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NOW READING This Wellness Expert Reveals How To Boost Your Health While Working From Home
August 9, 2020

This Wellness Expert Reveals How To Boost Your Health While Working From Home

If the last several months of lockdown has shown us anything, it’s how unprepared we all were for a life of living, working, eating, and surviving in the same space. Now that we have all become more accustomed to this work from home (WFH) lifestyle, wellness expert Martha Soffer of Surya Spa, a renowned Ayurvedic holistic health and wellness center in Los Angeles, has provided us with relevant tips to help us navigate through what will likely be the norm for the unforeseeable future.  


One of the biggest issues of working at home is the lack of activity. No more walks to the water cooler for chit chatting, walking to and from meetings, to your vehicle, or much movement beyond one room of your home to the next. This new lifestyle creates more issues than we previously realized. So, how do we combat this challenge during a time where our once normal activities are no longer an option? One of the first activities Soffer suggests is practicing yoga. 



Martha Soffer of Surya Spa profile picture
Wellness expert Martha Soffer of Surya Spa, a renowned Ayurvedic holistic health and wellness center in Los Angeles.


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 “In the morning you can do the Surya Namaskar (Asana) which brings in the sun and then at night you can do the Moon (Chandra) Namaskar, and these are both just a few movements,” she says. “Doing Yoga moves all of the different muscles and joints that need to be moving.” Soffer also emphasizes trying out different types of activities we haven’t yet explored for a dose of stimulation.


Physical activity is one aspect, but what about our mental health?  The pressures and stresses we are all facing, despite the fact that we have the ability to work from home, can be quite overwhelming. Soffer’s approach to this is a unique perspective that many of us likely overlook.  She says that being at home has allowed us to slow down our “always on the go” lives and she believes that we now have the luxury to “stay present.” Yes, there are challenges to this new way of living, but putting some of the focus on our health by experimenting with new recipes or twists on classic favorites that offer more nutritious substitutions is both creative and beneficial. 





Another effective stress relieving activity she suggests is incorporating meditation. “Spending 10 to 15 minutes each day to recharge and refocus the mind can really help to alleviate the pressures of what life is throwing at you,” she adds.  Free videos and apps are abundant, so there are plenty of ways to find the right fit for you.    


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Soffer likes to recommend the use of her Fasting Culture app which is an Ayurvedic based program designed to give users a complete physical, mental and spiritual guide to a healthier lifestyle. And, while many of us drink coffee as a way to increase our mental focus, Soffer also advises incorporating tea to help relax and calm our senses when life becomes overwhelming. Surya Spa offers a house-blended anxiety tea which you can also make at home (goes along with trying something new!) featuring lavender, jasmine and lemon balm. You can also easily find teas with soothing / stress-relieving ingredients online.


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This change in our daily routines, while a complex and highly nerve-wracking time, can be a blessing to those who embrace it. Find the beauty in activities you may have been curious about in the past such as gardening, experimenting with new recipes or taking an online dance class you felt too timid to attempt in person. We are all learning to be free of our external dependencies and finding time to increase our self-care, no matter which form that takes. There is much we can learn about ourselves if we just work on shifting our mindset to focus on the silver linings.




Verified Expert

I love that this article mentions mental health. While in quarantine it is crucial to make sure you are caring for your mind as well as your body. I mediate and journal for 20 minutes a day which truly helps along with getting exercise. Even if it is for 15 minutes a day it is always good to keep our bodies moving.


Verified Expert

I really appreciate how this article underscored the importance of exercise, even, and especially during lock-down. People underestimate how physically challenging yoga can be as well, because most of us lack the necessary balance component. I can't think of a better skill to hone during these tough times! Plus, yoga is great for lengthening the limbs and increasing overall flexibility (both added benefits).


Verified Expert

I love this! One thing that is often a problem for most is the commitment. Yoga is great but realistically many people especially newbies wont be doing it everyday, or commit to a schedule. Sometimes people read these articles and get discouraged because they are experiencing the changes and are being presented with a specific solution that might not work for them. My suggestion would be to take note of things you love to do that involve movement and slowly incorporate them when you see fit, until it becomes a routine naturally instead of forcing yourself into one. If... Read more


Verified Expert

I always notice a difference in my mental and physical energy when I exercise regularly. Even when I don't have time for a full workout, a quick 10 or 15 minute routine gives me a huge boost during the day. Especially these days, it is so important to take some time out of the day to focus on keeping your mind and body healthy.


Verified Expert

It can be rough to be at home for a long periodic time but you have to make sure your being productive during this pandemic. Mediating helps a great amount and I recommend it to relieve stress during these tough days and also it is critical to take care of your health and skin as well.

Oh this is great advice! I have loved yoga for years and though its still new, meditation has been a big help as life got busier. Now that I'm adjusting to a new lifestyle, it's definitely time to bring back both practices. Love this!


Verified Expert

Practicing meditation is usually what I have time for in my hectic schedule and man just 10 minutes does so much for my mental focus. I also like to incorporate an extra few moments of just deep breathing if I’m feeling stressed or fatigued


Verified Expert

Love this ❤️


Verified Expert

LOVE, LOVE this read. What a perfect time to implement physical and mental health practices into our routines, if we haven't already! As someone who believes in Ayurvedic medicine, I highly recommend the app mentioned in this article. Meditation has been a LIFE changer for me. Starting my day by grounding, letting go of stress and allowing myself to be present, helps me to stay organized and focused. As beauty advisors, we should all implement self care into our daily routines!

Honestly needed this read.