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NOW READING Beauty For All: Beauty Advisors Share Thoughts on BLM
July 27, 2020

Beauty For All: Beauty Advisors Share Thoughts on BLM

Beautytap stands for Beauty For All. We foster equity and inclusivity and honor multicultural diversity with our inspiring community, customers, team members, and the world.


Our innate aspiration for beauty has united us since the beginning of humankind. And, as a global company with its DNA rooted in this powerful force, Beautytap is committed to building a business with compassion and responsibility to all individuals, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, socioeconomic status, or who we choose to share our hearts with.



Black Lives Matter & Diversity Awareness in the Beauty Industry – Part 1




We are a community dedicated to intrinsic values of acceptance, equality and kindness and vehemently disavow racism, discrimination, bias, and inequality. We believe in continuous education and enlightenment from our customers, employees and brand partners and are committed to creating a culture of respect and creativity.



Black Lives Matter & Diversity Awareness in the Beauty Industry – Part 2




Beauty is what binds all of us. This unified spirit is what’s core to our brand and what guides us forward. Beauty is what moves us, as do the inspiring words of our community we are deeply honored to share here. Thank you for opening your hearts. We are grateful to be on this journey together.



Black Lives Matter & Diversity Awareness in the Beauty Industry – Part 3




Individual Quotes and Expressions from Beauty Advisors





















































































This was such a powerful video with incredible messages. Beautytap truly encourages diversity and inclusiveness in the beauty industry!

I am so proud to work for a company that is so diverse and can take a stand to be on the right side of history.

This is so important to the Beautytap community and me. This is just one of many examples of what makes Beautytap different from other websites where people can shop for skincare and makeup products. Our CEO James Sun is genuinely passionate about multicultural beauty. It's not a party line we use, it's a belief we share and cultivate daily by educating each other and new members, with the goal of spreading the message that if you care about what is in the products you put on your body, whether you want vegan, organic, pure clean beauty, we have it... Read more

This is beautiful. Everything this company represents is so beautifully displayed right here. Thank you, BeautyTap, for being who you are as a respectable, culturally united company.

This is super touching and I love seeing the Beautytap community getting together to do such a bold project. This will inspire others!


We love to see it. ✊🏻 It's so amazing to see this project come to life.

Thank you, Beautytap! I was so pleased when James asked us to be a part of this project and honestly moved to tears when I saw it. It's such a important topic. Love first, love always!!


Stand up for justice! Precious are those that love G-d! Those who keep his covenant! You cannot judge someone by their color. You are judged by the color of your heart,as is everyone else. The Christ Yeshua was dark...what would they have treated him like? Beautiful is keeping G-ds covenant with all of your heart. If people don't understand that,then they do not know what beautiful means yet. Don't listen to who you think you are...Listen to what the Father says you are. Shalom

These videos are great! I'm so proud to have been part of them and to work for such an inclusive company. #BLM