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So what do you guys think of the new look? Be honest! 😬
Calling all creators! Do you want to be on our new show???? Submit your tutorial or quick tip using Beautytap products and YOU can be featured in our new show! Submit your video or idea to!
OK, I usually don’t like posting photos of myself, but I can’t resist this one. #kbeautysquadxjessica
Guess what guys!! Did you know we now have a CONTACT US link where you can ask all your beauty questions to your hearts\’ content? Our Squad and skincare experts are here to answer all your questions! Here\’s the link: Hope to talk to you soon!
Woo-hoo! Did you see our new SHOP THE ARTICLE feature at the bottom of the article?
Did you see our K-Beauty Awards poll? Yup, this is COMMUNITY VOTING (not what some store decides are the best of the year). We want to hear from YOU! What was the best of K-beauty in 2017? Take the poll now (oh, and you can win a big box of 25 K-beauty products worth over $400 — just a little incentive 😂).
Just tried this last night. OMG. Stopped my raging cystic hormonal pimple in its tracks. I love how this tackles a blemish in three different ways: a giant (I’m talking 5x the size of a regular swab) AHA BHA swab, a pink zinc and calamine cream, and a hydrocolloidal. Has anyone else tried Tiam’s Spot Remover Kit?
You know you\’re a beauty addict when you lose your Sulwhasoo Cushion Compact in the middle of a rice field in Vietnam, and you would rather go all the way back the next day to find it than enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel. What makes you a K-beauty addict?
If you were gonna go to Seoul, where would you go? Need recommendations! Tag me at @annapark
I filled out my Bio on my Beauty Wall! Have you filled yours out yet? It’s a new category in your Beauty Wall! Check it out! You can let people know your skin type, skin concern, skin tone, undertone, and product preferences (no alcohol). Is my skin twin out there? 😃
AND it’s pink and rose gold. loooooove. Anyone tried it yet?
Ok, that\’s it. Romand has officially converted me away from all my other beloved cushion compacts (yes, even you, AmorePacific Age Control). Like @cocopark said, it may well be the \”find\” of the year. Of course, I have to mix it with my darker foundations to get the right color (why, 23, why?!), but it\’s worth it because seriously the finish is … like its name … like Innerlighting. 😍😍😍😍
I\’ve been masking all week to recover from KCON, and I have to say — not unhappy with the results. 🎉 💃 🎉 We\’ll see how long this lasts … but I\’m going to enjoy it for now. Does anyone else do daily sheet masks to help their skin recover from a stressful week? What\’s your go-to mask? I\’m loving Papa Recipe Bombee, Moksha Shea Butter (did it today!), and my new love, Goodal Black Charcoal Oxygen Radiance.
Ok, who was the one who recommended that genius trick of applying a clay mask on a pimple, sealing it with aloe, and then washing off in the morning? I want to include your tip in our next newsletter! Help!
Phew! Now that KCON’s over (and we gave away 2,000+ gift bags!), back to the daily grind! I treated myself to a La Flor mask on Monday (heaven), a Moksha Berry Mask on Tuesday (surprisingly heavenly!), then a Papa Recipe Bombee Rose Gold Mask (even more heaven) on Wednesday. My skin is feeling soooo good. Have you ever tried any of these masks? I love the gold honeycomb print on the Bombee mask.
I’ve always wanted to ask my favorite beauty gurus mundane questions like, what’s every day look like for you when you’re blogging, or show me a photo of your beauty closet (’cause you know it’s gotta be drool-worthy massive). Well, now’s your chance.
Hey guys! Who’s going to KCON LA? ‘Cause W2Beauty’s going to KCON! And we’ve got so many beauty gift bags and giveaways there, it’s kinda blowing my mind. Let me know if you’re going because I would LOVE to meet you in person!
My (beauty) goal in life: To have such good skin, I can be a beauty minimalist, needing only an antioxidant-enriched facial mist and a good cushion for coverage.
Beauty tip I didn’t know: Back away from chemical exfoliation during the summer.

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