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November 23, 2020

Top Five Skin-Transforming Products You’ll Want To Stock Up On

Celebrity aesthetician and holistic skincare guru, Cynthia Franco reveals five of her must-have skincare products for a dream-worthy complexion – ideal as treats for yourself or gifts for the beauty lovers on your list.


With a background in alternative health therapies and an intuitive healing touch, Cynthia Franco is the go-to for those seeking a higher level of skin and body treatments. Her Parisian-inspired retreat, tucked away in a quiet residential area of Beverly Hills, draws clients from all over the world seeking the ultimate in holistic rejuvenation. “When skin is taken care of and tended to, it will glow,” says Cynthia. 


Cynthia Franco
Celebrity aesthetician and holistic skincare guru, Cynthia Franco


While we may not have the opportunity to visit Cynthia for one of her transformative treatments right now, we asked her to share her favorite products for spa-inspired pampering at home. 


Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti-Oxidative Ampoules


Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti-Oxidative Ampoules
Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti-Oxidative Ampoules


 “These potent antioxidant boosters featuring their proprietary Royal Fern Complex (helps stimulate collagen regeneration) are what I end all of my age-defying facials with; I also use them in my oxygen infusions and they may also be used with a micro current device at home. These little powerhouses are designed to firm, brighten and protect all while making your skin look absolutely radiant.”


Mara Algae Retinol Face Oil


Mara Algae Retinol Face Oil


“I love this oil; it’s the best retinol, especially during the winter, it sinks right in, makes your skin glow, and it’s clean!”


Epicuren Defy Age Corrective Facial Oil + Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream



Epicuren Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream
Epicuren Tighten Up Neck Firming Cream – $88


“Epicuren just came out with this oil – it hydrates by preventing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), brightens with Vitamin C and has stem cell technology that eases inflammation, fights the signs of aging, and it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.” The neck cream is peptide-rich and tones and tightens. “I have definitely seen a difference in my neck after using this!” 


IS Clinical Lip Duo – Lip Polish and Youth Lip Elixir


IS Clinical Lip Duo
IS Clinical Lip Duo


 “This lip polish, made with rich shea butter and Vitamins C & E, scrubs away dry lines on and around the lips and the elixir is highly moisturizing with added lip plumping benefits.”


Epicuren Espresso Limón Slimming Oil


Epicuren Espresso Limón Slimming Oil


You can treat yourself to Cynthia’s signature and celebrity-adored “Head to Toe Glow” treatment at home. She suggests indulging in a full body dry brushing for lymphatic drainage followed by this Epicuren body-slimming oil with espresso and lemon. “This oil can be applied after the brushing. And if you have a thermal blanket, wrap yourself up in it and sweat the toxins out for 20 minutes, followed by a warm shower to rinse off.” Heaven sent.

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Some cool products listed here, I'll check them out. :)

As a fan of all things Epicuren, I'm excited to see so many of their products included here. The Corrective Facial oil is so light, and I hope it becomes available here soon. Now, I'm off to investigate those ampoules. Thanks for a great read!


and I'm loving the hand sanitizer sprays too. smooth and lovely.

Me, too! So much better smelling and far less drying on the skin.

I've been wanting to dive into the Epicuren world for a little while now and I think this article convinced me! Gotta love a skin tightening treatment! But is it good for suuuuperr senstivie skin?