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Beautytap’s Beauty Expert Awards


Beautytap’s Beauty Expert Awards
Beautytap Team
Beautytap Team

Jan 20, 2023

We’re shining the spotlight on an esteemed group of professional beauty experts who went above and beyond in 2022 and continue to soar.

Here at Beautytap, we are incredibly fortunate to collaborate with a diverse and talented community of verified and vetted professional beauty experts who share their detailed, trusted reviews and video testimonials around the coveted brands we have the privilege of partnering with.

beautytap expert awards

With an emphasis on credibility, honesty and rich education, their reviews serve as educational testimonials and allow consumers to gain a much deeper understanding about the products being reviewed and how they will work for their individual hair and skin types. 

Many of these passionate professionals regularly participate in Beautytap’s Beauty Expert Program where they attend free year-round Master Classes lead by world-renowned beauty industry experts and brand founders, experience and test out innumerable products, create video testimonials, and write hundreds of in depth, knowledge-based reviews. 

We are thrilled to honor a group of exceptional individuals within our community and thank them for their dedication, diligence and artistry. 

Without further ado, we present the inaugural Beautytap Beauty Expert Awards…

Top Expert: Most Engaged in the Beautytap Community 

This award is presented to an outstanding beauty expert who is a highly engaged, committed, and active member of the Beauty Expert Program across all categories.

We are thrilled to honor Tracy Teel

Tracy has not only been a valued and dedicated member of the Beauty Expert Program since its inception, she is also a regular contributor on the editorial team. Additionally, Tracy is a sought-after professional beauty writer, author, and English Professor who has worked closely with many world-renowned beauty brands and doctors for over ten years. 

Tracy attends the majority of Master Classes, regularly comments on editorials, engages with other beauty experts in the community, is active on Instagram with her Beautytap content and opinions about the many products she experiences, and writes incredibly thoughtful and detailed reviews - 260 and counting!

Congratulations Tracy! 

And the awards continue - following are more Beauty Experts we are excited to honor…

Most Engaged with Editorials 

These beauty experts frequently comment on Beautytap editorials.

Most Engaged with Editorials

From top left to right: Andrea Gibson, Briana Hernandez & Susan Farhang

Andrea Gibson

Andrea has 12 years of experience as a cosmetologist specializing in skincare. 

Briana Hernandez

Briana has over 20 years of experience as a cosmetologist and specializes in hair, makeup, and ear piercing. She is a former salon owner and served as an educator for leading beauty brands.  

Susan Farhang

Susan is a beauty retail educator who also owned a salon for 13 years. She specializes in hair styling, extensions, color, and skincare treatments including microneedling. 

Most In-Depth Reviews 

These beauty experts write reviews with the highest character count.

beautytap awards

From top left to right: Hendrika Van Dijk , Elena Chang & Michelle Whippple

Hendrika Van Dijk

Henrika is a beauty content creator and photographer with 15 years of experience. She has written over 250 reviews for Beautytap. 

Elena Chang

Elena is a licensed aesthetician with six years of experience. She has written close to 200 reviews for Beautytap. 

Michele Whipple

Michele is a beauty retail expert and content creator. She has written over 130 reviews for Beautytap.

Highest Number of Reviews

These beauty experts regularly engage with the Beauty Expert Program and have reviewed the most products.

From top left to right: Jennifer Means , Emily Day & Sara Palmer

Jennifer Means

Jennifer is a skincare consultant who is also passionate about hair and makeup. She has over 11 years of experience in beauty retail and has written 255 reviews for Beautytap.

Emily Day

Emily is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist specializing in microdermabrasion, hydrafacials, and light therapy among other treatments. She has written 221 reviews for Beautytap. 

Sara Palmer

Sara is a cosmetologist and beauty content creator who has written 189 reviews for Beautytap.

Highest Master Class Attendance

These beauty experts have attended the most Master Classes.

From top left to right: Aakruti Sheth, Amber Magdaleno & Ayaka Honda

Aakruti Sheth

Aakruti is a beauty content creator who is passionate about skincare and has written 250 reviews for Beautytap.

Amber Magdaleno

Amber is a professional makeup artist and skincare expert who has also worked for MAC and has written 187 reviews for Beautytap.

Ayaka Honda

Ayaka is a former beauty sales rep for Shiseido who has written 221 reviews for Beautytap.

Most Socially Active 

These beauty experts frequently share their Beautytap content on social channels.

From top left to right: Desiree Singh, Samantha Johnson & Miranda Rice

Desiree Singh

Desiree is a beauty content creator and educator who loves making tutorials.

Samantha Johnson

Samantha is a beauty retail educator and content creator who has also served as a creative director for leading retail brands. 

Miranda Rice

Miranda is a licensed master esthetician with over 10 years of experience.

Honorable Mentions

These experts stay engaged and have contributed to building a stronger Beauty Expert community.

Nafia Tariq

Brittany Bell

Erika Gainey

Mary Nakahara

Carolyn Crowe Fain

Ellen Palmer

Antoinette Lopez

Danielle Croteau

Glizia Roell

Congratulations to all of the above-mentioned Beauty Experts.

Thank you for your many contributions to Beautytap. It is a sincere pleasure to create and collaborate with you.

May you continue to keep shining bright!


Beautytap Team
Beautytap Team

Beautytap is the leading platform for detailed, authentic product reviews shared by a highly diverse community of beauty experts, including accredited and licensed professionals. We partner with coveted beauty brands to generate trusted user generated content and support our resident expert community with numerous career-building opportunities including complimentary master classes lead by beauty industry luminaries, enriching editorials and networking forums.



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