Cushion Cutie

Hi everyone !
I don’t see the brand “Missha” on beautytap anymore, anyone knows why ? ^^’

Hi everyone !I really don’t get it, but every sheet mask makes me feel itchy and/or leaves me with redness or irritation. The last one was so bad I couldn’t stand it and had to remove it 5 minutes after putting it on… 🙁 I always put them on a clean face and leave them for the advised amount of time. I store them in the fridge (it’s summer here and I like the coolness when I put one on). I’ve tried 3 different ones, one every three weeks, two that were samples (so I didn’t pick them) and the last one was one specifically for oily skin (my skin-type).
Is it because I have sensitive skin ? If yes, what kind of sheet mask do you recommend ? Or may I be allergic to something ? I…[Read more]

I’m about to buy my first products here, I’ll try to review them as soon as possible ! I’ve read everything I could before, to learn about K-beauty, routines for oily/acne-prone/sensitive skin and I look forward to it ! 😀