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Charity Robinson
Charity Robinson

24+ Years of Experience | Medical Grade Beauty Certification

Nov 09, 2022

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Hello Beauties! This sunscreen is a unicorn! I can't say enough about this! First love the texture. The feeling is that of a whipped cream. It's not goey or sticky. It goes right into your skin and dissolves immediately upon massaging into your skin. The smell of this sunscreen is heavenly! It's made to have a scent of the beach and vacation. I think it's great for a sunscreen to alleviate the smell that in the past has been associated with sunscreen. It's also clean, natural and hydrating. My brown skin had no gray haze(like most sunscreens give). I was so amazed that my skin instead looked hydrated even with a soft glow. My 13 year old daughter loves the Vacation Classic Whip! This has has become a fan fav in her soceer bag! Personally, this is also a new favorite for me too!

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