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NOW READING Why Clubhouse Is The Next Big Social Media Platform And How To Get Invited
February 3, 2021

Why Clubhouse Is The Next Big Social Media Platform And How To Get Invited

Make some room, TikTok, there’s a new social media phenomenon taking over and it’s called Clubhouse.  


Perhaps you’ve heard rumblings of Clubhouse. The new social media platform has permeated the ether. Yes, the “force is strong with this one,” thanks to the exclusivity factor – in order to join you must receive a coveted invitation from a member, including high profile investors, celebrities, activists, thought leaders, and tech titans. So, in essence, an invitation to Clubhouse is currently the ultimate status symbol. 


Clubhouse mobile app


The 411 On Clubhouse


This buzzy new hangout is an interactive audio-based social media app where different “rooms” of members chat about a variety of subjects; everything from investing, politics and entertainment to gaming and beauty. The company describes itself as a “new type of social project based on voice” where “people everywhere can talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people.”


Visitors simply enter one of the “rooms” and silently listen in on the conversation. In order to add your voice to the chat, you must ask one of the moderators to become a speaker by virtually raising your hand, and they decide whether or not to bring you up on “stage.” 


Elon Musk


Think of Clubhouse as a Ted Talk of live panel discussions, with some lead by and/or attended by world-renown luminaries.  Ah yes, there are networking opportunities galore. Given you could be in a “room” with Elon Musk, Ashton Kutcher, Scooter Braun or Oprah, just imagine the possibilities. And that’s the real allure here – Clubhouse users can be listening in on or chitty-chatting live with industry giants and Hollywood royalty. 


How To Score An Invitation


How To Score An Invitation on Clubhouse


As of today, Clubhouse is invitation-only; new users receive just two coveted “golden tickets” to bestow upon others of their choosing. Want more of these prized possessions to shell out? Of course you do! Simply get further involved with the app by joining various rooms, politely raising your virtual hand and letting your wise voice be heard while always using your manners. Yes, Clubhouse cleverly incentivizes users –  the deeper you dive in, the more invitations you’ll rack up. Ca-ching!



FOMO got the best of you? Don’t despair – the general public will reportedly get in on the action and earn bragging rights sooner than later. Clubhouse is now working on improving their product and building a robust, loyal community before expanding in order to “make it available to the world as quickly as possible.” 


Tick. Tock. 

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Verified Expert

Wow, this is so interesting. I appreciate the insider's view of this new app. I am looking forward to joining!


Verified Expert

There’s so much good content to be shared and clubhouse will easily become one of the best apps to connect to people in your niche.


Verified Expert

Content and its delivery is vastly changing with its trends and platforms. We know video is always going to be the go-to but a podcast in the background is the continued way to easily absorb the content but Clubhouse is a whole new level.


Verified Expert

This is so intriguing to me. I've been a fan of chat rooms, message boards, and podcasts for years, and I love the idea of being a fly on the wall while an interesting conversation is going on. There's something incredibly powerful about being able to gain knowledge by "sitting in" on a moment in time. Alas, I have an Android, so I'll be waiting like many people until that change comes along. But I'll be keeping close tabs on this because if it goes public, I want it in my portfolio.


Verified Expert

Definitely something to look into. It is always fascinating when new social tools come into play...voices need to be heard!!

social apps are sprouting like mushrooms

I joined Clubhouse (follow me @madijane) and have been enjoying sitting in on the various rooms and such. Having come from the gaming & tech worlds myself, Clubhouse reminds me a lot of a more accessible or sharable adaptation of Discord. It's going to be really interesting to see how they develop their user base and add in more functionality like messaging, etc.


Verified Expert

This is an interesting platform. My first time hearing about Clubhouse. I will love to learn from other professionals and gain more insights. Makes me wonder how the platform will grow and change because it is invite only.

There are so many beauty founders, formulators, doctors, and industry pros on Clubhouse. Beautytap will also be investing some resources into this platform. I really see this platform as one of the next big 5 social networks.

I had a great Clubhouse experience where I got great music advice from Teddy Riley! There are so many opportunities to learn and network and just be introduced to so many different perspectives.