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NOW READING Attention All Face Mask Wearers: Here’s How to Make Your Eyes POP
August 24, 2020

Attention All Face Mask Wearers: Here’s How to Make Your Eyes POP

Sure, you may be wearing a mask that covers half of your face due to Covid-19, but that just means it’s time to make a memorable statement with your eye makeup. 


Now, more than ever, our eyes are the main attraction. And, whether you’re the type of person who likes to wear colorful eyeshadows and liners or you’re prone to more neutral hues — there are plenty of ways to make your eyes do the talking, now that our pretty puckers are hidden behind a mask.


Beautytap caught up with Lauren D’Amelio, makeup artist and founder of D’Amelio Cosmetics for her ultra user-friendly, coveted tips and tricks certain to elevate your eye makeup game.


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D’Amelio created this stunning makeup look on a bride in Malibu. She shares the makeup products that she used in her Instagram caption here


“The key to making the eyes stand out is to understand your eye shape and what colors will complement your eye color,” says D’Amelio. “Shimmers and a dose of color will also bring attention to your eyes.”


If you’re looking for simple ways to use the trendy pastels that are so popular this season (peach, lilac, soft yellow, and light blue, to name a few), D’Amelio suggests “creating a beautiful monochromatic look using just one color across the lid.” She also loves a simple shimmer alongside a bronze.


If you decide to experiment with a few colors, make sure you take a brush and blend the colors by very lightly swiping across the lid. “Unblended or overdone makeup can be distracting and will actually bring more attention to the poorly executed shadow, than to the beauty of the eye itself,” explains D’Amelio.


Another simple way to make the eyes pop that works for all eye colors and shapes is to apply fuller lashes or a couple of extra coats of mascara and a simple winged liner. The key, according to D’Amelio, is to “keep the eyelid simple and let your liner and lashes speak for themselves.”


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Finally, D’Amelio shares her top picks for the alluring shades that will play up your eyes. She also emphasizes that browns, tans, and nudes work beautifully on everyone, no matter your eye color. If you choose to go this more natural route but want to be just a bit more playful, D’Amelio suggests simply adding a colored eyeliner to further accentuate your eyes.


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Tips for Green Eyes: 


This stunning bride has green eyes and covet-worthy makeup to boot!


If you have stunning green eyes, D’Amelio says she loves “using emerald or hunter green shadows with brown liners to bring even more focus to the natural eye color.” 



Tips for Blue Eyes: 


This fresh look not only has beautiful eye makeup but bright red lipstick!


No matter what shadow you opt for if you’re hoping to really make your blue eyes stand out, according to D’Amelio, the secret is in the liner.


“Copper and bronze-toned eyeliners are beautiful on blue eyes and will really make them pop,” she says.



Tips for Brown Eyes: 


We love the glitzy light shadow at the inner corners!


While D’Amelio is quick to say that brown eyes can really use any liner, she loves experimenting with an off-the-beaten-path choice like purple, green, brown, or gold.




Verified Expert

Love the tips to play up every eye color! I like trying out various shades to see what I prefer. But having an awesome liner and gorgeous lashes really helps tremendously!

I love the tips for brown eyes! Sometimes I do experiment with greens and purples. Great tips for making eyes stand out even while wearing masks.


Verified Expert

Loving these tips for eye color! With green eyes, I also love to play with purple shadows - it really makes my eyes pop and stand out!


Verified Expert

Great tips! Have noticed those colors are the best for my brown eyes and are usually my go to!


Verified Expert

Love love love this article. I have blue eyes and never thought to use anything other than black eyeliner, can’t wait try earthier hues and watch my eyes pop


Verified Expert

Great article. Thanks for sharing. Life is so different right now. Anything to help people look and feel better. ❤️

Very well informed tips and tricks for eye makeup. I appreciate the article.


Verified Expert

I agree now is the time to really make our eyes pop. Some things that I would suggest as well that works for all eyes types is rocking your favorite pair of false eyelashes. Mascara is great if you already have long eyelashes but for me and many others it just doesn't cut it. In addition to wearing colors that compliment your eyes having a good pair of eyelashes elevates any look. I would also encourage people not to be so hell bent on what others say bring out your specific eye color. If you love a particular color but... Read more


Verified Expert

Great read! I always love a good monochromatic look! So agree that understanding your own eye shape and color is key. I personally have small greenish-blue eyes. I love being able to play with copper tones or purples to enhance the color and make them pop. Having fun with colors is what makeup is all about!


Verified Expert

Great article. I would also add if you know the colors of the mask you are wearing, choose contrasting colors to make your eyes pop. If you have a pink mask apply a blue liner or mascara. This is also a great time to play with sparkles; try adding them to the inside corners of the eyes to brighten.