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January 15, 2021

Beautytap 2021 And Beyond: Bringing Transparency And Simplicity To Discovering Beauty

With thousands of new beauty products launching in an already overcrowded marketplace, authentic and trusted reviews are more vital than ever for information-seeking, savvy consumers.


While shopping for beauty products online or in store comes with the thrill of discovery, it’s easy to become quickly besieged by the endless options. How many times have you set out to find a new cleanser or serum only to postpone purchasing anything thanks to the overwhelming confusion that quickly settles in? Given the global beauty industry is estimated to be an over $500 billion business and growing, it’s no wonder countless new brands and products continue to flood the market with the hopes of becoming the next “unicorn” – a Silicon Valley term used to describe start-ups valued at $1 billion and up. 


trusted beauty reviews


When beauty brands launch new products or create fresh campaigns around existing items, they must make noise in order to cut through the clutter. While influencer and celebrity endorsements are all aspects of capturing our attention, consumers are savvier today than ever and understand this type of promotion often involves paid partnerships, leading to challenges with trust. Consumers also have several key aspects to consider in the decision-making process – including skin/hair type, age, climate, and allergies. Today’s shoppers are highly motivated to educate themselves, and credible, unpaid reviews help instill confidence in making beauty purchases.


trusted beauty reviews


With the mission of supporting consumers in making highly informed beauty buying decisions, providing authentic and transparent reviews around global, multicultural brands is now the DNA of Beautytap. What sets our reviews apart is not only the quality, detail and depth, it’s our diverse community of professional Beauty Experts (BEs) who write them – estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, facialists, and body care specialists with a minimum of two years of experience, their own loyal clientele and a sincere passion for their areas of expertise and the vast beauty industry. 


These verified BE’s not only personally test and experience products, they also receive a deep dive education about the brand, proprietary ingredients, proper usage, and efficacy. Beyond that, BE’s are never compensated for sharing their opinions, setting the stage for the most honest and unparalleled reviews available anywhere. 


Professional beauty experts.


The majority of online product reviews are written by anonymous users without any facts about who they are and their skin/hair type. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know more about the people who are writing them – is their skin dry like mine, do they have curly hair too? With the focus on simplifying the beauty buying experience, Beautytap features individual profiles for each BE who writes a review along with a personal photo giving consumers the essential details they deserve before making an informed purchase. And placing immeasurable value on personalized human interaction, should you want to ask a BE further questions about a product, simply reach out to them directly via their unique Beautytap profile. 


trusted beauty reviews
Verified beauty experts


Brands that collaborate with Beautytap demonstrate the utmost faith in the quality of their products given they’re willing to bare it all by sharing their creations with thousands of experienced beauty professionals. These brands are also showing a sincere commitment to helping shoppers gain a rich understanding of their products and the benefits they provide via these honest, thoughtful, unbiased reviews that are based on a golden trifecta of facts, education and usage – what more could a consumer ask for?



I definitely would love to trade products for an amazing review. I’m definitely an skincare/makeup junkie and hope to be the next beauty expert.

I love the last paragraph in this editorial because it speaks volumes to the quality of products sold on Beautytap. That's where it starts and we as beauty experts are like the icing on the cake!


We definitely need a platform that gives beauty experts a place to discuss products. I’m so glad we are building something like this and I can’t wait to see Beauty Tap continue to grow!


Some people can struggle with "analysis paralysis" ("a situation in which an individual or group is unable to move forward with a decision as a result of overanalyzing") and having access to more accurate, clear, and concise information can make a huge difference in the decision making process.

This is why I love Beautytap. We seek to learn and educate and many of us have the credentials to back it up. I don't like it when influencers review products, just to tear them down based on ingredients used and many of them have absolutely no background in skincare and hair whatsoever. They just use google to obtain knowledge and the only criteria they have is their popularity. Thank you Beautytap for giving well-rounded views on products and working with Beauty Experts who actually invested in their careers to achieve degrees, certifications, and who also have years of... Read more


@zephorahnure, we love our beauty professionals also and truly believe this is what's missing in the industry. Beauty pros spend thousands of dollars on education or equivalent work experience in the industry and should have a differentiated voice.

I am very proud to be a part of this new chapter of beauty. Not only do I trust Beautytap because they follow through on all their mission statements, but I also believe in my fellow Beauty Experts. I enjoy learning from each and everyone of them.


We believe in our beauty expert community too! This is what will give us the leverage to get more brands to work with our community which will lead to new opportunities for the experts. In addition, early beauty experts who build their review influence will have far greater opportunities too.

I trusted voice in a digital world is still new and I am proud we are building the future.

Authentic reviews of products by experts helps consumers understand and answer the "how" and "why" of products. I trust when my esthetician tells me how to use a new product and why it's good for my skin.

What an interesting article! This is a major movement forward for professionals like us to help others make informed decisions. I hope this idea reaches to many. I’m happy to be in this community and contributing.


@ecskinwellness2, we are happy that you are part of this community also. We really want the best and more informative beauty reviewers who are professionals. And we will keep curating brands who are confident in their products being honestly reviewed by our community. This will help consumers make choices in their beauty purchases!_nicename_

What an incredible article outlining the ways in which Beatytap sets itself apart from other beauty platforms. It really is my goal to be thoughtful and honest when writing reviews. Its important to be informed so Im always continuing my education on ingredients and formulations.


Yes @madlovebeauty, this is the key that beauty pros can give real fact-based functional reviews versus giving subjective reviews without any education behind it. We love our consumers but many of them don't really know why a product is better than another. _nicename_