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How to Get Glowing Skin and the Job of Your Dreams Like Actress + Model Charlotte McKinney
Elycia Rubin
Elycia Rubin

Jan 10, 2022

Hint: Drive, mindset (and sunscreen!) are key.


Get fit, eat healthier, achieve smooth, ageless skin, find a new, fulfilling career, listen more, have more patience… how is everyone doing with those New Year’s resolutions?


Charlotte McKinney
Charlotte McKinney / Photos courtesy of Yana Kalina


I’m a big believer in chipping away at them. “Slow and steady wins the race,” is my mantra. It’s not necessary to put pressure on ourselves. Simply making an effort is a step and must be acknowledged.  The same goes for  giving up – recognize it, get back up and move forward. This mindset is what helped propel actress and model, Charlotte McKinney’s career. 


An early adopter of Instagram, McKinney used the social media platform to launch her modeling career when she wasn't having any success with agencies. Her timing paid off.  What followed can easily be described as a dream come true for this Florida native, who says she struggled with dyslexia and was bullied in high school - McKinney appeared in an iconic Carl’s Jr. commercial during the Super Bowl, modeled for GUESS and landed a film role in “Baywatch.” 


Previously known for her buxom figure, McKinney has also recently experienced body shaming on social media as a result of her now much smaller frame. And, it’s mindset that helps her “shift to a better place.”


So, how do we glean some of this magic for ourselves and just what does she use on her flawless skin? Here, McKinney shares the details in her Beauty Rap with Beautytap…


Beautytap: Let’s first start with your skin. What are you doing and which products are you using?


Charlotte McKinney: I met Dr. Barbara Sturm years ago and fell in love with her and her daughter, Charly. Barbara touts an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, and this contributes to healthy, glowing skin. I pretty much stick to anything she suggests along with using her products and have seen such a difference in my skin. I also get microneedling + PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments with Dr. Jason Diamond every 3-6 months. 


B: How do you maintain an anti-inflammatory diet? 


CM: I was diagnosed with a kidney disease and have ongoing health issues, so I try to focus on foods that don’t cause any inflammation which means avoiding processed sugar, dairy, and alcohol during the week.  I also eat fresh, local foods that are in season including lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and oils. I’ve slowly brought a little bit of red meat back into my diet at my doctor’s recommendation as well.  


McKinney credits Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare products for her flawless skin.  / Photos courtesy of Yana Kalina


B: How about your favorite indulgences?


CM: Craig’s vegan ice cream is so creamy and delicious. For people who only eat dairy, you can’t tell the difference - it’s that good. And I’m a fan of dark chocolate which has antioxidants, so there are health benefits too.  I also love coconut milk in my coffee. 


B: Which vitamins do you take?


CM: Magnesium and Zinc are my go-tos and I like the supplements by Sakara


B: You are religious about sunscreen – what are your tips for staying sun safe?


CM: I grew up in Florida and the Bahamas and was fair and freckled.  Growing up my mom lathered me in sunscreen.  Skin cancer is on both sides of my family so I’m always so careful.  I love Dr. Sturm’s Sun Drops and practicing sun safety also involves wearing a hat and sunglasses.  


B: What do you do to decompress? 


CM: I start my day with hot yoga or some sort of activity first thing in the morning.  It helps get my circulation going and sets my mood for the day. Along with infrared saunas and lymphatic drainage massage, I also practice Chinese medicine with acupuncture, cupping and moxi (burning of ground mugwort leaves). I’ll even burn moxi at home – it makes me feel like I’m burning away any pain or discomfort. And an Epsom salt bath is the perfect way to end the day.


B: You struggled to find a modeling agency early on in your career, but created success for yourself with alternate routes, including using Instagram as your portfolio to get discovered, well before becoming “Insta-Famous” was a thing. What was your biggest takeaway from this experience?  


CM: It’s about determination and drive. Nothing could stop me. It was a much different time then and things were slowly starting to change in the industry. I’m grateful that I have been working with good people. 


“I work on shifting my mindset… try to stay positive and keep my eyes open to what’s next,” say McKinney, when asked about dealing with negativity about her body on social media. / Photos courtesy of Yana Kalina


B: You’ve shared that you were bullied in school and even in the last few years.  Possible to share what transpired more recently?


CM: I’ve gotten a lot of mean DMs about the size of my breasts since they are smaller now.  My breast size changed naturally because of the change in my eating and lifestyle habits due to my health struggles. When I eliminated certain foods I lost weight - those foods were making me puffy and after cutting them out, overtime everything just got smaller. Eating differently along with exercising regularly changed my whole body. 


B: You’ve also talked about ignoring negativity and turning any criticisms into positive energy - it’s easier to say than practice, especially for the younger generation. How do you handle backlash on social media and negative self-talk?


CM:  It can be tough.  Negativity creeps up, so to get myself out of it I do things for other people. Helping others is very healing. I have worked with Best Buddies since high school and it’s always given me purpose in life. The kids are so inspiring. I cherish my friendships with my buddies. There’s nothing better than seeing their smiling faces. You can’t help but feel good around them. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge when negative thinking pops up and when it does, I work on shifting my mindset to a better place. I try to stay positive and keep my eyes open to what’s next. 


Shifting our mindset - now that’s a meaningful resolution we can all work towards. 


Elycia Rubin
Elycia Rubin

I’ve loved beauty and wellness since I was a little girl and these transformative topics have been significant aspects of my career for many years. Manifest what you love! I’m a three-time published author (feel free to check out my children’s book, No Biggy! – www.nobiggybook.com and I’ve consulted, written, edited, and created content for numerous award-winning, global publications, and multi-media companies including: Women’s Health and Men’s Health Magazines, Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Delta Sky, American Way, Sharp, Robb Report, The Style Network, and E! Entertainment Television. Find me at @elyciarubin. Cheers to feeling beautiful inside and out.



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