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NOW READING Why More Men Are Indulging In Skincare And Makeup Than Ever
December 4, 2020

Why More Men Are Indulging In Skincare And Makeup Than Ever

Beautytap experts weigh in on the rapid growth of skincare and makeup for men.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that the word “beauty” doesn’t necessarily pertain exclusively to women. Stroll through a department store (assuming yours is open amid this ongoing pandemic) and you’ll find products marketed to EVERYONE. 


Perhaps the ladies who are reading this have discovered that a favorite eye cream or cover up went missing and it was the boyfriend or male family member who “borrowed” it. Sound familiar?


skincare and makeup for men.
The word “beauty” doesn’t necessarily pertain exclusively to women

Now is certainly the time for both men and women to explore a more robust skincare regimen with all of this extra time at home. Indulging in self-care can also be very soothing and treating ourselves to a little extra TLC these days is a necessity. 


Two of Beautytap’s experts agree and share their thoughts on men, makeup and skincare. 


Your New Favorite Buzzword 


(Left) Beautytap’s Head of Education Jonni Renfroe and (Right) Verified Beauty Advisor Bradley Bobich


Ask two people the same question, and you’ll rarely get the same answer, but Beautytap’s Head of Education Jonni Renfroe and Verified Beauty Advisor Bradley Bobich used the exact same word to account for men’s growing interest in makeup – genderless. “In Asian culture, especially K-pop, most men wear makeup,” Renfroe says. Take a look at the Japanese brand, Sekkisei, and you’ll see former EXO member Z. Tao collaborating with the brand. “Makeup is moving to a genderless acceptance. Here in the U.S., Sephora stores stock Milk and Fenty products, both with packaging aimed at men. Even Benefit’s pink packaging is starting to change as makeup becomes genderless.” 


Consumer Interest Is Both Personal and Professional


Bobich’s clients don’t frequently request assistance with purchasing makeup products but he notes, “I do see it changing, especially with younger men. They’re more willing to experiment with makeup, mostly because of their profession. If they’re in front of a camera or are in a lot of photos, they use undereye makeup, so I recommend a concealer and a matte finish powder since they want to look very minimal.” 


Renfroe adds that “a lot of women purchase both skincare and makeup, either for their sons or boyfriends. It’s not uncommon for someone to request advice to treat acne and to also cover it up. More than one woman has told me she was buying two concealers. One for herself, and one for her boyfriend who keeps stealing hers.”



Products and Purchasing Habits Vary By Venue


Ever the insightful educator, Renfroe understands that consumers, despite their gender, purchase products in different places depending on their differing needs. In stores like Sephora, “foundation, concealer, or a natural-looking lip gloss” will be key purchases for men, and even if they do buy skincare products there, “they often repurchase them from a department store where they can get more education from someone dedicated to a single brand.” And as for spa customers? They’re looking for treatment products. 



We All Want to Look Good. Period.


In some circles (not any that I would be caught in), women and men are chastised for wearing makeup or spending money on a dedicated skincare routine. But making these choices is as individualized as the people themselves. For Bobich, “It’s about enhancing and looking polished. It’s part of my wardrobe. I get dressed for work to look polished and professional, awake and confident, so my skin should reflect that as well.”


Renfroe wears a lot of hats in his day-to-day life, but says, “taking care of my skin makes me feel good about myself. It’s one of the few things I do entirely for myself, and I appreciate when someone compliments me on how good my skin looks.” 


What These Gurus Live For


Since I’m a “nosey nellie,” I had to know what products, skincare or makeup, have earned Jonni and Bradley’s desert island ride or die status. If you’ve seen even one of Renfroe’s education demonstrations, the phrase “rose anything” should be familiar. His hit list includes “thick, gooey, fermented toners, like Haruharu and Whamisa, as well as Goodal’s Waterest Lasting Water Oil.” Biphase mists make the cut as does Epicuren’s Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream. And rounding out his list is Dior’s One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum, which has been part of his routine “for years because of its detoxifying properties.” 

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Double Edition
Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Double Edition – $9.38


Goodal made Bradley’s list as well in the form of their Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Treatment along with Sekkisei’s Cream Excellent and Sulwhasoo’s cult classic First Care Activating Serum. He can anticipate his stash being raided by other islanders, however, since he’ll also have Paul & Joe’s Moisturizing Foundation Primer S 02, foundation, bronzer, mascara, concealer, and sunscreen. Guard your stash, Brad!


The Best Advice Ever


At day’s end, the biggest takeaway I experienced from speaking with these gentlemen came in two of the most concise pieces of wisdom uttered in 2020: 


“Do what makes you happy.” — Jonnie Renfroe


“Men, don’t be afraid to ask questions about makeup. We’re not judging!” — Bradley Bobich

Tracy is a "quality over quantity" word girl fascinated by eagles and life in a small SoCal mountain community. She believes in the now, has written professionally for 30+ years, and worships at the alters of serum and Sulwhasoo.




Verified Expert

I love this article Tracy! As an esthetician and makeup artist I have seen a big increase in male clients taking more of an interest in their appearance and self care. When I worked at Sephora a lot of male clients came in for products for themselves that they originally started using with their girlfriends or moms. I too am very nosy I love to know peoples favorite products so thank you for asking Jonnie and Bradley to share theirs!


Verified Expert

Thanks, Brooke! Jonni and Bradley are so insightful, and I could easily see myself raiding their respective stashes. I even ordered Jonni's favorite sunscreen cushion from Korea and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Both of these gentlemen have exquisite taste in makeup and skincare.


Verified Expert

As a mother of two handsome (yes, totally biased) young men, I tried to instill the benefits of good hygiene, skincare, and looking your best. I will say my youngest really listened because I found several of my creams and lotions susperiously hi-jacked. From my Josie Maran Argan Oil to IT Cosmetics he has become enamored with how they make his skin look. Now if I could just get my oldest to exfoliate!


Verified Expert

Your youngest has great taste! Don't feel too bad, though. I've been writing about skincare for most of my 15 year marriage, and my husband prides himself on using antibacterial soap on his face. Sssh, though. He now uses Son & Park Beauty Water to cleanse his scalp since he shaves his head. K-beauty for the (small) win!


Verified Expert

Just amazing, love it! :)


Verified Expert

Wonderful!!! So many more freedoms are happening in our time. Our culture is finally evolving and are so much more inclusive of men nurturing their skin as the women do! I loved this article and I respect all of Jonni's and Bradley's input as they are fantastic with their knowledge of the beauty industry!


Verified Expert

jonniskincare and bradleybob72 have so many untapped insights, and I wouldn't hesitate to steer my friends toward them for guidance. They have superb taste in products! We're very fortunate that they chose to make a home here at Beautytap.


Verified Expert

Great article, Tracy and I can totally relate to this. I buy my boyfriend a different set of skincare because he always steals mine. Lucky them, they don't experience the monthly hormonal breakouts so there are times of the month where his skin is so much better looking than mine, haha.


Verified Expert

Thanks, chyla! I managed to hook my hubby on Son & Park's Beauty Water, but I have to turn the bottle around, so he can't see the name. The man actually prides himself on using antibacterial soap on his face ... but when something goes wrong, he wants all my stuff. LOL!