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March 1, 2021

How To Recreate Award-Worthy Hairstyles From The Hottest TV Shows

From Bridgerton and Euphoria to The Queen’s Gambit and The Flight Attendant, recreate your favorite TV show characters’ show-stopping looks with step-by-step tips and product suggestions from Hollywood’s most in-demand hairstylists.


Craving a new, inspiring look? TV’s leading ladies are rocking ultra enviable ‘dos in many of the currently streaming, binge-worthy shows – from Zendaya’s natural waves in Euphoria and Golden Globe nominee Kaley Cuoco’s curtain bangs and low-key messy buns in The Flight Attendant to Golden Globe winner Anya Taylor-Joy’s 60s-era bob in The Queen’s Gambit and Phoebe Dynevor’s refined updo in Bridgerton.


Even if you’re kicking back in sweats at home, your hair will certainly be on point with styling tips and product suggestions from the best names in the business. 


Zendaya as ‘Rue Bennett’ in Euphoria


Zendaya as ‘Rue Bennett’ in Euphoria
Zendaya as ‘Rue Bennett’ in Euphoria


John Gialluisi, Creative Director and Stylist at the Tricoci Salon and Spa breaks down how to recreate Zendaya’s natural curls and beach waves as ‘Rue’ and Phoebe Dynevor’s aristocratic look on “Bridgerton”  …


What You’ll Need: 


-Tricoci Curl Renew

Tricoci Transforming Mist 

Tricoci Dry Shampoo




-Start with clean, wet hair — fresh out of the shower!

-Gialluisi explains that you should place a generous amount of Curl Renew into your hands, “emulsify and distribute from ends to root.”

-Use a scrunching motion to apply it throughout the hair. 

-“Spray Transforming Mist all over hair to strengthen the look and definition of the curls,” says Gialluisi. 

-“Lastly, tilt your head to the sides and use the hairdryer with the diffuser to gently dry your hair while encouraging the natural curl pattern,” says Gialluisi. 

-While you’re using the diffuser, Gialluisi suggests using a “cupping and lifting” motion instead of combing or raking through the curls. 


Phoebe Dynevor as ‘Daphne Bridgerton’ in Bridgerton


Phoebe Dynevor as ‘Daphne Bridgerton’ in Bridgerton
Phoebe Dynevor as ‘Daphne Bridgerton’ in Bridgerton


What You’ll Need: 


 -1 ½  to 1 ¾  Barrel Curling Iron

-Bobby Pins

-Large Tooth Tail Comb 

-Tricoci Tourmaline Teasing Brush

-Tricoci Everyday Brush 




-Start with clean, dry hair. 

-“Take horizontal partings from the temple area to just behind the ear,” says Gialluisi.

-Throughout this process, make sure you’re spraying Sculpting Spray onto each section. 

-Once the hair is sectioned off, take 2-inch pieces of hair and curl with a “diagonal forward motion” while “rotating the iron towards the base.”

-For the next section, do the same thing, but curl in the other direction, working from the base to the ends of the hair shaft. 

-When you get closer to the face, make sure you’re curling away from the face. 

-“Wrap the nape section into a loose chignon (by twisting the hair up) while leaving the ends out — then secure with large pins,” explains Gialluisi. “This is the foundation for the look.”

-Use your fingers to loosely direct the hair into the shape you want and then add pins when you reach your desired look.


For the following looks, we tapped Craig Stevens, a celebrity-loved stylist at Salon Republic in Beverly Hills.


Kaley Cuoco as ‘Cassie Bowden’ in The Flight Attendant 


Kaley Cuoco as ‘Cassie Bowden’ in The Flight Attendant
Kaley Cuoco as ‘Cassie Bowden’ in The Flight Attendant


If you watched The Flight Attendant and immediately rushed to the salon to get the curtain bangs Golden Globe nominee Kaley Cuoco sports as ‘Cassie Bowden’, we understand – this style is ultra fuss-free and modern. We asked Stevens to walk us through creating the low-key sexy bun.


What You’ll Need: 


-Bobby Pins


Wella Light Luminous Reflective Oil

Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray




-Stevens advises starting with a mid-to-high ponytail, or mid-to-low pony if you want it situated further down. 

-From there, wrap the hair around the band — twisting as you go depending on how messy you want the bun to look. 

-Now, grab those Bobby pins! “Two pins lock it in, and it’s up,” says Stevens. If you need more pins, add them in. 

-“A quick dash of Wella Light Luminous Reflective Oil and pull out a couple pieces of hair to frame the face,” explains Stevens. “The Reflective Oil gives her hair that sparkling, piecey look.” And, it smells divine.

-From there, hit the entire ‘do with hairspray. Stevens loves the Sebastian Shaper spray. 


Anya Taylor-Joy as ‘Beth Harmon’ in The Queen’s Gambit 


Anya Taylor-Joy as ‘Beth Harmon’ in The Queen’s Gambit
Anya Taylor-Joy as ‘Beth Harmon’ in The Queen’s Gambit


According to Stevens, this look is based all around the haircut. He suggests requesting a chin-to-shoulder-length bob. Luckily, you can easily bring in a picture of Golden Globe winner, Anya Taylor-Joy’s mesmerizing character with you. 


What You’ll Need: 


Rusk FX Firm Hold Styling Gel

-Butterfly Wave Clips

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil




-Stevens suggests taking a dollop of the styling gel and combing it through your hair. “Make sure you get all of your hair covered with it,” he adds. 

-From there, he suggests that you “start pushing those deep, sexy waves into your hair.” You’ll need a few butterfly wave clips to hold those waves until they dry.

-Once the styling gel is dry, add in some texture and shine with a few drops of the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil. 


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