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October 14, 2020

How to Transition Your Beauty Routine Into Fall, According to Instagram Star Camila Coelho

Global beauty and fashion influencer, Camila Coelho, reveals her coveted tips for a flawless look.


Sweater weather is here and in the same way you’re switching out your wardrobe, that makeup routine also needs a change this season. When it comes to forecasting and setting trends, no one beats entrepreneur and beauty icon Camila Coelho. Just ask her nearly nine million followers on Instagram alone. 


Camila Coelho
Camila Coelho


Between running her social media empire and her recently launched vegan beauty line Elaluz (“She is light” in Portugese), formulated with clean ingredients and Brazilian superfoods, Coelho shared with Beautytap exactly how she transitions into fall. From nailing down the perfect hot to cold weather skincare routine to jump-starting the next look she hopes to see more of, you’ll certainly want to take notes and make your own autumn adjustments ASAP. 


First, skincare


“I’m a skincare junkie,” Coelho emphasized to Beautytap. “Taking care of my skin is number one.” 


Elaluz Body Oil


While it’s no secret that serums and beauty oils can get expensive, Coelho went on to explain that these fundamental products are worth the investment. “You need to always prioritize your skin and in-between seasons because your makeup is going to look so much better if your skin is well taken care of,” she said. “Since it’s getting colder, I like to boost my skin with more hydration in order for me to not get a reaction and so that my skin feels better, too.” 


Serums are a great way for the skin to retain moisture and it’s a must for those chilly days ahead. “I’m obsessed with serums,” Coelho continued. “It’s always been a crucial part of my routine, especially now that we can’t really go out and get facials.” 


Move over, matte. 


Naturally radiant, glossy lips are what Coelho is all about in 2020. This look is what inspired the first drop of her line last month and she wants the hype to continue this fall. “I hope to see a lot of glossier lips,” she shared. “I’ve been loving glowing skin, a very highlighted cheek, just mascara, and then a glossy, bold lip. I’m into matte finish lips, but I want to see more glossy looks. I saw it on the runway last season and I want more of it.” 



Elalluz Lip & Cheek Tint
Elalluz Lip & Cheek Tint


The good thing is, Coelho is ready to help you achieve this look with her luxurious Lip & Cheek Stain selling for $34. Her lightweight, coconut-water infused formula is a luscious blend of Brazilian Guarana and Prickly Pear extracts that deliver a smooth, head-turning finish. The fact that it’s also a versatile, multi-tasking cheek stain is simply a bonus.


Don’t forget the hair


Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Oil
Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Oil ($71)


Makeup aside, hair is next on Coelho’s agenda. It’s often overlooked, but she wants to bring it to the forefront of her fans’ beauty routines. For future Elaluz drops this year, you can expect a complete hair care collection. “Those are coming soon,” she teased. “I love taking care of my hair and it’s going to be a nice surprise for people to know that Elaluz is doing hair as well. Plus, I’m in Los Angeles where it’s so dry, so hydrating my hair is equally as important as hydrating my skin and lips.” 

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These are awesome tips! Right now my obsessions are anything with oils.One of my favorite oils is the HaruHaru black rice oil. It calms my skin and is deeply soothing, it also brightens and firms as well.
 Hydration is soo important! Yes I get you superfoods are my jam! Very beneficial to our health.

Nice article and cool beauty tips! :)

Love this!

Very true! now that the weather is starting to get chilly, our pores will start to shrink. This might be what we're praying for non stop but this also slows down and prevents the secretion of sebum. For dry skinned people like me, these cold months make me break out more because my skin gets really dry and sensitive. So you are right, serums and oils will be the key to fight that.