example, testers are off limits, swatching can only be done on printed face charts, and future samples will be restricted to “commercially prepackaged samples” instead of being custom made to order.


The Trouble With Most Online Sampling Programs And Beauty Box Subscriptions


Retailers have done little to aid those brave shoppers who venture into the marketplace unaccompanied. Amazon offers a sampling program, but customers reportedly have no input on the products they receive. Amazon’s samples are not curated by beauty professionals. In fact, the samples themselves are simply haphazard offerings from popular brands that can be found on most drugstore shelves. And, these items may prove worthless given the customer has no say in selecting them in the first place at this time. 


amazon unwanted boxes
Amazon offers a sampling program, but customers reportedly have no input on the products they receive


Beauty boxes aren’t a slam-dunk, even those that claim to personalize items based on a customer’s profile and preferences. Most people who subscribe to monthly or quarterly beauty boxes aren’t always looking to fall in love with a product. Rather, Greenberg explains, “They just love getting something new every month.” Many people don’t equate beauty boxes with the type of sampling they do in-store. For the most part, “they wait each month for more products and don’t necessarily buy new ones.” That said, Greenberg emphasizes one thing that she and many beauty buyers have in common whether sampling in-store or via online or beauty box subscriptions: “If I sample something I love, I will buy.”


How Beautytap’s Sampling Program Is Reshaping The Online Experience And Putting Customer Needs First


With in-person sampling off the table for the foreseeable future, and most online sampling alternatives dismal at best, Beautytap’s founder, James Sun has created an innovative, customized offering for people to get the expert guidance and the samples/testers they desire in the safest way possible via the Beautytap Sampling Program. Potential customers can work one-on-one with one of the company’s skilled Beauty Advisors (vetted skin care and makeup professionals) to select beauty products that meet their specific needs or they can curate their own samples. “Our dedicated advisors communicate one-on-one with customers to provide advice, support and help whittle down the choices, so customers won’t feel overwhelmed, and this brings the intimacy of the department store / beauty counter experience right into your home,” says Sun. And, it gets even better!…


beautytap samples curation free
Choose up to 3 customized samples for only $5 and get $5 credit for future purchases


Customers only pay $5 for shipping and can select three samples –that amount is even applied toward a future full-size purchase, making the process virtually cost-free. Beauty professionals like Greenberg agree that providing samples helps nurture the customer-advisor relationship. “It’s kind of like bringing an extra dessert for a friend when meeting for lunch. They feel special, and you feel connected. It’s a win-win friendship!” 

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We're very fortunate, Sarah. There are brands on Beautytap that I've always wanted to try, too, and now I'm finally getting my chance.


Thank you Tracy! Just started! We have many choices!


I love this program. Good information for our friends and clients. It’s time to bring “ Beauty counter experience right in your home! ”
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Don't forget to try it yourself, Tanya. I've found many new favorites in the last 30 days.


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I'm so glad you found it helpful, Sabrina! That's always my goal. Beautytap really is leading the way and changing the beauty-buying experience.


It's such a gamble when you buy a random product that promises you certain results but may not work out at all! That's why I love how Beautytap has redefined online sampling packages! I'm thrilled to introduce this valuable program to my clients!


Being able to pick samples without having to make a single purchase is genius. I've ordered multiple sample sets already and appreciate getting the $5 back from the purchase toward a full-size product.


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I am so excited for this program! I might've read this article twice...With all the changes going on in the world right now, this will bring comfort to those who understand pampering and taking care of yourself is really important. No matter who you are, a mini spa treatment on your face/skin ALWAYS brings happiness, and self love to the forefront. What are you waiting for? Start sampling!!


You're funny, Jody! COVID-19 may have changed the way we shop, but Beautytap's sample program puts the consumer's needs front and center. I don't know of any other company putting this kind of effort into making the experience engaging, unique, and personal. Hands down, the most amazing thing I've ever encountered in the world of beauty.


Most places no longer have testers due to hygiene concerns in physical stores, so I'm so glad we have our samples delivered right to the customer's door! It is great to try before you buy.


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