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Ashley Kissee

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I was so excited to try this brand. Its retro marketing, fun product packaging and unique texture and nostalgic scent all appealed to me. I tried the Vacation Inc. Classic Whip SPF 30 Sunscreen Mousse and it is such a fun product. As an esthetician of 9 years I absolutely preach the importance of SPF to my clients, friends and family. Sun damage causes aging and the risk of cancer which is scary. A product like this is a great way to make using sun protection fun and easy. It applies in a puff of foam like whipped cream. Almost looks good enough to eat. Lol. Keep away from little kiddos. A golf ball size is all that’s needed for each arm, leg and section of the body. It applies nicely and absorbs well while leaving you feeling hydrated. I absolutely loved the scent. This will definitely be going into my summer beach bag and as well into my teen daughter’s. Starting young and protecting your skin from harmful rays is so important. I can’t wait to try other products from this line.