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Lisa Florenzen

Verified Expert

30 Years Of Experience

Idaho, Caldwell

She/Her | beautymarque

Makeup Artist, Beauty Education, Natural Healing Expert

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After over thirty years as an MUA, for corporate shoots, models, actors, local and regional artists, film, t.v., authors, celebs and the public, the last Bridezilla prompted a hiatus. I had to reevaluate my life as a person, professional, and make-up artist. When I saw the call for Beautytap Online Advisors, I thought "Ha! There is NO WAY they are gonna want me to rep them." Mind you, I am a VERY positive and realistic person. The six-year break from beauty was my reasoning for thinking Beautytap would pass on me. Imagine my colossal surprise passing the first interview. Then the second and then the third! WTF! Were they serious?!! After some thought, I realized every opportunity happens for a reason, season or lesson. Now that I am honored with the responsibility of being a Beautytap Online Beauty Advisor, I am bringing my OG style of non-sugar-coated beauty advice coupled with this cutting edge global beauty/skin care platform. Let's make YOUR beautymarque on the world!

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