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October 23, 2020

9 Frighteningly Festive Halloween Nail Designs You Can Create At Home

It’s a more low-key Halloween this year but you can still bring on the spooky fun with nail art


Celebrate the spookiest time of year by experimenting with these striking nail designs that are guaranteed to cast quite a spell.


Streak Show 



Photo: Credit: Paintbox


Paintbox, a boutique salon in New York City, is known for its fun, tasteful designs. This deep navy blue paired with a pop of orange is the perfect example. While it’s undeniably autumnal, it works with either daytime looks or with a costume. You can also mix up the colors to keep it on-season or tailor them for other celebrations throughout the year. 


Paul & Joe Nail Polish Boogie Wonderland ($16)



Fierce and Fun



Claw your way into the best costume award with these fierce nails, also from Paintbox. Featuring a nude and olive green color palette, you can also create red spikes to make them look like blood, or even black to make them look like cat claws. If you’re going for more of a vampy look, create a black background and opt for white claw marks. 


While it may look super complex, you can definitely create this look from home. Get a tiny brush or even a toothpick to get the sharp look.


Vampire Chic 



This deep, brooding red is the perfect way to welcome in the Halloween season. It pairs well with many different costumes and looks super vampy during the day as well. You can also use this mani for Thanksgiving!


Hey, Pumpkin



Photo: Credit: Color Street


If styling your own nails isn’t your strong suit, that’s OK. These Color Street strips are easy to apply and come with the designs built right in. These adorable press-on pumpkins are accented with a glittery metallic background and the brand has created an easy, how-to application process.


Night Terror

Photo Credit: Color Street


Bring on the spooky and moody vibes with this deep purple hue. They also have a bright sparkle that adds character to the overall look. These would cast quite a spell on a witchy costume. 


A Little Bit Wicked 


Photo Credit: Anna Shinder


Anna Shinder has been a nail artist in New York City for seven years. She’s worked runways, photo shoots and spent time at top nail studios. This pointed look is ideal for both its shape and glitter detail with a golden stud at the center. The clear triangle at the cuticle also allows the manicure to grow out seamlessly. 


Black and Gold and Witchy All Over


Photo Credit: Anna Shinder


While this look is created on an almost almond-shaped nail, it could just as easily be achieved on a shorter nail. The dark black, sparkling gold and clear nail bed all work together to create a bewitching look. This also works well year-round, especially with a variety of festive colors. 



Paul & Joe Nail Polish In The Depths ($16)




Green and Gold, For the Win


Photo Credit: Paintbox


Not only are the colors unique, the shapes are interesting too. This could work with either a spooky costume or even a decade throwback look. You could also switch up the colors to go with whichever costume you have in mind. 


Pumpkin Queen


Photo Credit: Paintbox


This is perhaps the most fall-centric mani, but the deep green detailing definitely lends itself to being especially spooky. The curves of the green stripes are also super elongating to the nails, which is always flattering!


Paul & Joe Nail Polish Mata Hari ($16)







Thanks for making festive designs that are actually achievable at home! I think I like the black and gold nails the best.

All great ideas, but my scariest nails are my daily, dish-pan, ragged cuticle, unpainted variety. Yes, I know there are so many nail colors and ideas to take into consideration when I indulge in a Mani/Pedi or spend an afternoon spoiling myself.

Love this. I’m obsessed with Color Street

Such cute designs! :)

I would rock the 2nd and last nail look all fall season. Feeling inspired!

Nail art is such a cute way to look extra put together and feel festive!