Cushion Cutie

Great live event w2beauty! I love this community so much and there was such great knowledge being given.

With everything with wwmebeauty,com and all my other opportunities I didn’t see I leveled UP! Thank you for helping me to become a CUSHION CUTIE. Now all I need is the Innisfree cushions to complete my life! LOL

Plan to do a full review and add them to everything single item I got here. Can’t to start all this stuff! Thanks again w2beauty for everything!

I am so honored to have won the Vanity Fare contest and I can’t wait to show everyone my haul from this lovely place. This community is amazing and has inspired me to create my blog When West Met East. I hope you guys have the chance to read the article.

Hey guys!

K-beauty is gaining so much attention now in the states! Check out this BuzzFeed articles about our greatly loved COSRX Master Patches! Duh, people. Get on it now!

Hey guys!

K-beauty is gaining so much attention now in the states! Check out this BuzzFeed articles about our greatly loved COSRX Master Patches! Duh, people. Get on it now!

It’s HERE! Ever experienced those days when your skin is doing it’s own thing? I know I have. Check out some top choices I use to meet my skin in the middle. When West Met East welcomes you. πŸ˜‰

Hey, beauties,
I placed an order but I don\’t know if I can get my mermaid brush. Can anyone let me know what to do? I really want it because it\’s so cute!

So this is the current state of my soon launching beauty blog. I can’t wait to share it with your guys and don’t be surprised if there a few sprinkles of k-drama, J-drama and T-drama references in it…and anime! LOL #fangirl

I AM SO EXCITED! Just did order my first (of many) hauls from here! I can’t wait to do the product shots and reviews! Not gonna lie…got some high-end treasures here.

Good morning yall! May your skin treat you well and you rock your day. Has anyone tried Japanese skin care products? I am interested in some popular products. Though I swear by my K-beauty brands.

I swear by face mapping infographic like this to educate and inform me what could be going on with my face. It’s so important to take these factors into consideration. Especially when you’re busy with…just life! LOL

While old this does give an interesting method to poreless skin. I wanted to share and plan to more later this week.

So excited for the new Innisfree Matte Full Cover cushion selections! They have shades that can match darker skin tones like mine! I plan to do a review of this and THE FACE SHOP BB cream but first I need your guys’ help. Are there any other brands that have been creating darker BB and CC cream tones out there? I would love to hear your insight on this. I will add them to my post! Thanks!

I am super excited to use my products from The Face Shop. Has any one tried the one yet? I plan to do a review on my blog on fall products but I wanted some opinions first. πŸ˜‰

Here a close up of my vanity today. Just because I really like how the pics turned out. I think I will use the space for my next haul.

Here’s my K-beauty routine.
1. Cleanse = COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleaner
2. Tone = Benton BHA Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel 100ml
3. Treat = Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum
4. Moisturize = Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream
5. Sunscreen = Belif UV Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel type SPF 30+

And here is my vanity! #onmyvanity

Don’t you just love when an American online publication talks about Korean Skin care? I love finding these little gems and hope more take notice! Dr. Jart+ works wonders and I can’t wait to buy it from w2beauty. (SIDE NOTE) It’s on sale now too!

Hiya Beatuy-FULL belles!

Check out my latest video tutorial on my morning regiment. It’s the quickie! LOL. About 4 products including the ever popular CORSX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser! I’m diligently working on constructing my blog and it will be ready soon. Till then click on the video link! THANKS

I posted a nightly routine for gals dealing with a breakout. Mine happen pretty consistently once a month. :-/
So to combat it try to incorporate something similar at least once a month. It is in two parts so make sure to watch both. I feature Benton’s Aloe duo here and will be doing a full review on them this weekend. Does this team live up to the hype?