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August 7, 2020

Before And After Samples Campaign

As beauty professionals and consumers, we truly miss the good old days of beauty retail therapy where the shopping experience consisted of trying so many fun products. In this Covid-19 world, samples and testers are long gone, but here comes Beautytap to the rescue!






If you are a consumer and want free samples, please request a Beauty Advisor who can conduct a digital consultation with you,  customize the perfect sample products, and even send  those to you for free. 


If you are the type who likes to shop alone, here is the link to all of our available samples. And you will always get the $5 credit in your Rewards section that can be used for any future purchases. 



Watch this new video on how Beautytap works with Beauty Advisors and Samples. Share this with your friends, clients, and other beauty professionals!





Share your thoughts on the Beautytap Sampling Program. What are your favorite samples? Please comment  below.









Verified Expert

Absolutely love how informative this video is for new clients! I have already ordered several samples for clients and myself! The process was so easy however I will say the first shipment came directly to my house instead of my clients but that was the only hiccup. After that all the other samples I ordered for clients went directly to them.


Verified Expert

Professional and informative presentation! Shopping Fun is continue because of
this amazing Beautytap sample program. I want to order samples from AZN and
Sekkisei. And more...
Great to know about this program.


Verified Expert

I am so excited to see the potential that this sample program is going to do for the beauty industry. This company is recognizing a problem and solving it which I think is going to make a great impact in the future.


Verified Expert

Thanks for creating this short video. It's an invaluable resource and perfect introduction to people who are unfamiliar with Beautytap, the Advisor Program, and especially the game-changing sample program. It's amazing how much can be conveyed in under two minutes.


Verified Expert

Wonderful video! So happy Beautytap is now offering this great sample program!


Verified Expert

Beautytap to the rescue!! This is a fantastic informative video for the sample program! I love that the program allows you to choose the products you want and are interested in, instead of a company giving you samples you don't want (btw that always irritated me!) Instead of feeling depressed or disappointed like the video said, ever since I've been a BA, I've felt excited and happy!! :)


Verified Expert

This video is a great promotional for the sample program. I have had great sample reviews for a few products, including Sekkisei and Whamisa- two of my personal favorite brands!


Verified Expert

This is so awesome! Great informative video for anyone who has questions about the sample program!


Verified Expert

Awesome sample video! I love the idea of this program. Great way to see a problem and fix it to benefit those who are dealing with this tough time!


Verified Expert

Love this! I know I am an indecisive and picky shopper, myself! After sampling, I can feel confident about my purchase. I understand how it can be difficult to navigate the world of skincare and I'm happy to help others find what they need. Message me any time!