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NOW READING These Mediterranean Beauty Brands will Help You Feel Like a Greek Goddess
September 11, 2020

These Mediterranean Beauty Brands will Help You Feel Like a Greek Goddess

Call it G-Beauty: five natural Greek brands that deserve to be on your radar.


Oia town’s traditional white houses and churches with blue domes over the Caldera, Aegean sea.


A couple of years ago, I vacationed in Mykonos, Greece as part of a 50th birthday celebration for a dear friend. It was absolutely stunning. The iconic whitewashed city walls, beautiful beaches with each more gorgeous than the previous one, and to-die-for food brimming with olive oil, thyme, saffron, Greek yogurt, and honey. Oh, and the wine!


These days, though, with COVID-19 putting the kibosh on many travel plans, I’m not sure when I’ll gaze upon the Aegean Sea again (or any place for that matter). Luckily, playing with different beauty products provides an alluring way of experiencing cultures without having to pull out your passport.


In the mood for a trip to the Mediterranean? Transport yourself with a dose of Greek-based beauty. There’s a reason the term “Greek Goddess” came to be – women of Ancient Greece were lauded for their beauty rituals, including using olive oil to moisturize and protect the skin, honey for its anti-bacterial and skin smoothing properties, clay for cleansing, and, of course, salt baths to help exfoliate.


G-Beauty emphasizes natural products amassed from the region’s lush landscape and are filled with ancient skincare secrets. If your interest is piqued, here are five beauty brands that will take you on your very own Greek adventure.




Apivita line


What started as a line of medicinal creams more than 40 years ago, Apivita, another favorite found in Greek pharmacies, is now a full-fledged beauty company that takes its inspiration from the Queen Bee. No, not Beyoncé, but literally the queen of the honeybees—that, along with Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine, and natural Greek ingredients derived from apricots and olives. Boasting a mix of products that address issues including hydration, anti-aging, and dark circles, Apitiva does wonders for your skin and hair. We suggest you let your skin sip on their Bee Radiant or Queen Beelines which are chock full of healing propolis and Royal Jelly.




A top Greek brand found in a number of pharmacies (and, in the villa, we stayed in!), Korres has also obtained significant popularity stateside. Aiming to enhance skin with mother nature’s gifts, the nearly 25-year-old brand infuses ingredients harvested and handpicked from the land, including pomegranates, saffron, and Olympus tea, among others. And, it has something for everyone: cleaners, moisturizers, and masks. Dive into top sellers such as Apothecary Wild Rose Vitamin C, Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir, Greek Yogurt Foaming Cream Cleanser, and Black Pine 3D Eye-Lift Super Serum, and we guarantee you’ll emerge renewed and refreshed.




Mt. Athos, Greece – Holy Monastery of Simonos Petra (Simonopetra)


It seems ironic that a place that bans women also produces buzzy beauty products, but such is the case when it comes to Dokimon (translation: “first sample”). The brand’s indigenous ingredients (think chamomile, geranium, and calendula) are sourced from Mount Athos, a sacred peninsula in northern Greece that does not allow women within 500 meters of the coast and is rooted in recipes based on the ancient scriptures of Hippocrates (the aforementioned father of medicine), which are also housed in the Vatopaidi monastery. This area is said to be “free of any pollutants and of the harmful consequences of industrialization and modern civilization.” The result: skincare must-haves such as the hydrating and anti-aging Candelula Ointment and the calming Chamomile Soap Bar.




Olives are synonymous with Greek culture. You can’t have a meal in Greece without coming across them. This fruit (yes, olives are considered a fruit), and it’s resulting oil is not only a staple in Greek foods but on the vanity as well, thanks to Aeolis. This clean brand, which has a ton of nourishing creams for the face and body as well as hair treatments and body washes, is heavy on the liquid gold of Ancient Greece (olive oil), as well as other region-specific ingredients: dittany of Crete (an herb similar to oregano), Greek crocus (saffron), mastic from Chios (a tree resin), and the list goes on. Since we’re suckers for chic aluminum tubes, we are drawn to their Citrus Age Defense and Moisturizing Hand Cream and the Mastic Repairing and Moisturizing Hand Cream. Their amber-bottled shower gels are also quite eye-catching.


Olive oil, Greece’s liquid gold.

Fresh Line


With organic face masks, hand-crafted soaps, and soothing lip treatments, Fresh Line is basically your one-stop-shop for a bevy of Greek-inspired beauty products — and the pretty packaging is just an extra bonus. Using seeds, herbs, flowers, among other natural ingredients, this brand takes its cue from Ancient times, to bring to life its more than 300 natural products. With so many options lining the shelves, it’s hard to choose, but we’re partial to their extensive collection of handmade soaps, some of which are named after popular characters from Greek mythology including Aphrodite, Athena and Poseidon.


By Rozalynn S. Frazier 



Verified Expert

I am so jealous of the idea that other countries make it seem so easy to create such natural and ideal beauty products. To actually use products that we know benefit not just our skin but our health as well! Greek beauty lines are new to me, and I have my homework ahead of me, but this editorial gives me a great list to start with!! I'm looking forward to trying a few.


Verified Expert

I really love this. I love learning about different products and ingredients form different countries. So beautiful to see everyone with their own special ingredients

Apivita and Korres both make quality skincare products in my opinion!


Verified Expert

I love Mykonos! It’s by far my favorite place to travel it’s so fun and beautiful. I can’t wait to try these Greek brands!


Verified Expert

Thank you for this list! Love learning new products from different places. :)


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I love the culture in this article!


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This article is very intriguing. Aptiva is sold on our website and is a popular Brand that has products ranging from body and hair. Keep an eye out I hope that in the near future we come out with more products from Greece that can be equivalent to vacationing in that beautiful island! :)