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NOW READING We Tried the HIMS and HERS Hair Growth Kits and Fell in Love
September 25, 2020

We Tried the HIMS and HERS Hair Growth Kits and Fell in Love

Say hello to your newly thick and shiny head of hair. 


I was lucky enough to try out the HIMS and HERS Hair Kits featuring their supplements and shampoos for this story, and let me tell you — you’re going to be impressed.



My hubby joined in on the fun and was game to try out the HIMS version of the kit, so together we were able to get a solid idea of the product line and its capabilities. Below, I’ll outline more about what the kit includes, how long we used them, and what results we experienced. What I will say right up front is that we loved the products, saw results, and would definitely recommend them. 


About The Products


First off, there are two kits: the HERS and the HIMS. 


HERS Hair Kit – Minoxodil/Shampoo/Conditioner/Supplements ($44.99)


The HERS version of the hair growth kit contains a shampoo and conditioner set enhanced with 2-percent minoxidil, which is an FDA-approved medication for hair loss that stimulates the follicle and promotes regrowth. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, the kit contains biotin gummies that are as delicious as they are effective. Biotin is a B vitamin that reportedly helps strengthen and add shine to hair. 


HIMS Hair Kit – Minoxodil/Shampoo/Supplements ($34.99)


Now, for the HIMS. This kit also contains the shampoo and conditioner with the 2-percent minoxidil and the biotin gummies, but there’s also a serum containing 5-percent minoxidil that can be applied directly to the scalp.


Here’s How We Used Them


My husband, Nathan tried out HIMS while I experienced HERS. We used all of the products for a little over three weeks. For the shampoo, the instructions on the box tell you to lather from root to tip and to let it sit for one minute. You then go in with the conditioner and leave it in your hair for one to three minutes. The box instructs users to take the biotin gummies daily. Don’t worry, guys, we followed along as well as we could! 


For me, the changes were so small initially that I didn’t notice much of a difference. Then, about two and a half weeks in I started noticing how shiny my hair was. Not only did I start noticing, but my husband and friends also started noticing as well. I’m not sure if it’s the gummies or the shampoo (my money’s on both!). I had been feeling like my hair was on its last leg throughout the bulk of this quarantine. Even after getting a haircut, it just felt dull and dry. So this was perfect timing. 


I now notice that my hair looks much healthier and stronger. I will also say that I’ve noticed less frizz — it’s almost like my hair is more immune to humidity. I will definitely keep using these products, even if I go down to every other wash for the shampoo and conditioner and every other day for the gummies. 



Now, for the hubs. As a 36-year-old man, it should go without saying that Nathan has been experiencing some, ahem, slight baldness. He’s fairly sensitive about it, but not so sensitive that he didn’t jump at the chance to use these products the second they graced our door. 


He used the HIMS shampoo and conditioner daily, and he also took the biotin gummies daily (which, while he’s not the biggest fan of cherry flavoring, he said he found these super tasty). He used one drop of the minoxidil in the morning on towel-dried hair, and then one at night before tucking in for the day. 


I’m not kidding you when I say his results are super uplifting. While he wouldn’t agree to a photo since it looks a little bit like tiny feathers right now (yay for regrowth!), the new hair is totally evident and I think these products have made a huge difference. Nathan is pumped and says he plans on continuing to use them for the foreseeable future. 


Overall, we strongly recommend HIMS and HERS – the shampoos and conditioners smell great, the biotin gummies taste delicious, and overall, these hair growth kits truly do produce results.


People are always looking for remedies to hair loss. This is a great option to offer, if it works as good as it sounds.

If this is as good as the article describes, I will buy a HERS box and send it to a close family member experiencing hair loss from thyroid issues. The only thing (and from reading) I can see is once you stop using Minoxidil so stops the hair growth, but if it does what it says...HOORAH!

The results sounds promising! I wonder how long the kit lasts? Standard 1 month maybe 2?

Wonderful article sharing the experience and the results. I have not tried these yet but this is on my bucket list. I can't wait to show the results to my social media handle!