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NOW READING Sibu’s Sea Buckthorn Oil For Your Skin and Health – Why Wellness Leaders and Celebrities Tout This Ultra Healing Berry
February 23, 2021

Sibu’s Sea Buckthorn Oil For Your Skin and Health – Why Wellness Leaders and Celebrities Tout This Ultra Healing Berry

Bursting with vitamin C and omega oils, Sibu’s collection of natural Sea Buckthorn products will rejuvenate your body inside and out.


What do the Dalai Lama, Salma Hayek, Rosario Dawson, and Dr. Andy Weil’s True Food Kitchen restaurants have in common? They all trust and enjoy Sibu’s sea buckthorn products. Whether using the oil in their skincare formulations or incorporating the juice or puree into recipes, they recognize the little berry’s value as both a topical and ingestible ingredient.


Sibu sea berry
Sibu Sea Berry Therapy product line.


Sibu Founder Bruce McMullin discovered sea buckthorn in 2004 when traveling with his family to India, so their adopted daughter Minda could visit the land of her birth. After being granted a proprietary source for the berries and putting stringent control measures in place to ensure quality and efficacy, McMullin’s first sea buckthorn berry puree came to market in 2006. By 2016, Sibu’s product line had expanded to both supplements and skincare products that are now widely available throughout the U.S. and Canada.


The Little Berry That Should Be on Your Radar


Sea buckthorn berry


Unlike many supplements or topical products in the health and beauty space, sea buckthorn remains relatively unknown to most people. Skincare aficionados sing its praises for being rich in skin-brightening vitamin C as well as having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but there’s a lot more to this amazing ingredient than meets the eye. Among its many benefits, topical sea buckthorn contains both omega 7 and omega 6. Studies show that it:


  • Permeates the epidermis
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Helps the body expel toxins
  • Oxygenates the skin
  • Fights inflammation and infection
  • Prevents allergies
  • Slows the aging process


The Holy Fruit of the Himalayas


Every product in the Sibu lineup includes some component of the bright orange hippophae rhamnoides berry known as sea buckthorn, from its oil and juice to its seeds and leaves. Sibu sources the Turkistanica sea buckthorn from the “mountain valleys of Ladakh India in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains,” where it grows wild more than two linear miles above sea level (12,000 ft.) and has had a long history of usage treating ailments and beautifying skin. It has also “been clinically shown to be more nutrient dense” than other varieties.


An Ancestral Approach to Harvesting and an Amazing Honor


Too often brands concern themselves more with the bottom line than what’s best for the planet and its people. Not so with Sibu. To get berries with optimal nutrients, Sibu harvests them by hand in the wee hours of the morning by “shaking the bushes with sticks and collecting the fallen ripened berries into wicker baskets or on ground cloths laid out beneath the trees” – a method handed down for generations by the indigenous people of Ladakh in northern India. 


In addition to the berries being sustainably sourced, Sibu sends a procurement team to Ladakh every year to ensure the harvest is done properly and that the villagers are fairly compensated for their efforts. The products are cruelty-free, PETA-certified, and vegan. Every sea buckthorn ingredient is USDA Organic, and the “Dalai Lama himself has recognized Sibu for its fair and equitable treatment of the [indigenous] people.”


An Ingredient So Good Other Manufacturers Seek It Out


In a world filled with subpar, adulterated ingredients, Sibu has the unique distinction of not only manufacturing its own products, but also providing companies like True Food Kitchen, Juice Plus, Juice Generation, and Buchi Kombucha with the very best sea buckthorn available. So renowned is Sibu’s quality that companies seeking to formulate high-end cosmetic and skincare products as well as supplements choose them as their supplier. Most sources are heavily adulterated, and Sibu routinely purchases and tests products from its competitors to ensure it is offering the best product in the marketplace.


Sibu’s Omega 7 Soft Gel
Sibu’s Omega 7 Soft Gel


All Hail Omegas


When you hear the word “omega,” you probably think of fish oil capsules and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-7, or palmitoleic acid, is found in cold water fish, macadamia nuts, and sea buckthorn berries. Studies have shown that like its better-known counterpart, “omega-7 can improve cardiovascular function” while also improving skin, hair, and nail health when consumed. Unlike omega-3 capsules, which can be difficult to tolerate and come with the unwanted side effect of fish burps, Sibu’s Omega 7 Soft Gel capsules are easy to add to your supplement routine. These 1000MG high potency soft gels do not upset my stomach, even when taken with a light lunch. They also taste mildly fruity without a hint of the natural tartness associated with sea buckthorn berries. 


Sibu’s Sea Berry Seed Oil
Sibu’s Sea Berry Seed Oil


A Facial Oil That Treats Troubled Skin


If you or someone you love suffers from eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, or other problematic skin conditions, Sibu’s Sea Berry Seed Oil may be the answer to your prayers. With its brilliant orange hue, this lightweight 100% organic sea buckthorn seed oil absorbs beautifully into the skin and has a mild scent that dissipates quickly. I’ve been applying this to my hands throughout the day because I get eczema under my wedding rings, and I appreciate the non-oily feel and its soothing effects. Having enjoyed the benefits of a sea buckthorn cream in the past made me even more excited to try Sibu. I’ve used their Sea Berry Seed Oil over, under, and in lieu of moisturizer, all with great results. It’s also quite effective at soothing redness due to prescription retinoids, and for such a premium product, the reasonable price point is an added bonus.

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Just watched the masterclass about Sibu, it's a definite must-try!


Verified Expert

The master class was excellent, and I'm thrilled with the quality of both the oil and the capsules. I know I'll be purchasing other products from Sibu in the very near future.

Wow! I definitely want to try the supplements . Lots I learned here!


Verified Expert

I think you'll be very happy with it, Brittaney. It's difficult to find Omega 7 supplements, and this one is easy to tolerate. I'll check back in after about four more weeks to comment on its effects on my nails (which are brittle like glass and break easily). Fingers crossed!

Wow these sound like amazing products. I have a few friends who struggle with eczema, so I will definitely tell them about Sibu's Sea Berry Seed Oil! Thanks for sharing!

You and your friends will be hooked on Sibu!


Verified Expert

Sibu's oil has made a substantial difference in the eczema on my hands. This is a keeper for me!

What an incredible discovery! Sea buckthorn is a beauty and wellness lover's dream. I'm loving the Sibu omega capsules and the oil. My skin has been so dry lately (thanks February!) and the oil has been a life saver.


Verified Expert

I'm loving them both, too, Elycia. The oil is the perfect topper over moisturizer for locking in hydration overnight. Very impressive.