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July 1, 2020

BeautytapTV Pilot Show on Youtube

BeautytapTV was a concept that we worked on 2 years ago. It was the idea of launching a web series about beauty trends, rituals, and products from all over the world. We began our adventure starting with Korean Beauty or better known as K-Beauty.


Beautytap embarked on a journey to bring a fun editorial experience through video. We love pure editorials and beauty articles, but we also understood that the world was rapidly moving towards video content.


Beautytap’s mission is to promote diversity through multi-cultural beauty, and we wanted to showcase beauty secrets and trends from all over the world. We started with the topic of K-beauty and brought in celebrity guests and media experts on their take on the K-beauty phenomenal in the USA.


We essentially wanted to do this for each respective category including French beauty, Japanese beauty, African beauty, and so much more. We even have famous influencers and makeup artists who give tutorials on K-beauty secrets.



BeautytapTV set with cameras and actors
On set of the shooting of BeautytapTV


This was a long process and we learned how to take written editorials and bring it to life in a video format. We learned so much trials, tribulations, and mistakes while creating this 8 episode pilot season. If our audience gives us positive feedback and enjoys the content,  we will embark on producing more video series.


Here’s a look at the promo video on our Youtube channel. If you like this, please subscribe to our Beautytap video channel where we will post more episodes.










Verified Expert

Looking forward to tapping in to see it!


Verified Expert

Nice! I will be following this one


Verified Expert

Whaaat!? I would LOVE to work on that set


Verified Expert

I'm so excited that the awesome editorials and information from Beautytap will be accessible through another medium with these videos!


Verified Expert

love this! going to go subscribe now! reading is fundamental, lol, but to bring the editorials to life in screen is going to be so much more informative--for me anyway as i am a visual learner


Verified Expert

I saw this on YouTube and I absolutely love it! It's always interesting to see other skincare experts and makeup artists take on beauty ❤️


Verified Expert

I would LOVE to see this more of this on YouTube and an actual series start back up! It would give others who are skeptical. I have come across some people in my short amount of time being a beauty Advisor for beauty tap who have questioned me if this company is a scam? Immediately I felt offended as I love this company. Having YouTube to use as a platform to showcase the talent of beauty tap, the products, and, the advisors would be awesome! Especially to hush those who are coming up with these absurd assumptions .

bellarose, appreciate this feedback. I think you can tell those customers that it takes one of the highest and best reputations to do a partnership with Bloomingdales, and we have done this which should answer any questions about our status as a prestige beauty company. I think the nature of startups is that we have only been around for 3 years, so people sometimes question things.


Verified Expert

So excited to watch and hear about all the wonderful things happening within the K-beauty industry!

Super excited about this!


Verified Expert

Love this idea! So excited to share the great content!