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January 4, 2021

Top Six Tips For Optimum Health And Glowing Skin According To A Wellness Expert

While science-backed serums and gentle exfoliants can work wonders to reveal a radiant complexion, the key to achieving a truly lit-from-within glow is more than skin deep – literally. Here, holistic wellness expert, celebrity nutritionist, and Solluna founder Kimberly Snyder shares her top lifestyle tips for glowing skin.  


Skin health is a multifaceted topic [that] is closely tied to food, digestion and detoxification, as well as other wellness practices that involve our emotional and spiritual sides,” Snyder tells Beautytap. The proof is in the (organic, plant-based) pudding — one look at Snyder’s own radiant complexion and silky, shiny hair is evidence enough that she’s onto something with her holistic approach to beauty and health. 


Kimberly Snyde
Kimberly Snyder is the founder of Solluna. A 3-time New York Times bestselling author of five books, including The Beauty Detox book series and Radical Beauty, co-written with Deepak Chopra


From impactful supplements to the perfect morning smoothie recipe, here are six habits Snyder recommends for truly glowing skin. 


Start every day with water


First thing’s first — one of the simplest (and most important) paths to better skin is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking water helps keep your thirst and your skin quenched, so it’s a cornerstone of a supple, radiant complexion. “I begin each and every day drinking hot water with lemon to kick start my digestion and hydration,” shares Snyder. 


Focus on eating fresh, whole, plant-based foods


“What we eat directly affects the health of our skin, hair, and nails, and our energetic vibrancy,” shares Snyder. “Filling your diet with fresh whole foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds will give you a broad spectrum of nutrients that impact your body on a cellular level.” 


On the flip side, it’s also important to cut back on foods that give the body a harder job to do in its detoxification processes, which can show up in the form of lackluster skin. “I encourage limiting intake of animal products, alcohol, and caffeine, and getting lots of fiber in your diet, to help sweep out waste and toxins that burden the skin. It is also [best] to avoid processed or refined foods.”


Filling your diet with fresh whole foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds will give you a broad spectrum of nutrients that impact your body on a cellular level.

While you don’t necessarily need to go full-on plant-based if it’s not for you (even just increasing your intake of plant-based foods is a great thing!), Snyder has seen the skin benefits of eating this way in her own personal wellness journey. 


“I have been plant-based for well over a decade, which has done wonders for keeping my skin healthy and youthful. I think the excessive waste products created by the body from eating meat are quite aging for your skin. Digestion of animal protein produces excess toxins in the body, and has been found to create free radical damage, skin wrinkles and aging. When I cut out dairy, meat and other animal products, I instantly noticed how my skin became more youthful and glowing.” 


Load up on fruits and veggies first thing with Snyder’s iconic Glowing Green Smoothie®


Snyder’s iconic Glowing Green Smoothie®

Snyder is well known for her celeb-favorite Glowing Green Smoothie® (or GGS, for short), and with good reason: packed to the brim with nutrient-dense fruits and veggies (no fancy protein powders or add-ins needed), it’s expertly designed to promote glowing, supple skin, shiny hair, strong nails, and increased energy, says Snyder. 


“My iconic Glowing Green Smoothie® is one of the most potent health and beauty elixirs, which is why I encourage everyone to start their morning off with the GGS,” she says. “The Glowing Green Smoothie is packed with specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, high-quality amino acids (that build protein important for healthy skin), and phytonutrients that work synergistically to prevent and repair damage in the body and boost rejuvenation. Celery, which is a core ingredient of the smoothie, is great for balancing our electrolytes and helping to depuff the skin. Lemon is another staple ingredient of the GGS, which nourishes the body with vitamin C and enzymes. Lemons are effective in boosting liver function and tissue regeneration, and the result is clearer skin and more energy! Bananas also provide a lot of organic potassium, which helps to balance the fluid in our body and keep skin hydrated.”


Snag the recipe here


Take a daily probiotic to support gut and skin health


“Skin health is rooted in the gut — our skin acts as a messenger to tell us that something is imbalance internally,” says Snyder. “When the gut isn’t functioning optimally, the skin is often the first place to show these effects. Additionally, when we experience sub-optimal gut health, our bodies tend to absorb less nutrients from food, and skin health suffers as a result.” 


In addition to taking care of overall nutrition and wellness, a powerful way to give our gut (and skin) a little extra support is to take a high-quality SBO probiotic supplement. Snyder recommends Solluna Feel Good SBO Probiotics+, which she developed with multi-strain, soil borne organisms.


“This healthy bacteria creates balance in the body, and helps to regulate hormones and metabolics, strengthen the immune system and support detoxification, all of which contribute to better gut health and more optimal functioning throughout the body. This results in healthier cells, including skin cells!”


Acne and dark under-eye circles are the result of stagnation, so we can work to combat that with frequent movement.


Set a goal to move every day


The good news? You don’t need to spend an hour in the gym six days a week to reap the skin benefits of getting active — even just a walk around the neighborhood, a hike, or a soothing yoga session gives skin a boost, says Snyder. 


“Gentle activity is great for natural circulation and just getting an overall flow going. I often think of the body like a river — we want the whole thing to be flowing like a waterfall,” she explains. “As we get everything flowing and moving, we tend to have less internal congestion and stagnation. Acne and dark under-eye circles are the result of stagnation, so we can work to combat that with frequent movement.”


Try a daily meditation practice, alongside other stress-reducing lifestyle practices


One way that I keep my skin youthful is daily meditation,” says Snyder. “Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels, which are responsible for the breakdown of collagen in our skin and inflammation and can result in wrinkles and rapid aging. The more we focus on inner harmony, the more we stay calm and keep inflammation at bay, and in turn keep our skin youthful!”


Snyder is also a proponent of other lifestyle practices that reduce stress and promote emotional and mental health, including gratitude journaling, self-massage, deep breathing, and healthy sleep. 




Ultimately, “letting go of toxicity for skin health isn’t just limited to nutrition — it can involve our thought patterns and our emotions as well,” says Snyder. “Even as a busy mom of two boys and business owner, I take a few moments each day to meditate, breathe deeply or practice yoga.” 


Consider this your cue to take a deep breath right now — because sometimes, the best thing you can do for your skin is to kick back with your favorite face mask, close your eyes, and focus on yourself. (Now that’s a 2021 resolution we can get on board with.)



Verified Expert

Zazen (seated meditation) and kinhin (walking meditation) have been part of my life for nearly (yikes) 30 years, but I didn't know there was a cortisol/collagen connection. As a woman of "a certain age," cortisol is a true enemy and knowing that I can combat it and protect my skin just by doing what already keeps me sane and centered is icing on the cake. Many thanks!


Verified Expert

Yes! Yes! 100 times yes! I love this article so very much! The beauty business is not just about makeup, skin care and products. It is so closely knit with self care. Thank you for the great tips and highlighting ways for us to really put our health and well being at the top of our beauty routine!


Verified Expert

Alexa! I am so in love with this article! For the longest time I was obsessed with finding the perfect topical skincare routine, only to be disappointed by the results. Once I started working from the inside out, incorporating literally ALL of the above suggestions over the past few years, I was amazed! Not only did my skin improve, but so did my mood, energy, sleep, relationships and happiness! Heed this advice ya'll, you wont regret it!

Such a great article Alexa. I have been incorporating a lot of these things in my day, but not always consistently. You have to make the time for self-care, and put yourself, your health and body first, especially during these times. This is a good reminder for me. New Year, New You. Let's go, Let's grow!

I need to hear this. Maybe you do too:
Remember that there is nothing — absolutely nothing — more important than your health and wellbeing. You are in charge of your life and with small steps you'll get there. You got this babe!

Love this article. Partnering skincare with wellness has better results indeed.


Verified Expert

This article is spot on and in line with my own 2021 goals! It's important to take time to eat the right foods, especially fruits and veggies. During the last stretch of this pandemic, I'm finding daily opportunities to do a light workout to break a sweat. It truly does make me feel better throughout the day! I can't wait to try the smoothie recipe! Thanks for sharing!

This article is my wake-up call to live a healthier life

I have been taking probiotics and it’s actually given my skin a healthier color and texture. This one is not cheap but it’s got the 80M CFU. I take one pill every morning with my lemon/apple vinegar lukewarm water.


Verified Expert

This is a great article to remind us at the start of a new year the simple changes we can make to improve our overall health and well being. I can't wait to try the glowing green smoothie!

Agree, Deborah! And, that glowing green smoothie is one of my favorites! Quite a treat and it does wonders for both inside and out.