This Leave-In Hair Mask is Proven to Repair Damage and Soften All Hair Types in Four Minutes

This Leave-In Hair Mask is Proven to Repair Damage and Soften All Hair Types in Four Minutes

Amanda Fletcher
Amanda Fletcher

Dec 03, 2021

True story. 


I grew up with the Andersons – specifically Loni and Pamela – and I’ve been processing my hair since high-school. It started with Sun In, then my mom’s hairstylist used a knitting needle to pull pieces of my hair through a rubber thimble cap. After that it was foils. Soon, the highlights took over and I realized it would make more sense to just bleach the whole thing. What I’m getting at here is “healthy” is not necessarily how I would describe my hair.  



That is, until I started using the leave-in molecular repair hair mask from K18 Biomimetic Hairscience


Used and Adored by the Most Discerning Names


This highly concentrated formula, loved by Hailey Bieber, Molly Sims, Selma Blair, and countless celebrity hairstylists – including the masterminds behind Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston and even RiRi’s ‘dos – is the result of a decade spent testing all of the amino acid sequences of the keratin genome making up human hair. 


Created by Titans of the Haircare Industry


K18’s team has been dedicated to hair health from the get-go. Co-founder Britta Cox has three decades of experience in the industry and created the groundbreaking Aquis hair towel in 1990 for all of us air driers who dislike using heat. And Suveen Sahib, who left his tech job to research the science behind hair, learned more about bioactive peptides and protein-based polymers while working with a skincare scientist. Sahib discovered that cosmetic chemistry could repair hair damage, but only temporarily, covering the hair like a band-aid but not treating the problem. That wasn’t good enough for Cox and Sahib. A much deeper dive was necessary. 



K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask
K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask



An Icon in the Making


The two masterminds partnered with top European bioengineering scientist Professor Artur Cavaco-Paulo to create the patented K18Peptide™– a biologically active peptide that has been clinically proven to reverse hair damage from bleach, color, chemical services and heat, restoring hair up to 82% in renewed strength and elasticity. 


The Technology


We have biomimetics to thank - the practice of learning from and mimicking nature. Stay with me here - there are billions of keratin chains in a single strand of hair; those chains are weaker in damaged hair and more prone to breakage. As a result, the hair’s core structure becomes compromised, losing its resiliency and shine. 


The peptides in the K18 hair mask are the right size and molecular structure to fit into those damaged keratin chains, not only repairing them, but also reforming any disturbed disulfide bonds, which are responsible for your hair’s natural texture. This puzzle piece technology is recognized as natural by the hair, so it’s not washed away, making it a lasting solution for damaged strands. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the results.


 Truly Transformational Haircare


I can attest to the efficacy of K18. As a dedicated bleacher, I only wash my hair when it’s necessary, and I rarely blow dry. That said, I end up looking like Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber, unless I use a heat styler to smooth out my ends. After hearing all of the hype, I couldn’t wait to try this leave-in hair mask. 


First, I washed my hair with purple shampoo but did not condition it in the shower, as per the instructions. After towel drying, I dispensed a pinky nail sized amount of mask into my palm and lightly rubbed my hands together. The cream smells rich and delicious, and not at all overpowering. My hair hits just below my ears and is ultra-fine, so I didn’t need much, just enough to coat the ends and comb through the rest. If you have longer hair or a thick texture, you will need more. I parted my locks down the middle and excitedly sat at my computer, waiting for it to dry.


Visible Results Worth Bragging About


Just like Adele, I said “hello” to stick straight, shiny hair, highly reminiscent of my third-grade school photo, but it’s blonder now. And the K18 didn’t weigh my hair down like most leave-ins do (often making my hair look greasy by 5 pm). With a squirt of dry shampoo on my roots, I was able to hold the style for three additional days before I threw it up in the inevitable scrunchy. Talk about a simplified routine. All I need is that Aquis hair towel and I’ll be all set!   


Nothing takes the place of professional hair care (take it from someone who bleached her own hair during the pandemic). But with a product like this, you are free to test the limits of what your hair can do. K18 makes your hair like new in a mere four minutes. It is no wonder K18 is an Elle Future of Beauty Hair Award Winner and a Refinery 29 Beauty Innovator Award Winner.


A billion times sold!

Amanda Fletcher
Amanda Fletcher
Amanda Fletcher is a writer, editor and coach whose personal focus is recovery and wellness. A prolific travel and freelance feature writer, her work has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Orange County Register, FAR & WIDE and many more. You can follow her story on Instagram @theamandafletcher and find her at

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