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October 16, 2020

Why This All-Natural Oil Is The Miracle Skincare Ingredient You’ve Been Waiting For

The True Moringa brand is built around giving back and their antioxidant-rich Moringa Oil – a gift from nature’s “miracle tree” that’s also one of the most in-demand skin care ingredients today.


When Beautytap curated a selection of True Moringa products early in 2020, we were all captivated by the back story behind the brand. Founders, Kwami and Emily set out on a mission to do wellness differently. They believe “that being healthy should be simple, affordable and accessible to all.” Enter what Ghana locals call “the miracle tree.”



True Moringa
True Moringa



Very few plants offer as much as the moringa tree. Primarily grown for its nutritional benefits (the tree’s leaves are rich in vitamin A, iron, protein, and calcium), but the seeds were discarded until Kwami and Emily began extracting their precious oil. Since most cosmetics and hair products contain potentially harmful chemicals, True Moringa set out to provide natural alternatives to eco-conscious consumers while helping the farmers in Ghana make a living cultivating moringa. Now, this vegan brand supports local farmers and helps their families increase their earnings tenfold. 


The Little Seed Changing Lives


In a world where transparency isn’t easy to obtain, True Moringa’s “plant a tree” program serves more than 5,000 farming families. The company has planted 2 million trees, and their website shows exactly who benefits from each individual purchase. According to True Moringa’s brand representative, “You can search any code on our plant a tree page, and you will be able to see which farmer the tree benefits and the geolocation.” 



In honor of Beautytap clients, True Moringa is planting 75 trees, which support Ghana farmer Juliana Nsoah and her children. Juliana says, “I use the [moringa] leaves to prepare vegetable soup. I sometimes also add the leaves to cooked beans and gari, locally called ‘warawara.’ Truly speaking, we are delighted to have True Moringa in the community.” To read more about Juliana and the trees allocated for Beautytap, enter “BT00053” in the search field here.


True Multitaskers For Every Skin Type


I thought long and hard about using the words “every skin type” as that is rarely the case with skincare products. The fatty acids in moringa oil – oleic, behenic, and arachidonic – repair, penetrate, and condition skin better than shea, jojoba, coconut, and Argan oils. Moringa also complements the body’s natural oils, so even individuals with eczema or rosacea can benefit from including it in their routine. Moringa rebalances oil production, stimulates cell growth, and improves the appearance of stretch marks and scars. All told, True Moringa’s inclusivity and reasonable price point make purchasing it a no-brainer. 


Face, Hair, and Body Oil


True Moringa
True Moringa Tranquility (Moringa + Lavender) Face, Hair, Body Oil ($26)


Multitasking products make life easier, and they’re especially welcome when your budget is already taxed. “Simplicity” – the original unscented version – has a warm, woodsy, nutty scent, whereas “Tranquility” includes a touch of lavender. Both oils absorb best when first warmed between the palms. While richer than Argan oil, there was no residue left behind after a minute or two. I found both versions enjoyable enough to use on my hands periodically throughout the day as well as my body straight out of the shower (something I highly recommend). 


True Moringa’s oils have a rich golden hue and absorb into the skin quickly without leaving an oily sheen behind. I worked these beautiful elixirs into my damp, tangle-prone hair, and the oil acted as a heat protectant and made my locks much more manageable. 


Lip Whips


True Moringa
True Moringa Truth Lip Whip ($16)


True to the multitasking nature of the brand’s oils, the lip whips perform equally well for their intended purpose as lip colors as well as providing a natural flush of color for the cheeks. At first blush, “Truth,” a cool fuchsia-pink, looks shockingly bold, but, in reality, gives lips a sheer tint that can also be built up for intensity. “Whip” most definitely describes the texture of this product because it’s neither heavy nor waxy. 


With autumn leaves donning their festive colors and a slight chill developing in the air, I’m all about warm rustic makeup. I mixed “Mystery” with Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter #2 and applied it to my cheeks for the most stunningly fresh flush my face has had in years. The cocoa butter gives the formula a bit of heft and displaced my base makeup when applied directly, but that problem was easily solved by mixing it on my pro palette and even on the back of my hand. 


So … which one is calling your name?

Tracy is a "quality over quantity" word girl fascinated by eagles and life in a small SoCal mountain community. She believes in the now, has written professionally for 30+ years, and worships at the alters of serum and Sulwhasoo.



This brand is amazing not only for its quality but for the good it does for their community. I love using their oil for my hair to make is shinier and healthier. It's also amazing to use on the body after the shower.

Moringa is definitely a magic oil! 😻


What a great read! It doubly confirms I made the right choice about this brand. I'm glad I bought the full size after sampling it.  What i love about this is the brand's giving back practice. Planting 75 trees in honor of BeautyTap to support a Ghana farmer and her children! Also surprised to learn they add Moringa leaves to their cooked dishes! I love using it right after shower. It absorbs immediately. Love the hint of lavender. And love the pretty packaging. This product is vegan & at a good price point! 2👍👍ups!

Thanks, Milly. True Moringa does everything right, and it's such a good company that I've been recommending it a lot. I really enjoy it in every capacity so far.

I've been eyeing this brand for a while. Their oil is definitely on my to-try list. :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts after you do, Sarah. Both of the oils are lovely and absorb instantly without feeling greasy.

Sounds amazing! Thank you for letting me know. :)