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Dorian Holguin

Verified Expert

20 Years Of Experience

California, San Diego

He/His | beautybydorian

Makeup Experts, Skin Experts, Beauty Content Creator

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San Diego
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Hi, I’m Dorian! ✓ Beauty Guru ✓ Makeup Artist ✓ Esthetician ✓ Skincare Specialist ✓ Personal Trainer I work with women and individuals to help redefine their beauty ambitions and rediscover their beauty blessings. Beauty is aspirational, which is why I fall in love with everything that is 'Beauty'. I remember growing up and being infatuated with beauty at an early age. My mother allowed me to tag along with her to her Mary Kay parties, where I would watch her in awe as she empowered other women with personalized skincare and makeup routines. She would tell to her party guests about me, "If you need help matching your skin tone, then ask my mijo—beauty expert in training." READY TO DISCOVER YOUR BEAUTY BLESSINGS?! Know that you love beauty products, but not sure what to use or where to start? MESSAGE ME, and conquer those beauty blunders once and for all.

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