Get Brighter, More Even Skin with this Dermatologist-Approved Skincare Brand

Get Brighter, More Even Skin with this Dermatologist-Approved Skincare Brand

Tracy Teel
Tracy Teel

Oct 04, 2022

Gentle, effective and cruelty-free, expect visible results from the comfort of home.

Cosmedix partnered with Beautytap’s diverse community of certified beauty professionals for trusted, detailed, unpaid product reviews. We are sharing this post with you as part of this collaboration and to learn more about their brand. All opinions are our own. Thank you for your support.

When choosing a skincare product, what do you look for in a brand? The personal care aisles are filled with offerings from well-known companies as well as celebrities, but one of the best ways to select a new brand is to look at the founders’ credentials.

Get Healthy, Glowing Skin with Cosmedix's Gentle, Clinical-Level Skincare Line

The formulators and creators of COSMEDIX are aestheticians, physicians, chemists, and nurse practitioners with the overriding goal of making quality products that deliver real results by using skin-loving ingredients and superior innovation. Prior to launching any new product, COSMEDIX hands it over to dermatologists and estheticians worldwide to make sure it lives up to the original founders’ standards.

What Sets COSMEDIX Apart

The cosmeceutical industry continues to evolve, and in 1999, COSMEDIX discovered that quality formulas were often nonexistent due to the cost of the ingredients, the complexity of the chemistry, and the difficulty achieving product stability. But unlike many brands with a near-25-year history, Caitlyn Cook, the Associate Marketing Director for COSMEDIX, says that approximately 90% of the brand’s current products have gone unaltered since their original formulation. That speaks volumes about the brand’s investment in development from day one to date.

Where other companies scramble to catch up, COSMEDIX has stood the test of time because it did things right from inception.

COSMEDIX Was “Clean Before It Was Cool”

At its core, clean beauty should suit all types of skin, offer the purest ingredients available, and exclude anything that could be potentially harmful. “COSMEDIX formulas are created with pure, natural botanicals coupled with clinical-level actives. As such, [COSMEDIX is] one of the only professional skincare brands that can be used safely on deeply pigmented skin tones and persons of color.”

Additionally, COSMEDIX is 100% cruelty-free, and their plant-based products are free from:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Artificial dyes and fragrances
  • Glycolic acid
  • Hydroquinone
  • Mineral oil
  • Parabens
  • PEGs
  • Petrolatum

Since their inception, they've focused on chiral correction – a purification process that ensures the exact molecular form of each ingredient will be both safe and effective. The end result? Better botanicals filled with balancing antioxidants that support the skin matrix.

So if you have sensitive skin, acne, dark circles, fine lines, or dehydrated skin, you'll see results without the side effects so characteristic of exfoliants, retinols, and acids.

Cosmedix Crystal Cleanse Hydrating Liquid Crystal Cleansing Cream

Crystal Cleanse Hydrating Liquid Crystal Cleansing Cream

If you associate cleansing with a super-bubbly, frothy cleanser that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean (aka stripped of its natural oils) it’s time to embrace milky, non-foaming options. The Crystal Cleanse Hydrating Liquid Crystal Cleansing Cream nourishes the skin with both prickly pear extract and coconut oil while removing daily grime, sebum, and sunscreen.

This unscented cleanser soothes my dry skin, and it’s perfect as either a standalone cleanser or a second cleanser if you tend to wear makeup. The Liquid Crystal technology offers deep hydration, and phytic acid and peppermint extract lend antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Cosmedix PHA Hydration Peel Refining Exfoliator

PHA Hydration Peel Refining Exfoliator

At-home peels have a disappointing track record due to their lack of efficacy, but COSMEDIX combined multiple hydroxy acids – two PHAs and one AHA – in the PHA Hydration Peel Refining Exfoliator, so it gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it more even-looking after just one treatment. The combination of antioxidant-rich phytic acid, lactobionic acid (from sugar) and gluconolactone (one of my favorite poly-hydroxy acids because it’s less irritating) works to remove dull, lackluster skin.

As a prescription tretinoin (Retin-A) user, I let my skin guide me and rinsed the peel off when I started to notice mild tingling. Usually that sensation means I’ve overdone it, but much to my surprise, my skin looked radiant without any redness. And when I applied my toner, serum, and moisturizer, there were no telltale signs of irritation nor any physical flaking in the days that followed.

Cosmedix BrillianCy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil AM/PM

BrillianCy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil AM/PM

Of all the varieties of vitamin C used in skincare, oil-soluble versions are the easiest to tolerate if you have sensitive skin. The BrillianCy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil AM/PM uses 3% tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THDA) to help brighten the skin in tandem with hops, which offer antioxidant protection and reduce the appearance of dark spots and unevenness.

This dry oil absorbs quickly and completely, and you get the perfect amount auto-loaded in the bottle’s unique dropper lid. The oil provides enough slip for a full gua sha routine and moisturized my skin so well that I skipped my daily lotion and applied sunscreen directly after with no mid-day dryness.

~ ~ ~

Whether you’re looking to revamp your routine or replace harsh, irritating products with gentler, highly effective, clinical-level versions, all three of these recently released offerings deliver healthier, more radiant skin with no side effects.

Tracy Teel
Tracy Teel
Tracy Ann Teel is a full-time freelance writer and the owner of Finesse Writing and Editing LLC. She’s a tutorial writer for San Francisco Globe’s beauty platform,, covering everything from skin and hair care to makeup and nail art. She writes for skincare companies, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons, and proudly taught at her MFA alma mater, the University of California Irvine, as a member of their adjunct faculty in English. She’s been a textbook reviewer for Prentice Hall, been recognized three consecutive years in the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and has written professionally for 30+ years. Her poetry chapbook Such Dust was published by Finishing Line Press, and her work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Rattle, Pearl, Kaleidoscope, and Lake Arrowhead Life.

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